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Numerology and Compatibility

Stacey: Good morning, Sue. Today Katelyn, who recently attended one of your Mastering Numerology Chart workshops, joins our conversation on compatibility. In honor of the approaching Valentine’s Day holiday, can you help us understand how numerology can shape and impact our personal relationships?

Sue: When I look at a compatibility report, I am not looking to tell you that this is a perfect match or you have met your soulmate.  I am looking for a healthy relationship between two individuals. Numerology can help us accept that we are not all the same. As you have heard me speak over and over it’s all about learning about the different energies that make us who we are.  Understanding what energies make us who we are can allow us to be just that – who we are- and allow us to also accept that in the people we are in relationships with. It's so Empowering.

Katelyn: Sue, my numerology reading with you really helped eliminate a lot of tensions that existed between my fiancé and me. For example, I’ve always found it frustrating that my fiancé can never finish a project. Through my reading with you, I learned that he is a perfectionist and if his work isn’t meeting his standard than is causes him stress so he will abandon it. On the other hand, I always believed that any progress he makes towards his work is positive and better than not completing it. But now,  I can understand that it’s just who he is and has helped shift the way we interact. Instead of me constantly pushing him to finish something, I try to be more supportive and encouraging towards boosting his confidence in regards to the quality of work so he is motivated to complete it on his own. Also, in my reading you told me I tend to be indecisive and if I am pushed into making a decision it causes me a lot of stress. I shared this with my fiancé and now he takes the lead on making more of the decisions, knowing that it eases my anxiety.

Sue: What great examples, Katelyn. Understanding ourselves and our partners with the help of numerology absolutely can remove friction, tension, misunderstandings and stress from our relationships. We can stop taking things personally and just allow ourselves to accept the energy of who we are and who are partners are. My core energy makes me very analytical while my husband is very emotional. During a movie, he’s the one getting choked up while I am trying to dissect the storyline. I also require alone time to recharge, which at first was difficult for my affectionate and loving husband. Numerology has helped him understand it’s not personal, it’s just who I am. And, if I get the time alone that I need, I can come back and be a better “me” to make our time together happier and more enjoyable for us both.

Numerology and Compatibility

Stacey: Numerology has also helped strengthen the non-romantic relationships in my life like those with coworkers, friends and my roommate. Understanding that my roommate likes to cook and clean, my coworkers thrive when they receive regular positive affirmations about their work, and my friends appreciate opportunities to give their time, advice and help as much as they appreciate receiving it from me has helped me increase communication and harmony within all the relationships in my life. It has also allowed me to accept myself and others as they are without judgment or wanting to change them.

I am sure we have sparked the interest of many of your readers, Sue, who will now want to get their own compatibility reading with a partner, loved one, or any relationship that is hard to understand at this time. What a great, unique gift this would make for Valentine’s Day! Can you tell us how your readers can schedule a compatibility reading and how they can give a reading for a gift this Valentine’s Day?

Sue: You can schedule your personalized reading with me or sign up for other special events or readings through my website, I will be doing Tandem Readings at the Blue Heron in Bangor on Saturdays, starting the first week in February. Receive an uplifting 60 minute reading with the one you love. These readings are designed to be fun and give you information on how to understand your spouse, partners, best friend, child, co-worker, or anyone you love and want to learn more about on an energetic level. Follow my Facebook page for more information.

To give the gift of numerology, purchase a gift certificate at

Numerology is a complex study so all questions are welcomed. I appreciate all who want to learn more. Email your questions at or text (207) 907-5446your questions. Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered.


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