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October Numerology Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year is??

Personal Year 1 would make October:

11/2 Personal Month – This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

1 + 2 = being able to diplomatically take charge. Staying focused on details, organization, and managing affairs will prove to dovetail well in this energy. You can expect delays – use your patience in knowing that the magic is happening. If we received everything we wanted at the time we asked, life would be pretty chaotic. If something is bothering you, ask for advice from others. Talk it through and listen. It never hurts to hear another point of view. Enjoy friends and family; they want to support you. Be aware that you will be living in a state of heightened sensitivity this month. If something is said that upsets you, it might be the way you are interpreting it, not what they really meant. Intuition, dreams, déjà vu need to be trusted. If challenged, remember that 2 energy never wins the fight. Its lesson is learning how to compromise and keep peace and harmony. So just relax and go with the flow.

Personal Year 2 would make October:

3 Personal Month - This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

2 + 3 = Expressing your kindness and love. Being around friends this month, enjoying conversation and playful times, gives reprieve from the slowness of this year’s energy. Get out and enjoy things you like to do. If you hear something unexpected from a friend, it’s important to keep it under wraps. When 3 is around it’s easy to say too much. Let your inner child out and express yourself in a different way like going to a paint/sip class, joining a discussion group online, anything that compliments you in a positive way. Avoid as much stress as you can; remember that 3 is an emotional number. Put your focus on being optimistic and a bit playful. Manifestation comes from dreaming and knowing you deserve it. A feeling of restlessness can creep in. Offset that by grabbing a friend and going on that road trip or adventure that you have been wanting to do. Watch your pocketbook, because spending money without thinking could prove to cause problems next month.

Personal Year 3 would make October:

4 Personal Month - This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

3 + 4 = Discipline, organization, and paying attention to the details will help those ideas you’ve been holding become more solid in form. Granted, this year has probably been unfocused, leaving you scratching your head, and with too many loose ends. This is the month to work on pulling them together. Excess work could leave you with some overtime and feeling tired. It’s important to get as much rest and sleep as possible during this time. Health issues can creep in because of stress. Problem solving comes in creatively. 4 is about home, so on top of all the many projects you’re getting at work, you will also be asked to monitor some issue at home. It might be getting that project done that has been sitting on the back burner. A family member might need some extra TLC. Take on the added responsibility and know that next month, that boxed-in feeling will leave. Make sure you’re following your budget, as 3 can easily bring in over-spending. Be practical in all decision making. Good month to sign contracts in relations to real estate or family affairs. Effort = Rewards.

Personal Year 4 would make October:

5 Personal Month - This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

4 + 5 = the lifting of limitations. All year long you have felt like you were in a box, unable to get out. Discipline, staying focused, and getting the job done has created in you the feeling of being limited and restricted. This month will lessen that feeling and start to move things around. Allow yourself to look at things differently. Expect the new to meet the old. This can happen through work, relationships or personal interests. It will feel good to release some of the dormant energy. Get out and share ideas with others. What you have been working so hard on could bring recognition or at least a few compliments. Don’t be impulsive, especially with money. 5 can sometime have too many irons in the fire, causing you to feel unsettled. Be creative in combining what you can to make less work. 4 and 5 together can bring in change with home. Planning on moving? Maybe understanding a relationship on a different level or being with young children will happen this month. If there are any legal matters around you, don’t be impulsive. Make sure you take time to understand everything fully. Enjoy the feeling of movement.

Personal Year 5 would make October:

6 Personal Month - This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

5 + 6 = changes in responsibilities for others. Relationships are your focus. Remember relationship means more than just a lover. Our daily lives bring in multiple connections. People come out of the woodwork asking for assistance. It’s important to remember this energy is about helping others and not expecting anything in return. New relationships can develop or old relationships can change, leaving you feeling emotional. This is a positive month for career but expect more responsibilities in areas you might be unfamiliar with. Short trips with the family or friends bring you feeling closer to the ones you love. Different situations come and go this month, leaving you feeling emotional. Take time to find that friend that you can express yourself to. Make sure you have all your facts before you approach the situation. Be flexible, loving, and allow for changes that are needed.

Personal Year 6 would make October:

7 Personal Month - This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

6 + 7 = gives you a chance to step back and analysis situations. This year has delivered a lot of challenges with added responsibilities. Does it seem like everybody is asking for your assistance? 7 is going to allow you some alone time, whether it’s your choice or the Universe saying, “Slow Down.” Take my advice and adhere to the desire to take some time for you. It’s not worth getting a cold to make you slow down. The world still goes 100 mph but it’s your responsibility to give yourself a break for some self-reflection. The demands of others have been significant, and you have accomplished a lot but know you can’t continue at this pace. This month is about observing and thinking it through. What do you want? Sleep will be significant, giving you vivid dreams. Intuition helps you out. Look for that Spiritual advisor, workshop, or take a class that helps you grow on a deeper level. Be understanding if family and friends are wondering why you are a little more withdrawn this month. It’s just the energy giving you some time for self-reflection.

Personal Year 7 would make October:

8 Personal Month - This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

7 + 8 = the energy at home and work pick up, allowing you to be able to solve some issues that you have been contemplating. You now feel like you’re ready to make a move. If you’re planning on ending something make sure you get everything in order this month. Property matters come to the forefront. Contracts, legal matters, or anything to do with paperwork could appear, bringing in some form of moving forward by letting something go. November is the 9 month which will support endings and completions. This is the month for preparation. You seem to view something in a different way regarding your work/career/business. If someone aggravates you, hold your tongue and just continue on your own path. Look into the future and set goals for where you want to be next September. The ideas that you have been holding on to still need a little time. Best to keep them to yourself until December. Continue your research and get all the facts in order. Good month to get your finances in order. Enjoy feeling a little more upbeat and energetic.

Personal Year 8 would make October:

9 Personal Month -This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

8 + 9 = energy that brings in an end to a project/activity that you’ve been working on all year. Make sure you know where you stand and have all the facts in place. If there has been an issue in a relationship, it needs to get resolved this month. Take the time to listen to the other person’s side of the story and let go of ego to solve it. If it doesn’t get resolved, you could lose that friendship/partnership/co-worker. Down the road this could cause you some regret. 9 is asking for compassion, tolerance, and selfless service to others. If someone needs help, it’s up to you to step out and give them your time and energy. This is a transition month. What you have been working through and thinking about doesn’t necessarily look like it did when you started it. If this is not serving your greatest and highest good, it’s time to let it go. Emotions seem to be all over the place. The past is coming forward, drama seems to be around you, there are politics at the office, and you wonder when it will stop. This is a lesson the 9 brings out. It wants you to understand unconditional love, forgiveness, and letting go. Next month will be the 1 energy, giving you more clarity on a situation.

Personal Year 9 would make October:

1 Personal Month - This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

9 + 1 = Hallelujah!!! The drab month that you experienced in September changes to more positive energy, meaning you feel like getting out of bed and taking on the challenge of the day. You feel focused and understand better the direction in which you are headed. Experience the NEW. Whether that’s a new beginning, new opportunity, or meeting a new associate that will help you move forward. This has been a draining year with having to finalize and remove the unwanted from your life. You feel the shift in the energy which brings with it more confidence. You are ready for a change and feel in your gut it’s almost there. Hearing from somebody from your past can bring out some emotions or some very exciting news. Either way, you are prepared to tackle the conversation head-on. Step outside of the box with those ideas that are spinning around in your head. Helping somebody out can bring in something very exciting for you. Keep your eyes open. This month proves that when you close one door, there is always another door that opens.


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