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My Personal Career Reading with Sue Coffin

"I have a 4 Life Path and 8 Expression number which means the business-minded energy around hard work, structure, and building strong foundations is very comfortable to me. It also means that traditional work values align comfortably with my own nature. However, recently I have felt a push to the change direction of my career. I’ve begun to look at non-traditional types of employment, including starting my own side business. My curiosity is also pointing me towards multiple side projects and I find myself craving more freedom within my career.

Doing a career reading with Sue helped me understand the shift I was feeling. A few years ago I transitioned into a 5 Pinnacle, which not only carries the energy of change but craves freedom and is guided by a curiosity to explore everything that can help me grow and expand. This validates the experiences I’m having as I become involved with several side projects and possibly a business startup.

My Personal Career Reading with Sue Coffin

Beyond validation, Sue’s reading is helping guide my career into a new direction. My Heart’s Desire is a 3, energy that reveals a love for playful endeavors, creative expression and a passion for animals and children. One of my new side ventures is becoming a freelancer writer and possibly writing a book.  Additionally, my business startup involves using energy healing with animals.

Working with Sue is helping me clarify the characteristics that are most important to me in my career and that will make me happiest while leveraging the energy of my Pinnacle and Personal Year to help my career goals grow and succeed.

Sue is also helping me name my startup so it carries the energy that supports my business vision, while also aligning my business milestones (such as its official launch date) with the energy within my Personal Year, months and days to maximize the potential for success.

I am so grateful for my career reading with Sue as it helps me navigate my career journey with validation, confidence, and enthusiasm.

If you are at a career crossroads or are thinking of starting your own business, I highly recommend scheduling a reading with Sue. To schedule a numerology career reading you can visit to make an appointment."  ~Stacey, Bangor


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