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Mercury Retrograde 2022/2023

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Sue: Good morning, everybody. I'm intuitive numerology Sue coffin and I'm here with astrologer Dorothy Morgan. And here we go again. We're up against Mercury Retrograde, so I have asked Dorothy if she could help us understand a little bit more how this energy is going to work, because it works different in everybody's chart. This explanation is the general idea of the energy that will be in play.

Sue: Good morning, Dorothy.

Dorothy: Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Thanks for asking me to be here.

Dorothy: We got a lot to talk about, but we but we're going to keep it nice and short.

Dorothy: Mercury Retrograde. I'm going to share my screen right now because I do have some pictures to share, just two of them. So, you can just hit pause when you're watching this, or I'll read these dates out if you're listening to the recording of this instead of the video. What I have up on the screen right now is what Mercury Retrograde is doing for the year 2023. However, we are going to squeak a little bit into this year 2022, because it does start on December 29, and that is when we have our first retrograde. I'm going to go into that in some depth in just a moment. December 29th to January 18th, Mercury will be retrograde in Capricorn 24 to 8 degrees. All of the Mercury Retrogrades this year with just the tiniest little exception at the very, very end of 2023 is in the Earth signs. And this is something very important for us to pay attention to because this is Earth energy. That means mercury will spend a long time in there because it is retrograde in every single earth sign.

Dorothy: The general meaning of that is it is asking us and giving us ample opportunity to feel grounded. Look at life from a practical point of view. It's asking us to be more sensible, be more realistic, encouraging us to focus on those things. And we will because Mercury is, you know, he's pretty fast usually, but when he is retrograde, that means he's going to spend three times as much time in that sign in that area than he usually does. But now this year, starting December 29th, January 18th, Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, will show us and ask for us to focus on these types of things because it's Capricorn, our reputation, our careers, and again, where we feel like we're in charge or being a leader or engaging with others, using your knowledge and your wisdom. Capricorn is the wise one. It's the grandmother, it's the grandmother energy because Capricorn is a feminine sign too. So as Mercury is making its retrograde in this time frame, December 29th to January 18th, you know, we have this opportunity to really re-evaluate what is going on in our lives during this time frame regarding the energies of career, reputation and what we're looking at.

Dorothy: Mercury Retrograde is also, while it's retrograde, is making a few other aspects to some other planets. And the energy of that is when we have mercury connecting to some of these other planets, it's giving us these opportunities to be very open to new ideas and inspiration. Because Mercury, I'm going to say the astrology, but then I'll tell you what, what it means is being open to new inspiration. Mercury is connecting with the planet Uranus, and this represents an opportunity for new and innovative and inspirational ideas. It gives us that opportunity. It's also connecting a couple of times with Neptune, which is not seeing clearly. Mercury connecting to Neptune while it's retrograde, but it's going to happen three times because there's a forward backwards and a forward motion. And it gives us an opportunity to bring dreams to reality, and it helps us to even connect with our intuition so we can feel and so we can process and follow a flow. That is mercury connecting to Neptune.

Sue: It does it three times. And I did not pull those three dates up. But if you follow me on my YouTube, I will always tell you when those three things happen. When it's retrograde, that means it's already connected with us at one point. I think today is the day. No, December 12th was the day that mercury was at eight degrees of Capricorn, which is where it will stop in retrograde in January. This is the overall energy of what we have going on with Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. We’re focusing on those qualities that I've just already listed and what are the things we can look at. It's also important that mercury represents the information we receive, how we share information, what we're looking at, what we're engaging in. And Capricorn is serious energy. It's not lighthearted. It’s not like us Geminis, it’s serious stuff.

Sue: Dorothy and I are both Gemini’s.

Dorothy: It's the wise grandmother. It's not that the wise grandmother isn't fun and playful, but it's that type of energy of age and wisdom. We've had a conversation recently about that. We have an opportunity here to engage in those things in a much longer period of time. And of course, if you don't know where it is in your chart, don't be worried about it. If you do know that we'll give you added content if you want to know, that's what I'm here for. But again, if you don't know, just know that while this planet is doing what it's doing for the next six, seven, eight, nine weeks because it started by now, the retrograde again isn't till the end of December, but we still were engaging in that energy now and then we'll engage in it when it's retrograde by slowing down and revising and revisiting all of the things that we've been working on in regard to feeling grounded and what's important in our careers, our reputation, and, you know, just making gains in those areas as well.

Sue: Because numerology 2023 is the universal year is seven. That's intuitive.

Sue: That's slow down. If you don't slow, the universe can slow you down, because you can't be going 100 miles an hour to connect and get the messages that you need. Right. Also, 2023 will let secrets be revealed. You said something like things could come forward, is that right? Yes.

Dorothy: Yes, yes. Mercury making its connection to Uranus brings sudden unexpected events or ideas. Information. Yeah, right, exactly.

Sue: Yes. And then January is the eight personal month. Eight is the material world. It's grounded and focused. It wants to rise to the top. But there can be some test when eight is around. It wants you to pay attention to the people around you, the people that are helping you to become successful. There are always people behind us helping us. Yeah. Always reward them, compliment them. Let them know you are grateful. Also, you need to be careful with your money. I don't know if money is in the planets at all?

Sue: Well, you know number eight, the eighth house. I'm going to show something else here. The eighth house. Oh, that's the chart. Let me get back to the pictures. The eighth house in astrology represents a financial house. So. Yeah! The yearly forecast which I've already done and that's out there if you want to see it on my YouTube channel. We have mercury on January 18th. Ops, and that's when it makes it station. It's called a station. That just means it's like stopping your car when you're in reverse. You have to make a complete stop before you put your car in drive or you transmission's going to complain a little bit. When the planets stop, those numbers are also important. But what I wanted to make the point of the whole year of 2023, like you said, it is a seven year in numerology, right? But we do have mercury making a station at eight degrees of Capricorn and then in September it's stations at eight degrees of Virgo and then in December and this is all 2023, it's stations at eight degrees of Capricorn.

Dorothy: This to me was significant when I was looking at the astrology for the year ahead and I saw that and here in just another couple of weeks. Mars is currently retrograde in Gemini in the sign that Mercury Mars is retrograde and Gemini in the sign that Mercury oversees. So, we've already been having since October 30th, it's already been feeling like we've been in like an extended mercury retrograde because Mars is in Mercury sign on January 12. You can see here it stops at eight degrees of Gemini. We have four planets, well, two planets, but four times this year, planets make a stop at the number eight. And you know, I don't always go into the numerology of it because that's not my thing. That's your thing. But the point is, it’s like it's important to recognize that number eight. And again when planets station, that means it's like a focus of heavy, heavy focus.

Sue: Let me ask you, the eight to me is a very strong energy. It's a lot like the number one. Yeah, it can be very aggressive. It can because it wants to rise to the top. It wants to push forward. When something stationary, all those times it becomes stationary at eight. Yeah. That's a rumble right.

Dorothy: Yeah. I'll share that one more time so you guys can see it. There's the Mars retrograde and station. When planets are stationary, we feel frustrated. You know, I am not a big proponent that just because Mercury's retrograde, everything's going to go wrong. What happens is we go too fast and we're not revising and revisiting and taking our time. That's why things go wrong. But on the days that I have up here on the screen. Is December 29th thru January 18th for this first batch, those two days from Mercury. It will feel very frustrating and even a day on either side because there is no movement, no movement where it's like driving with the emergency brake on. I always have to come up with some analogy. You're going to be able you might be able to move, but you're going to burn.

Sue: Your feet stuck in cement.

Dorothy: Yeah. Yeah.

Sue: It just feels like mud. Yeah.

Dorothy: We want to go, but we can't. So having mercury stationary three times at eight degrees out of the four times it's retrograde this year, that is to me felt quite significant.

Sue: I wonder with the universal year, the seven is slowing us down. So sometimes when things slow down, those rumbles feel a little bit more intense. Yeah, we must face them, so there could be some time. But the one thing about the eight is it always gives us a strength to face it and deal with it.

Sue: Oh, good. Yeah, All right.

Sue: That's my going to be interesting year.

Dorothy: Yeah. Isn't it always an interesting year? I mean, I don't know, one year in my whole life. I mean, some years I don't remember. But even though something big happens, you know, you just can't remember all of them. But every year, all you ever see is like, oh, they already kick into the curb and look forward to the new one. It's like, oh, man, you got to find your you got to find your own Zen here. You've got to find your own space.

Sue: Yeah, you can do that through astrology and numerology. It helps to guide you. It helps you to center focus, be aware.

Dorothy: It's just like having the right tools for the job.

Sue: Yes. You got to have your tools in your toolbox.

Sue: Dorothy, thank you so much for joining us and sharing your knowledge with us and helping guide us through this, up and coming retrograde. My advice to my people is just slow down, let things happen naturally. We can't change what's happening in the skies or with the numbers. We need to learn what they want from us so that we can lean into them and get the most out of.

Dorothy: That's right. And since it is Capricorn time of year, as we're almost there at this recording, but since this is during the Capricorn time of year, it is. It's about, you know, it's a reset. We’re in the northern hemisphere, it's the darkest right now and we're welcoming the light. So just look at your structure, your foundation. Again, these things that are important for us in the society that we live in and what's important to you and how you engage in that.

Sue: Right. You know, everybody is different and it's okay to be you.

Dorothy: You must have heard that. I just wrote that in Facebook. I put a post on my Facebook, you know, just some marketing. And that's exactly what I said. That was the last sentence.

Sue: LOL We got a connection going on.

Dorothy: Of course, we're Gemini's. Why wouldn't we?

Sue: Well, I want to thank everybody for watching.

Dorothy: Thank you Sue. It's always a pleasure

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