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The Balance and Unbalanced Energy Of One, Two, Three

Sue: Good morning, everybody. Good morning, Adrianna.

Adrianna: Good morning.

Sue: How is everything down your way?

Adrianna: Pretty good. It's nice and feels like fall, but not rainy anymore.

Sue: I think in our area is going to peak either this week or next week. It’s just gorgeous outside. I love Maine in the fall.

Adrianna: I was looking at Maine and for places to live, and one of the biggest pros about living in Maine is that first fall. When you're there, it's like it's probably going to blow your mind because it's so beautiful.

Sue: Beautiful, yes, it is. We're northerners, so we like the cooler weather. And it was like 41 this morning, which was lovely. I was out walking my dog this morning in the woods. We came up on some bear poop right in the path we walk in. LOL Which is fine. They don't hang around. I don't worry about that. But he's around!

Sue: Today Adriana and I have decided that we're going to invite everybody into our classroom and mentoring session. When I'm mentoring Adriana she's helping me out because it works both ways. This week we decided that we would talk about balance and unbalanced energy. What makes something unbalanced, right? Too much of it?

Adrianna: Too much?

Sue: If you have a chart that has a lot of one certain number, that brings in more of that number’s energy and it’s like too much to drink. You want that fine balance. In numerology we can explain to you the balanced side of all numbers to help you make it work for you!. What else could make it unbalanced?

Adrianna: Depending on the other energy that is around. That could also determine how balanced or unbalanced a certain energy is with all the other correct energies around it.

Sue: All numbers aren't compatible, right? We have our Concord numbers one, five, and seven - two, four, and eight - three, six, and nine. Those numbers work very well together,