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May Monthly Forecast

Unsure of what Personal Year you are in? Calculator

Personal Year 1 would make May:

6 Personal Month

The combination of 1 and 6 produces a feeling of responsibility toward the ones you love and your co-workers. More people will ask you for advice or your opinion on certain matters. This energy encourages you to give selfless service to others. You’ll feel prepared to give good counsel. Be compassionate and take time to listen, because you may be tested, especially with family. At some point this month you might find yourself just wanting to take charge of the situation, which is fine, but always keep the feelings of others in mind. It’s more of a giving energy than taking. Listen to your heart, and don’t be judgmental or impulsive with decision-making. Be open and honest in all of your relationships. Money can be flow in for you, but remember that there may also be expenses.

Personal Year 2 would make May:

7 Personal Month

2 and 7 team up to foster a month of patience and self-reflection. These 2 numbers together are highly intuitive. The energy around you is slower in pace, allowing you to be more aware of what your inner wisdom is telling you. Don’t try to rush things. Use this contemplative time for research so that you have all the facts available to act on them next month in the more active 3 energy. Seek out those people that look at things on a deeper level to get their opinions. This allows you to see both sides of the story. Because nothing moves fast in this energy, this is a good time to go over what you might have started last month and make sure you have everything in order. The energy will move faster next month so embrace this quiet time.

Personal Year 3 would make May:

8 Personal Month

The pairing of 3 and 8 ushers in work and achievement and encourages using your creativity. Last month was a quiet month that allowed you time for some self-reflection. Now, your energy comes back in full force, setting the scene for a positive month with career and finances. Lucky breaks sometimes appear when 3 is around, so be on the lookout for them! If you came up with an idea last month this would be a good time to implement it. Stand in your power and share. Being recognized for your efforts is supported. Impulsiveness could put you on the wrong path so make sure you’re 100% certain of how you want things to work. Friends are around supporting you, and sometimes they’re the ones that give you the ideas. A work project arises that will allow you to use your creativity to push forward.

Personal Year 4 would make May:

9 Personal Month

4 and 9 together provide the ability to finalize something that you have been working on in the last few months. Because of this, you’ll be thinking about making new plans for work, family and home. Don’t rush things! 4 wants you to take the time to make sure everything’s in order. Slow and steady wins the race. You start to realize that some of the old ways are not always the better way. Relationship issues will likely show up. Be honest with yourself and others on how to solve these problems. Don’t let others walk on you, but remember to be as tolerant and compassionate as you can. Nine is the month of endings and completions; maybe it’s time to let go. Your energy is lower, so get plenty of rest and watch your health. Keep your chin up as next month is the one that brings something new.

Personal Year 5 would make May:

1 Personal Month

The partnership of 5 and 1 is about expansion and being progressive with new opportunities. After last month’s slow energy, you sense a breath of fresh air. Now you see more clearly what needs to change and how to go about it. If something unexpected comes up, use it to your advantage. It’s a terrific month to meet new people and network. Look for those new opportunities that will help you in the future. If somebody tries to sway you in a different direction from where you’re headed, use good judgment and continue on your way. Week 3 could provide something unexpected that supports your ideas for advancement. This is fast moving energy. Take some calculated risk and have fun. Travel if you can. Over-indulgence can be a problem this month so a little bit of discipline is needed in this area.

Personal Year 6 would make May:

11/2 Personal Month

7 and 11/2 together support an increased awareness around family, friends and co-workers. Responsibility is all around you and what you might have started last month needs a little more time to figure out. With everything going on under the surface, allow yourself to listen and lean on others for advice. Be compassionate and cooperative in all your dealings, for the greatest benefit. It’s all about the fine details that are being presented to you. Organize them to keep everything in order and to get the most out of them. Surprising or unexpected information from the past could cause a few emotions to arise. Make sure you’re hearing the correct information. Sensitivity is heightened, which will support heightened emotions and intuitive hits. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, be tactful in how you handle it. Fighting doesn’t work in this energy; realize that you will not win.

Personal Year 7 would make May:

3 Personal Month

7 and 3 together provide some playfulness in what otherwise is quite a quiet year. Last month’s 2 energy asked you to employ patience as you tried to understand your desires on a deeper level. 3 is creative and lively energy that urges you to speak from your heart. Whether that’s with words, painting, gardening or anything else, let your imagination be your guide! Get together with your friends, meet new friends and enjoy an adventure or plan for one in July. Do something fun for you! Don’t get bogged down in emotions. Let people know how you’re feeling and work through some of those issues. Be kind and helpful to others if you see they’re in pain. Words can hurt if you’re not careful. Remember: you can’t change others. You can only change yourself.

Personal Year 8 would make May:

4 Personal Month

8 and 4 together support practicality and a desire to get all the loose ends pulled together. With good discipline and focus, your efforts can bear the fruit of the change you seek in June. Procrastination will hurt you in the end. Finances need to be addressed. Using good sense and taking advice from others will serve you well. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed. There is a feeling of limitation and restriction with 8 and 4 together: it feels like it’s all work, work, work. Concentrate on and manage your surroundings. Family and home will need attention. Slow and steady wins the race and if you stick to the details, you will be amazed at what you’ve accomplished by the end of this month. Take care of your health, eat right and get some exercise.

9 Personal year would make May:

5 Personal Month

9 and 5 together bring with them the ability to change something you need to let go of. There’s a feeling of newness ushering forth, and you’re ready to embrace it. The 9 personal year asks you to purge what no longer serves your highest and greatest good. This is the month to allow some expansion in something you desire. You have a plan, but aren’t sure of the outcome. This is the month to break down a few of those walls that are standing in the way. You’re enthusiastic and ready to get moving but have an underlying feeling of restlessness and uncertainty. Know that in October you’ll see results. Responsibilities need to be tended to, but reserve some time just for you; allow yourself some freedom to spread your wings. If something new arrives, make sure you have all the facts and don’t jump to conclusions too soon. Impulsiveness will hurt you in the long run.



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