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Renee’s Story: 3 Year- “Creativity is the way to Live”

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Life

Last week I introduced you to Anastasia who is currently in a 9 year. To illustrate how the different number energies can work in our lives, now I’d like you to meet Renee. Renee is in a 3 Personal Year. The energy of 3 is quite different from the 9 energy that we explored last week.

A 3 personal year is all about creative self-expression in every form: writing, speaking, dancing, music, and art. It is also about connecting to everything: people, places, nature, animals, etc. A 3 year can be a lighter and more playful. But, as with every number vibration, you can experience the positive potential of the number or the challenge of it. Having the knowledge and understanding of the different energies helps you integrate what the energy wants from you into the circumstances of your life at the time. Sometimes that makes a very pleasant experience; sometimes it causes contrast. The 3 personal year is all about learning to express yourself creatively, in a playful manner. It is important to understand that 3 energy has a tendency to display self-doubt and self-criticism, so if these emotions come into play it is asking you to address it and learn from it. 3 energy does bring in luck and the ability to manifesting more easily.

Renee’s Story: 3 Year- “Creativity is the way to Live”

The month of May was an 8 month for Renee. The energy of the 8 surrounds areas of work, power and money. In a 3 year, it can mean bringing more money in through creative avenues. It can also mean spending more money in playful endeavors or accumulating expenses brought on by the 8 energy. In a 3 year, the energy of the 8 can be a catalyst for forward movement in career and finances by using a creative approach to further business interests. It also can mean that advancements usually will come from friends and social networking which will unlock doors for new work or financial opportunities.

In her 8 month, Renee saw much of this energy come to play. She has recently started increasing her income by beginning a side venture as a freelance writer. (3 energy) However, as a homeowner, Renee saw a lot of unexpected expenses arise for home repairs and maintenance (8 energy). As new money came in, it went out just as quickly. This is notorious for the 3 and 8 energy. Earlier in her 3 year, Renee started to expand the networking groups she is involved in. As summer begins, her network gatherings have increased and her social calendar is filling up more quickly (definitely 3 energy working at it's best).

June is a 9 month for Renee. As we saw with Anastasia last week, 9 energy brings opportunities for closure, resolution, and to purge the things in our life that no longer serve the greatest and highest good. In her three year, Renee can see this energy bringing in matters of selflessness and humanitarianism. Charitable giving and volunteerism are core themes in Renee’s life already, so she could see this month bringing about completion in some of those areas, while she sees others expand. She already began to see this energy at play early in June when she expanded her role as a registered therapy dog handler with her personal companion dogs to become part of a national team of therapy animal team evaluators, helping to expand animal assisted therapy services throughout the state.

As June unfolds for Renee, the energy of the 9 will continue to ask her to be charitable, open-minded, tolerant, and forgiving and it will do this by bringing opportunities/experiences to help her understand better. It may also ask her to reflect on those areas of her life that require compassionate completion to make room for expanded ventures or new opportunities through creative endeavors that the 1 energy will bring in July.

Stay tuned to see how the 3/9 energy in Renee’s life this month helps ready her for what is in store for her in July!

If you are interested in what your personal year is text me (207) 907-5446 your birthdate and I will calculate it for you. Remember, you can calculate your own personal year by adding the single digits of the month and day of your year to the number of the Universal Year being 1 energy. Renee’s birthday is August 3rd. Her personal year is calculated by: August (08) birthday (3) and then the universal year of (1). (8+3-1=12; 1+2=3). Note: never add together the master numbers of 11 and 22.

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