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November Monthly Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year is?? 2021 Calculator

Personal Year 1 would make November:

3 Personal Month

Three invites you to be a bit more playful. Find those friends that will uplift you, encouraging your optimism and this free-spirited energy. There could be a surprise visit from a friend that you haven’t talked to or seen in a while. Enjoy the visit and catch up on old times. Do something fun that you’ve been wanting to do for a while. It’s important to allow time for you. Guard against gossip or information you’re not 100% sure of! Sometimes just being quiet is the best course of action. Creativity comes in all forms, so use your imagination and share some ideas. Problem solving might show up in a unique form. Get out and network with others share your interests. This could help gain momentum on a certain project that you’ve been working on, but there is still some organization that needs to be done. Don’t lose sight of those boring, petty details. Remember that a little discipline is important. Next month you’ll be asked to slow down and focus.

Personal Year 2 would make November:

4 Personal Month

This month asks you to settle down and get the work done. There will be a strong feeling of limitations and restrictions. Don’t procrastinate on the project at hand. Remain as focused and organized as possible. Failure to stay organized and focused could harm your chance of achieving what you want, so make those “to-do” lists and be sure to follow through. Projects aren’t moving as swiftly as you’d like, but don’t push them, it’s part of this energy. Slow and steady wins the race. There could be a co-worker or friend that keeps pushing your buttons. Walk away. With so much “black and white” energy around you, there’s no gray area, so any white lies or trying to manipulate a situation will back-fire. Finding a balance is going to be a struggle. Make some time to get outside. Take that hike and leave work behind for a few hours. Too much of anything causes stress, which can cause health issues. Rest well and eat right. December will deliver totally different energy, loosening the limitations and providing you with a little more freedom.

Personal Year 3 would make November:

5 Personal Month

Five energy delivers relief from last month’s feelings of limitations and restrictions. Enjoy your social life and much-needed fun; it’s a big change from last month’s lower energy. And just when you thought you were headed in a straight line, the plan shifts. You’ll need to be flexible and allow for the changeable nature of this energy. Embrace it, don’t try to swim upstream; that choice would make it a more difficult month. Being resourceful and networking with kindred spirits will help your business or career relationships as well as your friendships gain momentum. The more people surrounding you, the happier you’ll be. There’s a feeling of restlessness, or nervousness. Is it about changes you’re anticipating or is it more about unexpected events happening? Change can be as easy as rearranging the furniture in your living room around or moving to a new home. Is it time to change careers? Whatever you do, make sure that big changes are based on well-considered facts and not caused by impulsive behavior. This energy’s fast moving and in constant motion. December’s energy will be concerned with better understanding the people you’ve met in November.

Year 4 would make November:

6 Personal Month

This month, you’re surrounded by home and family. Love