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Series: The Changing Energies in our Life Anastasia’s 9 Personal Year Story Part One

“In the end, we find our beginning”

In life, change is constant. That is the one thing we know for sure.

Transitioning from one day, one month and one year to the next brings about many changes in our lives, relationships, and in the world around us. Change can cause anxiety, confusion, and sadness, but it can also bring about resolution or exciting new beginnings.

Change is a guarantee. If we can learn to understand, anticipate, and embrace it, then we can better navigate the changes that inevitably will wave in and out of our life. We will see our life expand and shift in amazing, inspiring and positive ways.

Numerology is a tool that can help us do just that.

Series: The Changing Energies in our Life Anastasia’s 9 Personal Year Story Part One

Meet Anastasia, for example. Anastasia is in a 9 personal year. Nine years are about completion, release, and transformation. It is time to purge what no longer is serving Anastasia’s highest and greatest good. Those themes will be the main energy that is governing Anastasia’s life for most of her 2017. The energies that will be flowing into her life each month will serve as the undertone of her nine energy helping her reach closure and completion in certain areas of her life. If she chooses to use and lean into this energy, she can experience significant transformation in these areas as she transitions into her 1 year in 2018; a year of new beginnings. This year’s 9 energy can help her open and make room for new things to take root in her life next year.

May was a 5 month for Anastasia. The energy of the 5 is asking her to expand and be flexible. It is the number that seeks freedom. For Anastasia, the 5 energy works within her 9 year to open her to new adventures and experiences allowing her to have some respite from the emotional energy the 9 can cause. However, if she needs to be aware that if misdirected, this energy can also lead to addictive behaviors or consumption of food and alcohol in excess. Anastasia worked her 5 energy well in May. She recently transitioned to a job that allows her much more flexibility in her schedule. She is learning how to leverage this shift in positive ways as she adjusts to having a more flexible and open availability while creating new boundaries to set achievable work goals. She has used this time and space to begin pursuing her dream of starting her own business as a personal trainer. Numerology suggests she hold off until October to launch her business as it is a 1 personal month and will support a new beginning. Also, Anastasia has used this energy and time to begin setting details into motion for travel and summer road trips.

As Anastasia moves into June surrounded by 6 energy, she will see a focus on family, friends, home and community. She has already begun to feel this energy activate within her life. She has been cleaning and purging closets, redecorating and recently adopted a new cat . One of the ways Anastasia could consider using the energy of the 6 during her 9 year is to leverage it within communication within relationships, helping resolve any issues and letting go. Like many of us, Anastasia has been challenged by certain patterns of behavior between some of her immediate family members. The 6 energy supports her to help finally resolve or find some peace with those issues that exist in her familial relationships.

Stay tuned to see how Anastasia leverages her 6 energy this month and to find out what is waiting for her in the month of July!

Note: You can calculate your own personal year by adding the single digits of the month and day of your year to the number of the Universal Year. 2017 is a 1. For example, Anastasia’s birthday is December 14th. Her personal year is calculated by: December 1+2=3 then 1+4=5 and then the universal year of 1. (3+5+1=9). Note: never add together the master numbers of 11 and 22.

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Personal year readings are one of the most valuable readings you can receive to help guide you. Learn more about how your own personal year energy is influencing your life!


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