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Personal Year 5 and Personal Year 6

Personal Year 5 and 6

Confused as to what Personal year you are in? Go to my Personal Year Calculator

Five Personal Year - Five is a fast moving year. Changes come at you from all sides and sometimes suddenly asking you to make quick decisions. Enjoy the release of last years restriction because 5 wants freedom. This is a year you could change residence. Work can bring in travel, a change in your position, or moving onto something different. With all the movement in this year be flexible and have fun! Step outside your comfort zone and experience life in a different way by meeting new people and taking a few risks. That's an easy statement for some and very difficult for others.

Six Personal Year - SIX will bring in your Family, Friends, Community, Children, Animals, Home. Anything/Anybody that needs some extra TLC or guidance will surrounded you this year. Allow yourself to give selflessly. It will be important to balance work/home with all the added responsibility. Don't forget to love you as much as you are loving those around you. Six wants you to look at relationships on a deeper level. Let go of the ones that are holding you down and embrace the ones that are lifting you up. The year of reunions, weddings, births, divorce, buying, selling, moving.

It's easy to have the basic understanding of what each year represents. What isn't so easy is knowing where this energy is in your own Personal Chart. It's so much fun to learn how to use this energy to get the most out of it. The only way to understand on a deeper level is to get your Personal Year Reading.

This week Jennifer and I discuss Personal Year 5 and 6. It's amazing how the energy switches so important to learn what it wants from you, I guarantee it's not going away until 2023. Contact me today to find our more about 2022.

Wouldn't it be nice to just have some general knowledge on how 2022 is going to play out. Is it a year to play, work, take care of family, let go of what is no longer serving your greatest and highest good. Go to the calculator, enter month and day of birth. The calculator will do the rest. Check out your spouse, partner, child, boss, friend.


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