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A Follow up: Nicknames and their Influence on Name Energy

Stacey: Hi Sue. Last week we met Lisa and learned more about the Letter E energy in her birth name “Elisabeth.” Lisa shared that while much of your reading resonated there were some things that didn’t quite click. She asked if nicknames could influence name energy at all. She shared that her parents called her Bethli and as a teenager she began referring to herself as Lisa. What can you share with us about how our nicknames affect the energy of our birth name?

Sue: Remember, these name readings are just a general snapshot into a person’s full energy, which is why full personalized readings are much more telling about a person’s true nature. Nicknames are what we call Minor Expressions. These minor expressions allow us to adjust certain unbalances that are causing discomfort, giving us energy vibrations that we can use to alter our vibration. Through nicknames, we can add or take away excess energy that causes us intensity that our birthname might bring on.

A Follow up: Nicknames and their Influence on Name Energy

For example, Lisa shared that her family called her Bethli. As you notice, the letter “B” is the quiet one, as we discussed in a previous blog. But that E energy is still guiding you with the ability to communicate, but in a softer manner. The total vibration of Bethli is 11/2 –a master number bringing in a spiritual overtone. Therefore, intuition is a big part of what guides your decision making, along with your intellect. I suspect you over analyze your intuition, not trusting it to the fullest. We call the 11/2 the Master Messenger. Bethli also brings in the love of family. You are often willing to take on responsibilities to help others when times are tough in a very selfless way.

On the other hand, the name Lisa, the one you have chosen for yourself has an overall vibration of 14/5. This 14/5 energy is made up of the 1+4=5. Four is the energy that grounds us, but still gives you that need for adventure and travel. This energy allows you to feel freedom in a structured way. You are a sort of renegade when it comes to conventional ideas and take pleasure in stepping outside the box to rethink things in new ways. There is strength in this name; when you make up your mind on something, that is the final answer and the only way to persuade you into another way of thinking is if you make that decision to do so. You still carry the need to support the less fortunate in a bigger picture way. An example of this would be that instead of simply giving your last dollar to someone who is down and out, (which you certainly would do) you might try to incorporate a game plan to help this individual in a much bigger way; you might even drive them to a shelter to receive resources that can help them longer term. It’s all about the larger picture for you. International travel, whether you do that by plane, book, or internet, complements the worldwide view perspective that matches your energy. Full of words and fun, Lisa is a lovely name. You are caring and honest with a great attitude on life.

Stacey: Wow, that’s pretty amazing, Sue. Lisa, what do you think of this additional information? Do these nickname readings resonate further with you?

Lisa: Quite simply, you nailed it, Sue- with all of them. In one way or another it all resonates on so many different levels. I am impressed with your interpretations. Thank you!

Sue: Thank you, Lisa for joining our conversation! I hope this will inspire others to join us as we continue our discussions on letters and names. I hope this also demonstrates why full custom readings can tell us so much more about someone’s energy.

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