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What Did Numerology Show Sue about her Personal Destiny?

 Stacey:  Good Morning, Sue. This week’s audience question for you was piqued after last week’s blog post where we learned how you first became interested in numerology:

What did your first reading tell youabout your own energy?

Sue: When I had my first reading, I was speechless throughout most of it. Again, how could she know so much about me? It was amazing and very empowering.  My Life Path and Heart’s Desire numbers are both 6’s. This number carries the energy of responsibilities and duties to family, friends and community. The biggest thing I gained from my reading was the awareness that from a very young age, I have always felt the need to take care of everyone else, and to help free them of their responsibilities. I realize now I have spent a lot of time during my life helping others with things that maybe I shouldn’t have been in the midst of.

 I wish that I had had a reading at a younger age to help me understand that my need to help everybody at the extent of how I was doing it was really quite unrealistic.   My lesson with this energy is to learn that self-love is a big part of that equation. What... who's got time for that when everybody needs me?! It was a battle; a battle I lost in my 30's with a divorce due to addictions.  I swear there is a beacon on my head flashing "co-dependent welcomed".  Not anymore today.  I respect my 6 energy and smile when I now say, “NO.” This lesson never goes away, but it gets much easier, especially now that I have a greater understanding through Numerology. 

What Did Numerology Show Sue about her Personal Destiny?

Stacey: What did your first numerology reading reveal about your path to becoming a numerologist?

Sue:Nothing came up in my reading that specifically pointed me in the direction of becoming a numerologist. However, the energy of the 6 is also that of the healer. Often, doctors and nurses have 6 in their core energy. I have a medical degree and worked in the medical field from age 17-35 as a medical assistant and hospice worker.  Also, my expression number is a 1 and my maturity number is a 7. The one energy supports independence and an entrepreneurial spirit and the energy surrounding the 7 encourages the pursuit of knowledge and research, especially metaphysical Sciences.  Seven is also a very spiritual number asking us to dig deeper and look at things below the surface.  My Pinnacle, which is energy that brings in events and opportunities, is the spiritual and intuitive energy of the master number 11/2.  But, like I said before, I’ve always had an interest in the metaphysical sciences, so after my first reading, I really began studying numerology and asked Alison, who did my reading to mentor me. I was driven to pursue Numerology and so grateful I had a wonderful mentor to guide me. Even to this day she has my back. 

Numerology has given me the awareness and confidence to say that my path up to this point has absolutely led me to where I am now: owning a personal numerology business that helps others reach their full potential by understanding the energy that makes them who they are and helping them understand about the energy entering their life at any given moment, past, present, future, to help guide them along their individual path. I'm so blessed, I meet so many wonderful people and the relationships just keep growing. 

Stacey: It is so fascinating how numerology aligns exactly with where you are on your path.  In your case, starting in a traditional medical role and now embracing the deeper, spiritual energy that has entered your life to help people through a non-traditional modality. I have found that as well during my journey with numerology. As my own personal path shifts, numerology has given me the confidence and awareness to lean into the experiences unfolding in my life, feeling more empowered in my decision-making and personal healing.

Sue: That’s a great point, Stacey. I have witnessed numerology help many people, myself included, make choices that most align with their energies as well as release them from past traumas and mistakes. It has helped people move away from shaming or blaming past events to look at those experiences through a new lens; to see things were always supposed to happen the way they did. The true gift numerology offers is seeing these events as lessons and being empowered through new awareness. Numerology and personalized readings can help you do just that.

Next week, I would like to share with you the advantages of knowing about Personal Year Energy.  2017 could have been a horrific year for me if I had not known what it was expecting from me and honored it.  Everybody is feeling a shift and that shift is the new energy coming forward. 

You can schedule your personalized reading with me or sign up for other special events or readings through my website,

In the meantime, what would you like to know about me, your personal numerologist? Email me at healingnumbers22@gmail.comor text (207) 907-5446your questions.  Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered.


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