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Personal Year 1 and Personal Year 2

Personal Year Calendars

One Personal Year This year will ask you to stand on your own 2 feet and make decisions that feel right for you. One is all about self and new things. So don't hesitate to go after your dreams. After last years suppressive energy asking you to let go of what is not serving you, 2022 wants you to think about what you want!

Two Personal year is completely opposite. This year things will slow down. You are being asked to be the observer, use patience and tact. You'll find yourself working more with groups of people. If unbalanced you'll find yourself anxious worried about silly things. Intuition is heightened so good year to find that mentor that can help you understand it better.

Jennifer and I have a wonderful conversation discussing the balanced and unbalanced side of Personal Year One and Personal Year Two.

Wouldn't it be nice to just have some general knowledge on how 2022 is going to play out. Is it a year to play, work, take care of family, let go of what is no longer serving your greatest and highest good. Go to the calculator, enter month and day of birth. The calculator will do the rest. Check out your spouse, partner, child, boss, friend.


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