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For Father's Day: The Deep, Roaring, "R"

Stacey: Hi Sue! To honor my father’s memory this Father’s Day, I was wondering if you could tell us more about the letter “R,” my own dad’s cornerstone letter.

Sue: Sure, I would love to. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads.

R is the 18th letter in our alphabet making it a 9 vibration. The letter “R” stands strong on both feet with a circle on top that is enclosed and represents a head, which gives R’s the ability to learn easily, retain information and think quickly on their feet.  The movement of the front foot goes towards the future, showing that they are always in movement, seeking new ideas. R’s can sometimes stay too much in their head, which makes them emotional and self-seeking. Patience is not their virtue unless they have taken the time to understand and grasp the meaning of selfless service to others. If you took away the moving leg in the letter “R,” you would have the letter “P” that represents more patience. R’s need to slow down and take time to appreciate the beauty around them as well as develop empathy towards others; their rewards will come from caring.

When I meet a person with the letter “R,” I know that they are an independent thinker, intelligent, and may appear standoffish if they don’t feel like engaging; but it isn’t personal, it’s just heir way. They have a strong desire to help others. Drama can follow R’s, but if you understand the meaning of the 9 energy, which brings in forgiveness, letting go and completions, it’s to their benefit to release what is no longer serving their greatest and highest good.  The lesson for the 9 is to love unconditionally, whether that’s towards somebody else who’s creating issues, or whether they are causing the problems within their own relationships.

In her book, The Secret Science of Numerology,Shirley Blackwell Lawrence states, “When saying the letter “R” it sounds like an “rrrrr” sound; the snarling dog representing grumbling a lot. When the R’s is balanced it has the ability to inspire others, giving them confidence and allowing them to show their true self. “

Stacey: Interesting, Sue. Sounds like R’s carry some strong energy. My dad’s name is Roger. He passed away when I was young, so I would love it if you could tell me more about him by reading his name? I also have a friend who would love to learn more about her dad named, Richard.

Sue: Yes, I would love to.  Roger would be a very responsible man at work and at home; always putting his family first. He is an in-depth thinker that has inspiring ideas and makes them realistic for others. I suspect Roger was a quiet man until he got to know you; a man with few words, but those few words had great meaning.  Music and dance play an important role in relieving stress for him. He cares deeply for humanity and feels the need to solve the bigger picture for all. Intuition plays a big part in problem solving. Roger is a generous man who needs to be careful that he doesn’t do more than is expected of him, which could cause resentment. If Roger doesn’t travel internationally, then he reads about other countries and their history.

For Father's Day: The Deep, Roaring, "R"

For any dads named Richard, I would say that Richard is a man that specializes in his career. He desires to know a subject 110%, but often once learned he will move on to learn something else. Richard has an eye for details, making him a perfectionist. Even though he is a quiet person by nature, when giving the chance to talk about his interests, he will talk your ear off. He has leadership qualities that sometimes makes him a bit stubborn. He knows what he wants and he will do whatever it takes to go after it. Family values play an important part for Richard. He can be very charismatic, which makes him easy to talk t. However, being private is his strong suit, so asking him lots of personal questions about himself usually becomes a dead-end. This name can carry a sense of not belonging; leaving him vulnerable to self-destructive patterns such as over-indulging with food, alcohol, or drugs.

Stacey: Wow, that’s incredible.  Although I didn’t know my dad well because he died when I was a child, I have been told a lot about him from his friends and family. He definitely had a Type- A personality, making him a hard worker both at the office and home. He was a very devoted father and husband while he was alive. In college, he majored in Business but minored in Sociology because he wanted to understand and help people on a deeper level. Before he died, he launched his own company to help match people’s skills and passion with the right company and job opportunity.  He was in the Navy and loved to travel. He visited Thailand, the Bahamas, etc. He also loved music. I inherited quite a music collection from him. He also played the guitar, harmonic and sang in an acapella group in college. In high school he was very involved in theater.

Sue: I love it! Once again we find so much validation through the numbers.  Keep sending me those names! Visit my website: or text (207) 907-5446.

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