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Mastering our Personal Year Gardens

Stacey: Last month we looked at the different energies of each Personal Year. What experiences with your own personal year energy, past and present, can you share with us?

Sue:  First, it’s important to remember that Personal Years occur in 9 year epicycles. If we think of it like working in a garden the first year we plant the seeds, set our goals and envision what we want it to look like at harvest; in year 2 we must demonstrate patience to allow the magic to happen; this helps the seed to grow; in our 3 year we begin to see manifestation from what we have planted; year 4 is about work, work, and more work, weeding and rototilling;  the 5th year is the year that we can choose to make changes , and often times changes are made for us; in the 6 year, we nurture, share our garden with family and friends and even ask them to help in our garden; in year 7 we stop and think about how we can make it better, contemplating, researching, studying; in the 8th year, we reap what we sow- if we put the work in we will get a good return; and then finally, in year 9, we clear out our garden so it is ready for us to plant a new one the next year.  There is a possibility that in your lifetime you will experience these 9 epicycles, 9 or 10 times. 

Mastering our Personal Year Gardens


2017 was a 2 Personal Year for me. Had I not known about the energy that was coming forward during this time, it would have been a very difficult year for me.  The energy of the 2 asks for patience and to let others help me. I knew my intuition would be heightened, details would be important, and leaning on friends would help me progress.  This truly doesn't connect with who I am, as I like working alone, thinking outside of the box, making my own decisions.  I launched Healing Numbers in a 1 personal year, knowing the energy was going to support my new beginning.  2017, my 2 year asked me to step back, be patient and know that the magic was happening beneath the soil.  That was so uncomfortable for me, but I knew challenging that energy would only cause for a more difficult year, so I took the advice that I would give to others and stepped back.  This allowed for growth in a quieter way. The people that I have leaned on in 2017 have not only proven to be 100% on board supporting Healing Numbers, but they have also become very close friends that I trust and can rely on with the utmost confidence.  2018 is a 3 Personal year for me. This energy promises to produce growth and I am already starting to see manifestation from last year’s efforts.  Knowing your Personal Year energy is, in my opinion, a guidance tool that everybody should tap into and use to their advantage.  

Stacey: I can definitely relate to that, Sue. Last year was a three year for me and it was challenging. The light-hearted and creative energy of the 3 was difficult for my core 4 energy that craves structure and hard work. However, the three and four energies did help me to do some hard inner work on expressing my personal truths, taking on some new creative endeavors, and building a vision for the life I want.  I was grateful that through your reading, I learned what it wanted from me, which allowed me to work with it and to try and understand it better. The other helpful advice that you gave me was making me aware that the energy wasn't going to go away. It was my choice to either lean into it and work with it or fight it and have an uncomfortable and unproductive year.  

Sue: Understanding the energy that makes you who you are and how they work with or against each Personal Year’s energy can empower us, not only in our lives as a whole, but in the year ahead so we can make the best out of each one. Take time for you and get your 30 minute Numerology reading. Let 2018 be a year that you remember because of understanding the energy and using it to your advantage.  

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