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November Mercury Retrograde

Hi Everybody!

If you own a Healing Numbers Calendar, you see Mercury's symbol in November representing Mercury Retrograde.

I’m excited to share with you the podcast that I did with Dorothy Morgan, Astrologist. We had a wonderful conversation about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde starting on Oct 31st and lasting through November 20th.   

I’ll be honest with all of you: I know nothing about astrology other than I’m a Gemini; that’s it! OMG, right?! Out of everything I’ve studied, I never picked up Astrology.  So when I talk with Dorothy, I get to learn right along with all of you.

I do find it interesting that the numbers around at the times of retrograde match the energy that Dorothy talks about. That’s one of the reasons I’m so adamant about sharing different modalities with you. It all works together; none of it is separate. Energy is Energy! The more we learn, the better we can understand and deal with what’s being asked of us at specific times in our lives. There are guides; we just have to be open and accept their guidance.    

I think it’s important to acknowledge that we all feel a certain shift when Mercury Retrograde is present. It has a tendency to swing the past around, allowing us to face what still needs to be addressed. What I find interesting is what zodiac sign is influencing it.

According to Dorothy, Mercury Retrograde is in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, a water sign. It’s intuitive, emotional, private. Like the predatory arachnids for which it’s named, it’s patient, quietly poised in stillness until it strikes. This year, Mercury Retrograde has occurred in a water sign every time it’s shown up, which means it’s swinging back emotions. She states that right after the retrograde, we will all be able to verbalize what we’ve discovered within ourselves, and in a more comfortable way.

In Numerology, I see an unsettled month for November. Universally, the year is a 3, and November is the 5th universal energy month. Remember, too, that we’re starting to glimpse a little of next year’s energy rising up, which universally will be a 4 in 2020. The combination of 3 and 5 together is known as the “wild child” energy: unsettled, undisciplined, with changes (some of them unexpected), and it’s easily bored. It can be immature when things don’t go its way. Jealousy can sky-rocket.  3 uses its words in creative ways but can fall prey to “open mouth, insert foot.” With a little of the 4 energy in the mix, calling for honesty and justice, pay attention to details and stay firm. Fingers crossed, 4 can settle 3 and 5 down enough to get a little work done in a constructive way. However, I feel there will be resistance from 5. Accidents can happen when these energies are together, due to inattention and impulsiveness.

Conversely, balanced 3, 5, and 4 energies will foster the ability to communicate in creative ways, solving problems honestly!   Keep your feet on the ground. Be conscious of what’s going on around you. Don’t get caught galloping off without completing what needs to be done. Be compassionate in how you use your words. Most of all, enjoy the feeling of constructive freedom.