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"OLD SOULS": The Master Messenger 11/2

Stacey: Good morning, Sue! Over the last several weeks, we have had some readers write in with a curiosity about the Master Numbers. Can we take a break in our cornerstone letter series to discuss the Master Numbers more closely?

Sue: Absolutely. Thanks, Stacey and thank you readers who have written in with a piqued curiosity for the Master Numbers.

Let’s start by looking at the Master Number 11/2 more closely. I consider those who carry the 11/2 energy, “old souls.” What is the definition of an “old soul?”  For me, it tells me that you have lived many lives before this incarnation bringing in knowledge and wisdom to help others. Your vibration is higher than most allowing you to be more connected to the spiritual realm.  Your soul has a knowing and understanding that is different, which can often make you feel like you don’t belong. This is not necessarily an easier life as you have come to “master” the Master Number. This often means your path is bringing in experiences that are a little harder to overcome, but necessary in order to understand life better and to complete your mission to help other souls grow.  Petty, superficial things in life are truly unimportant to you as you think in a much deeper way. You have the ability to offer solutions and predict outcomes with greater meaning, which makes people drawn to you, listening and respecting your insight. 

As stated in the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology” written by Kay Lagerquist PhD & Lisa Lenard,  “Numerologist believe that, if you have a Master Number, you’ve made a kind of contract (back when you were still in spirit form) to come back and help humankind in this lifetime.  All of the Master Numbers have volunteered to come back to assist the world in moving to a higher vibration; doing so because they want to learn more at the soul level."

Stacey: Wow, that’s fascinating. How can one find out if he/she carries the Master 11/2 energy and what can you tell us about their nature?

Sue: A Numerology reading will show us energy that can validate if someone is an “old soul.”  If you suspect you carry a Master Number, it would be to your advantage to find out what the other energies are in your chart to help you understand your ultimate goal. A lot of times when I interrupt a chart for a client with a Master Number, he/she already knows and just needs some validation and direction.

11/2 Is the Master Messenger.  Let’s first look at the two 1’s that make up the 11. 1’s characteristics bring in Independence and individuality. They are determined in whatever they do, are leaders, and must be careful of not being too aggressive or headstrong. The 2 energy is the peacemaker; sensitive, loving, and possess ability to work well in groups. As you can see, this brings in a bit of a contrast. However, when balanced the 11/2 becomes a great leader who can bring in messages that uplift and inspire those around them.

"OLD SOULS": The Master Messenger 11/2

What is their mission? They are here to connect spiritually and to help others in raising their own spiritual awareness here on earth. This can be carried out through many different roles:  such as teachers, writers, counselors, pastors. Those roles that put 11/2’s in front of groups can help others grow. The 11/2 is born highly intuitive with psychic abilities. People see their insights and are attracted to the illumination that 11/2’s project naturally. This spiritual energy is to help humanity. They are born with a charisma that uplifts and inspires those around them with little effort.  At times, this connection to the higher realm can cause an uncomfortable feeling bringing in anxiety and nervousness, but is balanced through their love of community and fulfilling their mission to help humanity. If you carry the vibration of the 11/2 Master Messenger, your message to the whole must be done with truth and dignity, otherwise, if misdirected or misused, your leadership qualities can become dictatorship in nature.

Two examples of famous leaders who carry the 11/2 Master Messenger energy are Jesus and Hitler. Obviously, one demonstrates the balanced 11/2 and one the unbalanced.

Stacey: Thank you, Sue. That’s really incredible. If people are curious about their own potential 11/2 energy, what advice can you give them? And, for those following your blog, what Master Number can we look forward to discussing next week? If you are curious, feel free to text me your birthdate and I will text you back giving you your lifepath number. 

Sue: If one of my readers would like to learn more about their own 11/2 energy, I encourage them to visit my website to make an appointment for an in-depth personal reading today! Were you born on the 11th?

Next week we will discuss the Master Number 22/4 – The Master Architect and the most balanced Master Number.  


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