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October Numerology Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year is??


Personal Year 1 would make October:

11/2 Personal Month – This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

1 + 2 = being able to diplomatically take charge. Staying focused on details, organization, and managing affairs will prove to dovetail well in this energy. You can expect delays – use your patience in knowing that the magic is happening. If we received everything we wanted at the time we asked, life would be pretty chaotic. If something is bothering you, ask for advice from others. Talk it through and listen. It never hurts to hear another point of view. Enjoy friends and family; they want to support you. Be aware that you will be living in a state of heightened sensitivity this month. If something is said that upsets you, it might be the way you are interpreting it, not what they really meant. Intuition, dreams, déjà vu need to be trusted. If challenged, remember that 2 energy never wins the fight. Its lesson is learning how to compromise and keep peace and harmony. So just relax and go with the flow.

Personal Year 2 would make October:

3 Personal Month - This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

2 + 3 = Expressing your kindness and love. Being around friends this month, enjoying conversation and playful times, gives reprieve from the slowness of this year’s energy. Get out and enjoy things you like to do. If you hear something unexpected from a friend, it’s important to keep it under wraps. When 3 is around it’s easy to say too much. Let your inner child out and express yourself in a different way like going to a paint/sip class, joining a discussion group online, anything that compliments you in a positive way. Avoid as much stress as you can; remember that 3 is an emotional number. Put your focus on being optimistic and a bit playful. Manifestation comes from dreaming and knowing you deserve it. A feeling of restlessness can creep in. Offset that by grabbing a friend and going on that road trip or adventure that you have been wanting to do. Watch your pocketbook, because spending money without thinking could prove to cause problems next month.

Personal Year 3 would make October:

4 Personal Month - This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.

3 + 4 = Discipline, organization, and paying attention to the details will help those ideas you’ve been holding become more solid in form. Granted, this year has probably been unfocused, leaving you scratching your head, and with too many loose ends. This is the month to work on pulling them together. Excess work could leave you with some overtime and feeling tired. It’s important to get as much rest and sleep as possible during this time. Health issues can creep in because of stress. Problem solving comes in creatively. 4 is about home, so on top of all the many projects you’re getting at work, you will also be asked to monitor some issue at home. It might be getting that project done that has been sitting on the back burner. A family member might need some extra TLC. Take on the added responsibility and know that next month, that boxed-in feeling will leave. Make sure you’re following your budget, as 3 can easily bring in over-spending. Be practical in all decision making. Good month to sign contracts in relations to real estate or family affairs. Effort = Rewards.

Personal Year 4 would make October:

5 Personal Month - This month gives you a sneak preview of next year’s energy.