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September Numerology Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year is??


Personal Year 1 would make September:

1 Personal Month

1 + 1 = Strong, “go get ‘er done” energy. The trick here is to slow down and look back at what you should be proud of and what you’ve accomplished so far. This year has been very fast-paced with a sense of newness in the air. Your enthusiasm for life in general hasn’t gone unnoticed by others. If you’ve started a project and need to tie up some loose ends, embrace as much patience as possible for yourself and for those around you. Think things through; being too impulsive because you just plain want it to be done may well back-fire! There’s a tendency in this energy to want to move too quickly or too aggressively. Be kind to those who are trying to help. This year’s been an effective teaching tool for how to stand in your own power. Its energy wants to teach you courage, confidence and the ability to think outside of the box. And for many, this hasn’t been an easy year.

Personal Year 2 would make September:

11/2 Personal Month

2 + 2 = Patience. This year’s teaching is about the need to step back and observe. This test came in the guise of helping you to learn how to be more diplomatic and patient. This month carries with it a heightened sensitivity, so feelings and emotions are all over the place, causing uneasiness. It’s important to make sure you really understand what others are saying, because feelings could easily get hurt. Intuition, dreams, and gut feelings are speaking to you, so remember to TRUST and LISTEN! You might even be picking up on things that others aren’t. Share your observations with your loved ones. 2 energy is notorious for slowing things down. What you started last month might not proceed as quickly as you’d like. Again, patience, cooperation, and acceptance of this energy will help. Relationships and friends are in the forefront. Enjoy the company they provide. If there’s an issue that needs to be sorted out, next month will be a better time to express yourself. The best way to handle this energy is to find that peaceful place that allows you to find balance and let it support harmony for you.

Personal Year 3 would make September:

3 Personal Month

3 + 3 = Self Realization. The 3 year has been asking for you to embrace the challenges within, allowing yourself to be who you want to be. It’s been fun, emotional, creative and inspiring, with a few feelings of being out of sorts tossed into the mix. This is the month for optimism and playfulness. Your goals, your opportunities, and your dreams can come to fruition this month. It’s your friends who believe in you who will help. Use your creativity, especially your words, to display your optimism and your belief in who you are. Promote yourself, get out and meet those people, and have fun. Make face-to-face contact. The importance of this will not go unrecognized. It’s important to stand up for what you believe in, and to release self-doubt. If someone around you is putting a damper on your dreams, walk away. Don’t let them have control, even if it’s emotional. This is your month to shine. This can be a lucky month, bringing into your life a lucky break. Staying grounded can be hard because 3 likes to play. Allow yourself some freedom but don’t walk away from what needs to be accomplished. Skipping out on responsibilities will back-fire next month. Watch your wallet, because impulsive spending could cause issues.

Year 4 would make September:

4 Personal Month