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Renee's Story Part 2: Express Your Personal Truth through the Energy of the Numbers

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Life

What is this month’s energy trying to teach?

As we begin to understand how the different number energies are flowing in and out of our personal year, it is just as important to remember how our core number energy, the energy that makes you who you are, is constantly agreeing or disagreeing with the energy that comes and goes as well. It all works together.

When I introduced you to Renee, I told you she was in a 3 personal year. The energy of the 3 brings play, creativity, levity, and manifestation of our goals and dreams (female energy) into our life. For those whose core energies complement the energy of the 3, this is often what they experience. However, for individuals like Renee, who carry strong 4 and 8 energies (masculine energy), which possess characteristics like structure, work, success, and discipline, their experience can be quite the contrary. The energy coming in during a 3 year for those with core energy like Renee can find themselves challenged and struggling during a time that is supposed to be fun, playful and light.

Renee's Story Part 2: Express Your Personal Truth through the Energy of the Numbers

My conversation with Renee demonstrated that, for some, the 3 year can bring emotional highs and lows as they are being asked to find creative ways to express their personal truths.

June was a 9 month for Renee. She began her month with a weekend Yoga Retreat that involved a lot of energy work through alternative forms of healing modalities. Renee often intellectualizes her feelings and is comfortable expressing herself verbally. However, this experience offered her new outlets to explore her emotional truths without verbal expression. Through exploring these different tools to express her emotions (3 energy), Renee confronted some new feelings and beliefs about situations and relationships from her past (energy of the 9). While she left the experience with a deeper sense of the healing and closure, she was left feeling emotional wary and fatigued (typical of the 9 energy).

As she completed her 9 month, she decided to resign from some of the social/volunteer commitments she’s made that no longer bring her happiness and joy (9 and 3 energy).

As Renee moves into July, a 1 month, I anticipate she will begin to see new doors open through unexpected and creative avenues. She should begin to feel some momentum building in her life, moving her towards manifesting some of her life’s goals and dreams. But, she needs to be prepared that this energy is asking her to lean in to risks, creative solutions to problems, and being open and expressive with her personal truths; things that are not always comfortable for someone with 4 and 8 energies that like control, safe choices, and planning ahead.

Over the next couple of months, Renee may experience more of the playful and lighter aspects of the 3 as she continues to openly express and honor her emotional truths through creative outlets. She should see her social circle expand with new friends and possibly old friends re-entering her life.

Since she is entering 1 energy, she may consider making herself a vision board for her goals and dreams in the second half of her 3 year. Exploring unconventional and creative endeavors may open up unexpected opportunities for her goals and dreams to manifest.

Check in at the end of this month to see if and how Renee will creatively embrace July’s 1 energy to manifest her dreams right in time for her birthday.

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