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The 11/2 Master Number

Healing Numbers Newsletter

Hi Everybody! The 11/2 Master Number is what we refer to as the "Master Messenger". I have heard so many times the excitement in people voices when I tell them they have a master number amongst their core numbers. They should be excited because this energy is considered to have had many lives and is considered a very wise old soul. Master Numbers are highly charged energy. This increases the vibration rate which is not easy for this earthly person to stay into for long periods of time, so it falls back on the lower number for respite time. The 11 is the Master and the 2 is the lower vibration. Master number have to be mastered which can sometimes bring on a life that require allot of painstaking work. As I have spoken about many times, it's balance and these extraordinary people have their work cut out for them balancing between 11 and 2. 

**My son-in-law has an 11/2 Lifepath and a 11/2 Expression. He was brought up in a religious home with so much love and fun. He talks frequently about his childhood in such a positive way. When he was in high school he was in a severe car accident. They had covered his body and was waiting for the Coroner to arrive when somebody walked by and saw the blanket move ever so slightly. He was rushed to the hospital and spent many months recuperating with surgeries and therapy. He is the most loving man I think I have ever met. He is very charismatic, intuitive, and a whole lot of fun.  But as a Numerologist I do see him waver from the 11 back to the 2. I truly can't imagine what it must be like living with such intense energy. Most people with an 11/2 in their core energy have stories that show the courageousness it takes to be that old soul. 

It's not about the physical and material world (that's unbalanced) with an 11/2 Master Number, it about helping all of us to understand on a deeper level. Through their experiences they are able to take that out into the world and teach us.  When I see  an 11/2 in a Pinnacle, Personal year, month, day -  It would suggest a precursor to a spiritual growth spurt. Things can happen unexpectedly, which doesn't mean bad, it just means you didn't see it coming and once the air clears you realize it was the best thing that ever happened. So if your in an 11/2 month just know that the unexpected can happen, switching things up for you.   The 11 is the energy you are trying to master:

  1. Your a wise old soul - living on a higher plane intellectually and spiritually 

  2. Full of life and charisma

  3. Idea come and go constantly - inventor, artistic, see beauty in everything

  4. Visionary

  5. Guided by intuition and revelations 

  6. The 11 is masculine 

  7. Psychic information just flows through you giving you knowings. It is said you have one foot in heaven and one foot on earth and receiving what you need when you need it. Allot of times you don't feel like you driving your own bus, it goes where it needs to go. 

  8. Fame

The 2 is the lower energy of the master number.

  1. You look for peace and harmony

  2.  Love of details and organization

  3. Patience and understanding with those around you

  4. Your tactful and diplomatic 

  5. Highly intuitive number

  6. The observer

  7. 2 is feminine 


  1. Ego becomes enlarged

  2. Dishonest

  3. Whirl around in circle not accomplishing anything. 

  4. Anxiety, Restlessness - causing physical problems especially with the nervous system

  5. You give in to easily without fighting for what you believe in.

  6. Shy 

  7. Low Self esteem

Even though an 11/2 finds itself in the spotlight, sometimes the fame this number acquires is for the wrong reasons. After all both Hitler and Mussolini had 11 prominently in their names.  Remember, a Master Number is very powerful: how one chooses to use that power is part of what the soul is learning.  Even though the 11/2 's have come to help the human race, they're faced with choosing how to use their power.                      Merlin's notes stated in "The complete Idiot's guide to Numerology" Next newsletter we will be talking about the 22/4, The "Master Architect". The most capable energy in a Numerology Chart.  If you feel like you have an 11/2 in your energy, lets do a reading. I will help you to understand how to Master your Master number. 


Looking back at the past can bring us validation. Takes a second and read what was predicted for you in the month of June and while your there check out July's forecast. If you not sure what Personal Year your in, here's my CALCULATOR June Personal Month Energy 

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