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The Balance and Unbalance Energy of Seven, Eight, Nine

Sue: Hi, everybody. I'm Numerologist Sue Coffin here with my mentee and very good friend Adrianna. In last two video podcasts we have been talking about balance and unbalanced numbers and what causes a number to go unbalanced. Duplicate numbers in your core energy or your challenge. Or for instance, I have two sixes, one in the lifepath, one in the heart's desire.

Adrianna: No, not in my core energy.

Sue: That doesn't mean that Adriana has come here for an easy life, because that's not how it works. There's always some place in the chart that we are working on. So, in this video podcast, we are talking about numbers seven, eight and nine and the seven Energy, which is Adrianna's favorite, right?

Adrianna: Seven, eight and nine. I like all of them. These are like my favorite group of numbers.

Sue: Positive aspects of seven.

Adrianna: It's very spiritually inclined, also very analytical. So, seven kind of questions. The world around them makes things make sense inside more than outside. Seven is very self-oriented. I'm not even going to take that back. Very self-oriented but higher minded though like what's my purpose. What's the reason?

Adrianna: I feel like I'm just going to say the same things repeatedly.

Sue: They're perfectionists. They specialize. When they enjoy something or want to learn something specifically, they will usually self-study, giving them pretty much a PHD in that subject. I have seven energy. This is where numerology kicked it. It’s my maturity number and it came in right around that time. Yeah, I can't get enough of it to this day. I mean, I've been studying it for almost ten years, and I still am reading books constantly and playing with Adrianna and trying to get better at it because I don't think you ever perfected.

Adrianna: Well, that's the fun thing, especially when seven is like at the forefront.

Adrianna: Because you have the eyes or the mind, the mindset to kind of know when you've reached like a wall, but you just want to dig deeper. Let's shovel some more.

Sue: They're mystics, right? Sages? Very intellectual. Can be very skeptical.