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The Strong, Leading A

Stacey: Good morning, Sue! This week, readers are asking to start at the beginning of the alphabet to learn more about the letter “A.” What can you share with us?

Sue: Good morning to you all! As the first letter in the alphabet, “A” stands proud with both feet on the ground. Balance comes in at the mental plane and peaks upwards to spiritual wisdom. But if “As” becomes upset, (flipped upside down) they become very unbalanced and are not able to stand on that point.

If I were to meet someone with the first letter “A, I would let them have the reins. Their energy is strong and can be felt from afar. They know what they want and will go after it at all cost. They are #1; and are strong-willed, determined, and full of energy. Conversation with an “A” is most valuable when trying to learn about their new ideas. “A’s” are dreamers and inventors, but need the help of others to effectively put their ideas into action. This is where “A’s” need to learn balance as it is hard for them to release control in order to let others help. If they can do that success will follow. With all the energy they possess and their willpower for success, they need to be their own boss.

Stacey: Interesting, I definitely know some “A’s” that fit that description! What more can you tell us through reading the names Amber and Allen?

Sue: Amber is strong-willed but is always thinking of someone else. Her strength lies in taking on the responsibility of others and giving selfless service to their needs. Her emotions fluctuate with highs and lows. It’s important that Amber always speaks her truth straight from her heart at the time it needs to be spoken or she will suffer with anxiety from playing it out in her head over and over. Her sense of humor heals her as she loves to laugh and be playful. Family is everything to her, and more than likely she is the go-to person that family members reach out to in times of need. Amber must learn to balance responsibility with not taking on too much. The biggest thing for Amber is that she needs to learn to allow as much love to come back to her as she gives out. She is a healer/teacher/artist.

Allen, on the other hand, takes life very seriously. He desires to climb the ladder to show his importance by doing the best he can. He does this in a very creative and reserved way. He has the ability to understand people on a deeper level and can use that to his advantage if he learns to trust it. Although life can throw Allen a curve ball every now and again, which would knock most of us down, he has the ability to stand up, brush himself off, and use that experience as a teaching tool. His family and spirituality are important to him. As a matter of fact he would probably tell me that those two things go hand in hand in his life. His main goal is looking for a peaceful and balanced lifestyle; therefore finding most social situations uncomfortable. His empathic and clairvoyant abilities are a gift. Learning how to use those abilities correctly allows him to understand how to not let others energy overpowers him, which brings him relief and a whole lot of insight.

Stacey: Wow. I work closely with an “Allen” and that describes him exactly. Thank you as always Sue for so much insight.

Sue: That’s great. I love validation! But, remember, it’s very important you realize this is just the first name and Cornerstone. When interpreting a Numerology Chart, I am gathering information from many aspects of the name given at birth and date of birth. This is just a quick snapshot of who these individuals are or may be.

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