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Numerology Digital Calendars

Happy New Years Eve! Just a reminder to everybody who is using the Numerology Digital Calendar. I will be changing your Personal Year later this evening to your new Personal Year. If for some reason tomorrow morning you wake and it's not there, please reach out. or (207) 907-5446 (text). A flawless transition hasn't happened yet, but I've got my fingers crossed for this year. For those of you who are curious and haven't gotten the digital calendar yet, it's uploaded right into your Phone/Computer Google calendar or Icalendar. It's just a matter of clicking on your personal calendar and seeing what the month and day brings for energy. This keeps you focused and aware, allowing you to understand and learn more about the energies influencing your life. What energies usually push you to starting something new (1 day) or completing that project that's sitting on the back burner (9 day). Do you feel more tired than usual? (7 or 9 day) When's a great day to plan that party with friends? (3 or 5 day) I've got a meeting tomorrow how is the energy going to support me. Should I ask for the raise (1 or 8 day). Should I be prepared for changes (day5). Learn and Understand Numerology in a simplistic way.


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