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Mercury Retrograde Feb 16-March 6

In this video, Astrologer Dorothy Morgan and I discuss the Astrological effects that Mercury Retrograde has on us during his visitation in late February and Early March. Numerology has this Time Period (Mercury Retrograde) in February as a 6 Universal month moving into 7 in March. What does that mean? 6 is the healer. Look at all our Doctors, Nurses, CDC, working endlessly to help those infected with the Coronavirus. 6 represents family, friends, community. People reaching out to support each other. The 7 energy, universally in March, will support understanding this virus on a deeper level, learning more about the mysteries around this virus. Science will prevail. 7 is also Spiritual and wants a more introspective look within all of us.

If you have been listening to my podcast "Numbers Speak" we individually are in our own Personal Year, this is very important to know. This will help you understand what Mercury Retrograde is wanting you to work on based of your energy. If you don't know what your energy is, please reach out. I would love to share my knowledge of Numerology.


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