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May Monthly Forecast

Unsure of what Personal Year you are in? Calculator

Personal Year 1 would make May:

6 Personal Month

The combination of 1 and 6 produces a feeling of responsibility toward the ones you love and your co-workers. More people will ask you for advice or your opinion on certain matters. This energy encourages you to give selfless service to others. You’ll feel prepared to give good counsel. Be compassionate and take time to listen, because you may be tested, especially with family. At some point this month you might find yourself just wanting to take charge of the situation, which is fine, but always keep the feelings of others in mind. It’s more of a giving energy than taking. Listen to your heart, and don’t be judgmental or impulsive with decision-making. Be open and honest in all of your relationships. Money can be flow in for you, but remember that there may also be expenses.

Personal Year 2 would make May:

7 Personal Month

2 and 7 team up to foster a month of patience and self-reflection. These 2 numbers together are highly intuitive. The energy around you is slower in pace, allowing you to be more aware of what your inner wisdom is telling you. Don’t try to rush things. Use this contemplative time for research so that you have all the facts available to act on them next month in the more active 3 energy. Seek out those people that look at things on a deeper level to get their opinions. This allows you to see both sides of the story. Because nothing moves fast in this energy, this is a good time to go over what you might have started last month and make sure you have everything in order. The energy will move faster next month so embrace this quiet time.

Personal Year 3 would make May:

8 Personal Month

The pairing of 3 and 8 ushers in work and achievement and encourages using your creativity. Last month was a quiet month that allowed you time for some self-reflection. Now, your energy comes back in full force, setting the scene for a positive month with career and finances. Lucky breaks sometimes appear when 3 is around, so be on the lookout for them! If you came up with an idea last month this would be a good time to implement it. Stand in your power and share. Being recognized for your efforts is supported. Impulsiveness could put you on the wrong path so make sure you’re 100% certain of how you want things to work. Friends are around supporting you, and sometimes they’re the ones that give you the ideas. A work project arises that will allow you to use your creativity to push forward.

Personal Year 4 would make May:

9 Personal Month

4 and 9 together provide the ability to finalize something that you have been working on in the last few months. Because of this, you’ll be thinking about ma