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The Balance and Unbalanced Energy Of One, Two, Three

Sue: Good morning, everybody. Good morning, Adrianna.

Adrianna: Good morning.

Sue: How is everything down your way?

Adrianna: Pretty good. It's nice and feels like fall, but not rainy anymore.

Sue: I think in our area is going to peak either this week or next week. It’s just gorgeous outside. I love Maine in the fall.

Adrianna: I was looking at Maine and for places to live, and one of the biggest pros about living in Maine is that first fall. When you're there, it's like it's probably going to blow your mind because it's so beautiful.

Sue: Beautiful, yes, it is. We're northerners, so we like the cooler weather. And it was like 41 this morning, which was lovely. I was out walking my dog this morning in the woods. We came up on some bear poop right in the path we walk in. LOL Which is fine. They don't hang around. I don't worry about that. But he's around!

Sue: Today Adriana and I have decided that we're going to invite everybody into our classroom and mentoring session. When I'm mentoring Adriana she's helping me out because it works both ways. This week we decided that we would talk about balance and unbalanced energy. What makes something unbalanced, right? Too much of it?

Adrianna: Too much?

Sue: If you have a chart that has a lot of one certain number, that brings in more of that number’s energy and it’s like too much to drink. You want that fine balance. In numerology we can explain to you the balanced side of all numbers to help you make it work for you!. What else could make it unbalanced?

Adrianna: Depending on the other energy that is around. That could also determine how balanced or unbalanced a certain energy is with all the other correct energies around it.

Sue: All numbers aren't compatible, right? We have our Concord numbers one, five, and seven - two, four, and eight - three, six, and nine. Those numbers work very well together, you could consider them kindred spirits. Like oil and water doesn't mix or it's not compatible.

Adrianna: So then in that instance, would it be like, say you have an excess of six within your chart.

Sue: Yes

Adrianna: But then you have one that is very prominent in your chart.

Sue: My Lifepath and hearts desire is 6, Expression number 1.

Adrianna: Is the six over, too much? The one energy you're having to really hone in on, like how to really shine through for Self and all of the characteristics that one energy brings.

Sue: Correct, because six is about family responsibility, selfless service to other people. I sometimes tend to want to take charge with the one energy, right? I want to control. Six's like to control because we like to do things for people. We want to take care of everybody. We're the cosmic mother, the parents of the world. Yeah. I think in my youth, I very much had to learn that I couldn't fix everybody. I've always tried to take care of everybody and fix it. I can't do that. But that's been a process and it keeps popping up. It's been a learning process that still isn't completed.

Adrianna: The question that came to my mind was then how do you learn how to balance that self-ambitious kind of energy in the aspect of taking care of other people because that's in your heart to take care of other people? But you also have this aspiration as well, like, I want to help. I want to, you know, I want to be that person that they can turn to. So how do you learn how to balance that aggressive energy that one brings and six is also kind of aggressive. How do you learn how to balance that, the difference in the energies or like how they're competing with one another?

Sue: I think it's just like learning how to ride a bike. You fall off it, people try to tell you what to do. Its experiences and the opportunities that come out in life that help you to understand that. But once I learned numerology, it was like, oh my gosh, I have been struggling and fighting against the tide and I need to back off and I need to love myself as much as I love everybody else. Then I'm going to be twice as big of help to everybody, right?

Adrianna: Yes.

Sue: It's life taking us through that journey. Numerology, as you know, helps you to understand where that can be an unbalance so that you can learn how to balance. So that's what we're going to do today. We're going to take the numbers one, two and three. We're going to talk about the balance and the unbalanced side of it. If you're feeling any of this or if you are questioning it, maybe a reading might be in order just to help you to better understand what's going on.

Sue: What are the positive aspects of the number one?

Adrianna: Well, you're ambitious, right? I feel like a positive, which is kind of deemed as a negative, is that no one can tell you really what to do or like who you are. No one can really tell you. I feel when that's balanced, then that's a positive. You're very sure of self. Your confidence comes just shining down on you and you're really in alignment. That's what I feel.

Sue: Yeah, It's number one. I mean, there's no other way to look at it. It's the inventors. The one that comes up with the idea. The original one, right? When it becomes negative, what are the opposite side of that? They become arrogant, aggressive, bossy.

Adrianna: Can one become idle if it's like, under balance?

Sue: Meaning??? It doesn't do anything. It lacks self-confidence. There's under balance. It can lose self-esteem, self-confidence. And a lot of times you'll see that when they're challenged with the one, it's really trying to help them learn how to stand in their own power.

Adrianna: Yeah, and you're having to be confronted, with yourself.

Sue: Yes. They can feel very powerless, lack of energy, because balanced one is like the minute its feet hit the floor in the morning, it's going until it's done, which means asleep. An unbalanced one can be those aggressive people. Those people that don't think before they react instead of pulling back and thinking about things.

Adrianna: Yeah. One thing I saw even before I started talking with you. I was practicing with one of my friends, and he has a lot of ones just in his name. I saw a negative or an under balance of that is just that they lacked tact, which, like I remembered exactly in those words, pretty much it's just the lack of it's not even that you don't care. You just aren't considering other people in the room right now.

Sue: Yes exactly, and the letters that represent the number one are?

Adrianna: A J and S, right.

Sue: If anybody has an overabundance of those letters in their name, then more than likely you're working with the one energy and hopefully you're standing in your power but not being too aggressive or lacking in self-confidence, self-esteem.

Sue: Let's look at the number two. What does the positive side of two represent for you?

Adrianna: Two, a positive about two is that they don't lack tact. They do consider other people. That's very much geared towards partnership and community, communion, being agreeable almost like an auxiliary, like help, just that extra push, that silent push, almost like you've got it.

Sue: Two's want balance, right? Harmony They're completely opposite the number one. They're shy, they can be withdrawn, they pull themselves back to observe. They're very modest, trustworthy. They listen well, they're intuitive.

Adrianna: Say a person has a two in their expression, right? Have you ever seen it show itself in a way where a person's almost rejecting it? So instead of they know they have this tendency to be withdrawn, but because of their environment, maybe they're forcing themselves to not be as withdrawn. And so that's causing some tension within a person.

Sue: Most definitely two's can be liars and again I've talked about this and it's because of their sensitivity, their empathic abilities. People that don't understand them and use sharp words with them when they're very young, they learn how to tell little white lies just to protect themselves. Because it hurts when people say bad things. And then that just grows and grows and grows and that becomes a habit for them. That's a very unbalanced two. They also can be busybodies, right? Meddling.

Adrianna: That's an over balance.

Adrianna: I never considered that. I know people like that where they know everyone's business, but they're quiet. Like they'll just they float between different groups and they, they're listening so they pick up on everything.

Sue: Yeah.

Adrianna: But then they, they don't really have much to offer. They're just stay in the back. Stay in the shadows. That sounds more to me like seven. But that can also be true for the number two, too.

Sue: They can be very indecisive. Right? See both sides of the story. They want peace and harmony. They're the scale, right? Libra. They're the ones that want everything to stay just the same for everybody. Unbalanced they can become devious, vindictive, critical.

Adrianna: I'm thinking the hardest lesson that two, carries with it is, knowing, even though you seek balance, there can’t be balance without having to be in the middle ground? I don't know. I've always heard, like if you have a friend who always stands in the middle. They don't stand for either person. Like they don't really stand for the truth.

Sue: That sounds like Queen Elizabeth. Hmm. Elizabeth didn't have any opinions out in public. She stayed very neutral

Adrianna: How restrictive is that, though, you know?

Sue: We'll, we're going to be looking at her chart because it's very interesting. Yeah, she was quite a lady.

Sue: Let me give you a couple more. Two energy under-balanced could be tactless. That's exactly what you were saying. Sluggish. They can be rude being over balance. They can be unsupported. Sly. Two can be a bugger of a number. What you see on the surface isn't necessarily what's happening inside. One of the most popular and the most seen challenges is the two. To me, that's about patience.

Adrianna: I would see how that could be popular or I won't I don't want to say popular, but like, common.

Sue: When working on a challenge, it isn't that you're going to be working with that 24/7. Little roadblocks pop up and you'll need to jump over them to teach you more about that challenge and how to use it to your best advantage. The two challenge teaches how to be a little bit more tactful, diplomatic, negotiate with other people in the group besides just yourself.

Sue: Number three, positive, positive words describing three.

Adrianna: Three is very creative, useful, very up and atom, kind of like the center of attention. But not. Not on purpose or maybe on purpose. But I just feel like that it comes with it expressive, they'd be great. Three carriers’ great communicative energy with it, right? Artsy, Beauty.

Sue: Beautiful. Great. You know, number three very well. Do have three energy? Do you work with it? Is that why you know that one well.

Adrianna: I've been working with three currently just because of that's what my next episode is going to be about. But also, I've just been trying to consider. I've also been like wrestling within myself, just, oh, this desire of beauty and how do I have a life that's surrounded by beauty. And that sounds kind of, I don't know, shallow. It's like directly hitting me now, like, oh, this is what I desire. Like sitting in an office and doing mundane stuff doesn't really do it for me. It doesn't really bring feelings of joy within me right now. So now I’m really directly confronted with, oh, this is what you really want out of life. How can you merge all these things? So, I've really been working with three more recently.

Sue: That's very true. Because I mean, you nailed it. It's the inner child, right? Let me get out and play. So, what happens when that becomes over-balanced or under-balanced?

Adrianna: Even just within the self. I feel like it can be outward, but it also can be inward. I feel like outwardly you might see someone expressing themselves in a way that's kind of like a temper tantrum. But I feel inwardly, it's like tension all the time, or that's how I feel with my number 3. Three just wants to have fun. Maybe go jump rope. Sit and draw. I don't know how to do those things because I'm a scholar, (my #7) so I don't know how to remove all of the professionalism and adultism and go back to just the basics like what the number 3 wants.

Sue: 3’s can be very scattered. They can be narcissistic. Not all but some.

Adrianna: Oh yup, I can see that.

Sue: Right. Because they want to be out in front. They want to have all the attention. They're the child. Give it to me. Tell me how pretty I am. Tell me I'm beautiful. Tell me I'm fun to be with. You know, they can just really take over. Take over the energy in the room. Superficially. Right. Three can be gossipy because they like to talk. They use their words a lot and I might add very good with their words. Threes don't get mad very often but when they do you want to tuck and roll. You’re going to hear their opinion whether you want to or not. LOL

Adrianna: Would that be kind of like a deflecting kind of thing? If three is heavy in someone's chart and they're a great gossiper. Is that more of like a defense mechanism? Almost like to keep the conversation off of them, but they're still being active.

Sue: No, I think they just like to talk, and I think they like to be up on stage. Right. So, if they know something about somebody or something they want everybody else to know they know.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: I love threes. I love threes because they're so fun, they're witty, they're just so much fun to be with. But it's an emotional number. It can bring in jealousy. Right. Indecisive and they can get sulky. They can have those mood swings. Right. Manic depression is big with threes. They can whine. They can be very dramatic. I mean, they're actors/actresses and theatrics is wonderful with the three. So, if you're thinking about going into theater, three is going to support that. You can pull in those characters and understand those characters inside.

Adrianna: When I think of three, I just always think of like a little kid. My mind just goes to a little kid, like a 3- to 5-year-old. What are the goods? They're pretty freaking hilarious. They say things that they don't even know that they shouldn't say or should say, or how would they know that.

Sue: They do things that we wouldn't think about doing. But that is who they are, I love them, they are so much fun to be with.

Sue: When I think about the three, I found that a lot of times when you describe the energy in a positive way to somebody, they look at you and it's like, I don't really know what you mean. I feel like society has beat the threes up because society wants everybody to be grown up. They want them to do the work. They don't want them to take a day off or call in sick or whatever, and the threes are very self-critical about themselves. So, it doesn't take much to beat a three up before it starts to really beat itself up. And then the depression kicks in and it goes the other way. No fun and spends too much time alone, etc. We want the threes around us. We want them to lift us up and make us laugh and show us the artistic side of the world that we're not seeing in a fun, good way.

Adrianna: I'm pretty sure I have three in my chart, like as my expression number, because I remember taking a psychology class and we did a personality test and everyone was super surprised that my personality test came back as I tend to be more introverted. I express myself outwardly, though. It's not like I'm trying to, but I crack jokes and I'll just blurt things out and people are like.

Sue: Ooh, yeah, I can explain that to you, but we've run out of time with this podcast. So, I think that in our next one we'll start with that explanation. I can tell you why that's that way. It's the seven energy that you carry.

Sue: One, two and three, balance and unbalanced energies. Our next video or podcast that we do will be four or five and six. And I'm going to explain to everybody about why Adrianna is introverted, but she also can be extroverted. And that only happens when Adrianna says it happens. Right.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: Okay. So, if you want a reading, go to - I'd love to read for you. I don't know if you've noticed, but I have a new website. It's beautiful, thanks to Deb Newman at We can live stream on it. So that's something I'm going to be playing with down the road. Everybody stay tuned. I'm excited about that. That way we get people hopefully involved and Adrianna has a podcast she'd like to tell you about.

Adrianna: Yeah, so my podcast is called Nnth, and it's pretty much about everything in life that I just talk about and how numerology helps me to understand what's going on around me or within me or what's happened in the past. So, I just kind of break down my life and my experiences and perspectives through a numerology lens.

Sue: Love it, Love it. We need to have more numerologist. There's not enough of us. We'll see you next time and I'll explain why Adriana is introverted and extroverted. Bye!!


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