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The Balance and Unbalance Energy of Seven, Eight, Nine

Sue: Hi, everybody. I'm Numerologist Sue Coffin here with my mentee and very good friend Adrianna. In last two video podcasts we have been talking about balance and unbalanced numbers and what causes a number to go unbalanced. Duplicate numbers in your core energy or your challenge. Or for instance, I have two sixes, one in the lifepath, one in the heart's desire.

Adrianna: No, not in my core energy.

Sue: That doesn't mean that Adriana has come here for an easy life, because that's not how it works. There's always some place in the chart that we are working on. So, in this video podcast, we are talking about numbers seven, eight and nine and the seven Energy, which is Adrianna's favorite, right?

Adrianna: Seven, eight and nine. I like all of them. These are like my favorite group of numbers.

Sue: Positive aspects of seven.

Adrianna: It's very spiritually inclined, also very analytical. So, seven kind of questions. The world around them makes things make sense inside more than outside. Seven is very self-oriented. I'm not even going to take that back. Very self-oriented but higher minded though like what's my purpose. What's the reason?

Adrianna: I feel like I'm just going to say the same things repeatedly.

Sue: They're perfectionists. They specialize. When they enjoy something or want to learn something specifically, they will usually self-study, giving them pretty much a PHD in that subject. I have seven energy. This is where numerology kicked it. It’s my maturity number and it came in right around that time. Yeah, I can't get enough of it to this day. I mean, I've been studying it for almost ten years, and I still am reading books constantly and playing with Adrianna and trying to get better at it because I don't think you ever perfected.

Adrianna: Well, that's the fun thing, especially when seven is like at the forefront.

Adrianna: Because you have the eyes or the mind, the mindset to kind of know when you've reached like a wall, but you just want to dig deeper. Let's shovel some more.

Sue: They're mystics, right? Sages? Very intellectual. Can be very skeptical.

Adrianna: Yeah. Questioning everything.

Sue: Right. It's not that we're questioning the people and information themselves. It's not that we don't trust the people that are telling us. A lot of times we must read it and interpret it in our own minds. Right? Make sure it's how we can understand it.

Adrianna: I don't know. I think it's more of just you know, for yourself. Yeah. That's like when I started to read the Bible by myself. I rejected the Bible for a long time. Not because of anything that's in it, but because who can't really understand what the heck is going on? Especially when someone's teaching it to you without really breaking down the context, the culture, the history. So, when I got into reading it for myself, it was very enjoyable for me to read it because then it was like, Ohhhh, I get it. I started a mini podcast just trying to break it down, how I understood it in my words, through my perspectives. It made so much more sense to me and now I'm able to read different texts without criticizing them or being critical of them because I know that I'm it. I don't think it's a control thing. I think it's more of just, the desire to really understand for yourself.

Sue: That might be fun someday to get some of those paragraphs in the Bible and talk about the numbers that they're talking about, and you tell your side of it. I'll talk about my side of it because I don't have a good understanding of the Bible. I would really enjoy that. Yeah, something down the road.

Sue: Now the negative qualities.

Adrianna: Very. Aloof.

Sue: Correct.

Adrianna: Isolated is something that comes naturally to seven. But it's not like it's more of an alone, lonely kind of isolation, like your own kind of prison, almost.

Sue: They don't mind it, sometimes crave it. They must be very careful. Right? Yes. Losing themselves would be over balanced.

Adrianna: Would it be over unbalanced to just not care about the world outside of yourself? I feel like that comes with seven. Like they're so in their head.

Adrianna: That everything going around just doesn't matter.

Sue: I would think overbalance. I think when you're under balance, dull, empty headed and ineffective. I don't like to use this word, but ignorant and ignorant means people that don't take the time to study, right. They can be very immature, superficial, vague, unqualified, and unenlightened. There is so much to Balance, under-balanced, over-balanced. A lot of the information I get is from Matthew Goodwins, second volume. Do you have that one?

Adrianna: Yes.

Sue: Love it. There are so many things that we can relate to when we look at an over balance or under balance. Over balance can be very controlling, cynical, jealous.

Adrianna: I'm looking at it. The overbalance, it's that seven can be distrustful. And for the under balance, seven can be naive. I think that's interesting in that you either trust, you're too trusting, right? You just take a person's word. You're not digging in it for yourself or you're you just feel like, you know, and there's nothing anyone else could tell you. And whatever you're saying I don't agree with.

Sue: And I have seen that. I have seen people with an abundance of seven energy be very naive. They just with the go flow through life. They don't think about it things, I guess. I find that very interesting.

Adrianna: Do you think? Maybe it's because and I'm only asking these questions because I know for myself, I've experienced certain things and I've acted out in certain ways based on what I've received from other people. I know sometimes I won't question a thing because people get annoyed that I questioned things too much.

Sue: Well, that's a seven. We ask questions, but we don't like to be asked questions.

Adrianna: Yeah. Except for when paired with six. Would seven then like to be asked questions because now they can express what they know in a teaching.

Sue: I don't. I'm a really super private person. I mean, I think it drives some of my friends crazy because I keep to myself. I'm not keeping things from people per se . I just think conversation is boring when we're talking about superficial things about Sue. I just don't have time for that.

Adrianna: You want to get to the deeper, knowledgeable, conversations.

Sue: I want talk with you about numerology and how we can help other people better understand themselves. I can sit and talk with you for hours. I'm very private and it drives people crazy. But that's the way I am.

Sue: Let's go to the number eight.

Adrianna: You're know what I realize yesterday. My home address is eight.

Sue: How is it? You must feel comfortable there?

Adrianna: You know, what I've told you about my relationship and the testiness of what we've been experiencing since we've been here.

Sue: There you go. So, is it just a plain eight or is it made up of other numbers, like 17 - 26 - 521?

Adrianna: Plain Eight.

Sue: Eight, that's interesting. We are drawn to certain energies.

Adrianna: My birthday is an 8. Eight seems to hang around me. Yup!

Sue: Yeah. No, that's important. Home addresses are important. I mean, it's the energy that we're all settling into. You know, that’s a good number to start a home business especially where you have a 6 Lifepath....mmmmm

Adrianna: Which that's been on my brain a lot.

Sue: 6 Lifepath, that could represent home base business, 8 home address puts the energy on making money.

Adrianna: Yeah. Yeah.

Sue: What's the positive aspects of the number eight?

Adrianna: Eight is going to achieve. They are going to get it. They're going to go after it and get it right.

Sue: Right. Very ambitious.

Adrianna: Yes, very ambitious. Eight draws’ things to them. Eight has a very abundant energy about it.

Sue: It's already worked through the seven. It has the spirituality connected.

Adrianna: Eight is a manifester.

Sue: Now that you've worked through that seven. The thing that seven was teaching the eight was you must never forget that we're all in this together. If you forget that and you start not paying attention to the people that are helping you climb the ladder, It will knock you down, and lot of times its finances.

Adrianna: Yeah, I can see that.

Sue: Good with money by right. Its very business orientated. It is the executive. The CEO that wants to be at the top of the ladder. It wants to run the business. It's an awful lot like the number one. Right?

Adrianna: Eight is one and four together it's like four obviously double like four is a hard worker. Eight is like that's fine, I'm owning the business.

Sue: One is about self. It's going to do it by itself. Eight realizes it needs the people around it to help gain a better momentum.

Adrianna: I did see that. A person may lack the drive to achieve for themselves or by themselves. They have this drive to achieve, but they don't want to do it for themselves by themselves. It's like that team behind you. Like they want to be lifted up.

Sue: Two, four, and eight, right? And what's the two? Two is all about the group together. 2+2+2+2=8 That's a lot of twos sitting in front of the eight.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Adrianna: When we first talked, our very first meeting, you had made a comment about just simply my birthday, just being on the eight. And you said something about you need a cheerleader, like you need somebody, or you want somebody to kind of build you up to be on this journey with you. And when you said it, I teared up because, I say that all the time, even when it comes to working out. I want to work out and be physically fit for myself. But I would also like if someone was there with me, pushing me along the way, helping me, encouraging me, all of those things. So yeah, like that first meeting, you hit it on the money!

Sue: How about a negative eight.

Adrianna: Can be overaggressive. It's like, overbearing, but overt. It's very controlling. I want you to help me. But you're going to help me. How? I want you to help me. I'll place you in the space. If you try to get outside of that, I'm going to let you know how I feel.

Sue: They can manipulate. That's the two. Remember we talked about the two? Yeah.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Adrianna: So that's the interesting thing about numerology. You see how the numbers energy compounds within a different number?

Sue: Yeah, we'll talk about that. That's another podcast too because I can point something out about that in the calculations. They can be dishonest, unscrupulous. Let's see, greedy, scheming, because eight is really about money finances, right? They want the material world at its finest. You can tell when you meet somebody who has a lot of eight energy, they look like a businessperson. They can be at the football game, and they look like they just come out of a meeting. Very professional. Nice jewelry, they drive a nice car, they play the part of a of a business CEO, which is good. I mean, that's how you get things right. To manifest something, you've got to play the part/role. You've got to believe. But they must be very careful. They can't take that too far or the universe will knock them down.

Adrianna: With eight and finances, because I'm seeing like or I'm getting two different things. It's the same thing, but two different things. You can you yourself can either be too, I don't care I'm always getting money. You’re just spend too much money or it's like you're not being considered enough of what's is helping you, building you up. Let’s say your tower has come falling down and now you're lacking in money. Is that true of eight? You're either spending too much of it, or you could also not be considered enough where you just lose it.

Sue: You could be hoarding it and not telling people. The universe wouldn't like that either. You must take care of your people. You must. Yeah, it's a real financial tug of war. But the thing also about the eight is it's a survivor number, right? What goes around comes around, so you want to be in your best behavior all the time.

Adrianna: I get what you're saying. Like it's that spirit of abundance. Yeah, you must be considerate, like what goes around comes around. So, if I pour out, I receive, if I hoard, that's comes from a less than kind of mindset.

Sue: You give someone a $10 bill; you turn around and you may receive an unexpected $50. The universe said, thank you for helping that person. Now you.

Adrianna: But if you're presented with that opportunity to give someone $10 and you don't you can turn around and you lose 100. Right?

Sue: It's the little things like that. It doesn't even have to be $10, and it doesn't even have to be money. Just be of service to someone without expecting anything back, you're always rewarding in some way. It could be just a warm smile lifting somebody up for the day. You know, sometimes you can get arrogant when you start climbing the ladder so, there's tests that go along with that and you just must be very aware of what's going on.

Adrianna: Yeah, you're always tested when it is around.

Sue: Yes, it's a strong number. Very strong number. And it's probably the number that will achieve the greatest. You want eight around. You want them. I don't have any eight in my name or core energy.

Sue: Money comes and goes for me. It's energy. It drives my husband crazy. I mean, if I'm paying the bills and I've got some macaroni and I'm warm, I'm happy. Adrianna's dog Bethany is barking.

Adrianna: She's like, someone talked to me.

Sue: LOL Your hour is up. Oh, we've been almost an hour and a half. Yes, she's ready.

Sue: Is it a bad thing not to always focus on the dollar? I don't think it's a bad thing. That's the difference between someone with 8 energy and someone without 8. A lot of people including my husband likes money and he pays attention to it. He has 8 in his heart’s desire - he desires it. That's a good thing.

Adrianna: Are you like you could care less about money or the attainment of money isn't on your mind? Once you have money, you could care less. Like I'm going to spend it how I spend it.

Sue: I don't think I'm a big spender. I work because I love it. It's not because of the money. I don't say all that stuff nonchalantly, you have to have money. Money brings you freedom and certainly like that. We have money to live, we all do.

Adrianna: That's life.

Sue: If I at the end of the week, have $20 in my pocketbook than I have $20 in my pocketbook. I'm okay with that. I don’t fret.

Sue: The Number nine, the last number we study.

Sue: The number that carries all the other numbers. We add one plus two plus three plus four up to the number eight. We get 36. Three plus six is nine. Okay, so what's nine for you?

Adrianna: Nine for me, obviously. Nine. I love this number.

Sue: Why is it in your heart's desire?

Adrianna: Yeah. Nine is my heart's desire. Both with my biological name and my name at birth, which I want to talk to you about my name. Once my name was changed, different letters but still the number Nine Heart's Desire. Nine is very important to me.

Sue: It's about the world, right?

Sue: Humanitarian.

Adrianna: To care for others.

Sue: To give.

Adrianna: I feel like that abundance that comes with it really shines through with nine. You've gone through this whole thing, this whole progression. 1 thru 8 and now you're at nine. How do you pour out what you've received? How do you give back to the universe? It's not even like give back to your neighbor, it's the universe. It's how do you just show your appreciation for this life? For some people that may be volunteering at a kitchen, it may be babysitting all 23 of your nieces and, you know, wherever you.

Adrianna: Help, give and be your best for others.

Sue: Right.

Adrianna: Really is what nine speaks to.

Sue: Right. It's a philanthropist. Right. Very compassionate, spiritual number nine, the last number. A lot of times as Numerologist we question in our minds if this is their last reincarnation because of all of what we are seeing. But who's to say, I sure can't? That's between the soul and it's Higher Power.

Sue: Honorable, trustworthy. They're artistic. They think about the world. They're very generous, never, ever prejudice. Not a prejudice bone in their body. Everybody is equal.

Adrianna: When I was a kid, you know, you learn different things. Like when I was a kid, I felt like I had, discriminatory or more prejudicial. Trying to be right in the words that I'm saying. But I had like more a mindset that was more like, oh, this isn't right, that's not right. You're not living right. The older I got, and even when I was a kid, the more this aspect of you live your life how you want to live it. Like, that's none of my business. As long as you're happy, I'm happy.

Sue: None wants the world to be safe, warm and have a full belly. All those survival needs met easily. Let’s take care of each other and then you do what you want. But if they don't have the survival stuff, you're the one that is going to help them get that a lot of times, too, which is interesting. You see the underdog better than most walking down the street. You're seeing the people that probably could use help more than others.

Adrianna: I think like for me, I'm able to pick out the person that needs a friend, even though all the time I feel like I'm that person that needs a friend. But I'm able to look at a crowd or a group of people and I'm able to see that person who is the loner. Like even if they're in a group, I'm able to see the lonely person in the group, the person who feels more unsupported.

Sue: Are you attracted to go over and talk to them?

Adrianna: If I catch them by themselves, I won't do it in a group. Like if I'm going to the bathroom and then that person is coming out of the bathroom, I'll make a point to say, oh my gosh, your shoes are so nice. Like, oh my gosh, girl, what's going on? I saw you over there. Your hair looks nice. I just wanted to let you know, like, I'll find a point to do that. But if they're in the group and they stayed within the group. I won't go up to them.

Sue: Now, nine is an emotional number, right? Mm hmm. But it's a different emotion than three and six. It doesn't show its emotions.

Adrianna: Yeah, we talked about this.

Sue: It's not about big hug or kisses, outwardly showing affection. Like let me wrap you up and make it better. I mean, if that person needs it, they're very qualified to be that hugger, but by rights, they pull back. They use their emotions in a different way. It's blacker and whiter because they have to fix/solve the issue.

Adrianna: I think it's more of like, what exactly does this person need?

Sue: Yeah, I bet that's right. Yes.

Adrianna: Like how you were saying, if that person needs someone to like, hug them and be super outwardly expressive in their emotions, nine does have that ability to do so. But I think being one of those higher numbers, seven, eight, nine pushing you into that next level, I think nine steps back before they help and they kind of consider what it is that the group needs, that person needs, a situation needs, and then they step in in that way.

Sue: I agree with that because remember, that number is carrying all those other numbers. Yeah. And emotions sometimes can cloud the good judgment.

Adrianna: Controlling. Yeah. That's a very common theme through.

Sue: They can be Yes, yes.

Adrianna: But controlling. I know what you need. Let me give to you what you need. Even if you don't want it, I'm going to give it to you. And you've always said, like Attila the Hun, like almost like a dictator. Yes, I know what's best even if you guys reject it, we're still doing this.

Sue: I think they can be at time. Nine is definitely the all or nothing number. They can be a son of a gun to love or to be around, at times. They can be very melodramatic, right? They can be victims. You hear that? A lot of. Oh, poor me, why does this happen to me? They have to be very careful that they're not always playing the victim. Mm hmm.

Adrianna: Very important. Yeah.

Sue: Spiritual teachers, though. Right. Unconditional love, forgiveness and letting go. That's what we're all here learning, trying to grasp. The nine, I think, is the energy that is helping us. People learn that if you're the ones that are giving us the drama or giving us those conditions that are teaching us to say, Can I love this person, I'm going to love unconditionally, I'm going to forgive them and I'm just going to let it go because it's not mine. We need those teachers in our life. The nine plays a very big part in that and it's not a bad thing. It's what they've come to do to help us.

Adrianna: I agree with that. And I think nine can show it in different ways just in how it’s like Woe is me, oh my gosh, this happened to me. I went through so much and all of that. I think that can also teach people like it's not something that you would want. I don't think that's something that people aspire to be like. But even if I know, I find myself being that, but at the same time, I know that that serves as an example to some people, like, oh, listen to her going on and on about what she's been through, and I don't want to be that person. I'm going to go ahead and like I think even just that drama and that's a lesson to people. But I think nine or a person with nine really must learn how to get past that, to really be able to fully express the lessons that come through with our experiences. Like with my podcast, I have half of the heart to just stop it only because these first seven episodes really have been about me. Just, OMG, I went through this, and people weren't there for me and this is how they made me feel. It's all it's a lot of that. And when I listen back to it, I'm like, oh, I said some good things, but at the same time it's a lot of woe is me like, and it disgusts me almost. So, it even teaches me like, Oh, you've got to pivot past this.

Sue: It's all about learning and teaching. Nine has a lot of spiritual wisdom.

Adrianna: Well, I was going to say, like you said, with three being, it can be self-critical. I think that aspect exist within nine too. You're not just an example to other people. You're an example for yourself as well. And how would you like to express how you moved, how you conquered these experiences and feelings?

Sue: Some people just like to stay in the drama.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: They just like it. They have not been able to figure out how to be happy without that drama around. That's what keeps them going.

Adrianna: You know what I think it is.

Sue: What is it? Because I don't understand it.

Adrianna: I think it's the ability to contribute to a conversation, a feeling like that. Relatability, almost. If you really got to the core of it, I think a lot of people find themselves uninteresting. And what is interesting to other people and what does draw people to be emotional to you and caring and. That attention is drama, oh my gosh, let me tell you about this crazy stuff that happened last weekend or.

Adrianna: Let me tell you about how sad I am right now. It draws that attention without it keeps you in a conversation. It keeps it allows you to feel like you have people supporting you or people that care. But there is this aspect of. Personally, I believe people who exist within drama and like never find a way to get outside of it. There is this unsatisfied feeling at the end of every day. No matter how many people listen to you talk about being whatever situation it is, how dramatic, how sad and melancholy it is. Regardless, no matter how many people you get to listen to you, at the end of the day, it's still like. I feel like you still got to come to this point or what is it, though? Why? Why does this happen?

Sue: Very low energy. I think somebody who hasn't worked on themselves, and they can't seem to rise above the mob and be happy within themselves. I think it's an inside job that hasn't quite manifested in a good way.

Adrianna: But that's self-teaching aspect. Just as much as mine is here to teach others, you have to be able to teach yourself.

Sue: Very much so. Wow, my dear. We have gone through all our unbalanced and balanced numbers. We've done three video podcasts so everybody can go and listen to them. (bare with me I'm still trying to figure out my video's on my website).

Sue: If you have any questions, we love questions. Just email me or text me. And if you'd like to have a reading you can go to. Healing Numbers 22 and Adrianna your podcast is.

Adrianna: My podcast is NNTH the podcast. You can listen to it wherever you listen to your podcasts, just search and you will find me. I just talk about numerology and life and all of that.

Sue: In our next podcast we are going to talk about "Perfect Present using Numbers" Adrianna and I help ease the stress of what to buy, by just knowing the energy of the day of birth.

Sue: I love it. Well, thank you very much, Adriana. Thank you all for reading/listening. 2023 Numerology Calendar are now available on my website. If you live in Maine you can pick them up at Tiller & Rye in Brewer, Bridge2Heaven in the Maine Mall, and Leapin Lizards on Forrest Avenue. Schedule your Personal Year Reading to help you better navigate the energy of 2023.


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