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Finding Meaning in Sequences

Stacey: This week’s question comes from a reader who would like to know more about what it means when you see repeating sequences of numbers like 1111, 444, or 1234? Does seeing repeating numerical sequences have significance?

Sue: Absolutely. Everything functions on an energetic and vibrational level. Seeing repeating sequences of numbers and acknowledging those sequences are a way to tune into the vibration of the non-physical world around us. The non-physical energies surrounding us are always trying to communicate with us. One way they do that is through cosmic code. Often these sequences are used to get our attention and remind us that spirit is always with us to guide us, support us or to validate our choices and feelings.

Like dream patterns, numbers and their repeating sequences often have general themes that can be followed, but it is their individual interpretation that offers the greatest meaning for the person witnessing the numerical sequence.

For example, when you see a specific sequence what is happening for you in that moment? How are you feeling? What are you thinking about? Are you celebrating and feeling joyful? Are you contemplating a major life decision?

The specific circumstances unfolding for you at the moment you see a specific repeating numerical sequence are the biggest indicator of what these sequences are trying to communicate to you. Journaling is important to help you put a better understanding of the pattern or message that is trying to be relayed to you. Don't rely on what others are saying, put trust into yourself use your own gut feelings to find the meaning. It might be as simple as "Hey I'm here, watching over you."

Stacey: That’s very interesting, Sue. So, how could a person begin to interpret these sequences and integrate their meaning to their own lives? For example, lately I have been seeing a lot of 111 and 222 patterns.

Finding Meaning in Sequences

Sue: There are different ways to interpret these sequences. For example, 111 often means new beginnings and 222 could be a message encouraging you to find more balance in your life and to be more patient.

You can also add the sequence together. So, if someone sees a 1234 pattern often, you could add the numbers together for a 10/1. That also can be a message of a new beginning or an encouragement to be more independent. Is there something going on in that person’s life where they are being asked to stand in their own power?

For those really interested in sequences, there are a lot of resources available to help someone go deeper into interpreting them within the context of their own lives. Here are some very general overall themes connected to each number’s vibration:

1-    New beginnings and a reminder to stay positive

2-    Balance, partnership and  encouraging trust and patience

3-    Living your joy, self-expression and communication

4-    Indicator that hard work may be required to achieve your goals and a reminder that you are surrounded and supported by the non-physical world

5-    Change!  Encouraging flexibility and to embrace change

6-    Duty, service, love and relationships and to let go of worry

7-    Validation that you are connected to your spiritual path

8-    Money, power and abundance

9-    Endings, completions and letting go

Here’s one personal experience I’ve had with numerical sequences. One night I woke up on every hour with my clock reading 1:11 - 2:22 - 3:33 - 4:44 - 5:55. The only explanation I could come up with for why my sleep kept getting interrupted in that way that night was that spirit clearly wanted me to know that they were with me. I will never forget that and never forget the feeling of knowing I was being watched over. When times get hard I can still pull that feeling back that I had when my feet hit the floor that morning. We are not alone and its simple things like that that gives us validation.

Have you had a special encounter with number sequences? I’d love for you to write in and share your story with me!

Stacey: Thanks Sue. This has been very insightful. I encourage your readers to schedule a personalized reading with you. Not only can they learn more about their own energy but they can also begin to understand the different vibrational meanings for each number and therefore the energy of the sequences they see repeatedly.

Sue: Thanks, Stacey. Yes, the more you explore the energy of the numbers in different contexts, the more you can begin to understand the cosmic code of communication.

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