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March Monthly Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year is? 2021 Calculator

Personal Year 1 would make March:

4 Personal Month

1 and 4 together states “I can independently take care of myself.” This is the month to take that new idea or new project and organize it into a more solid form. Pay attention to details and share your ideas. Work is all around you, but you seem to have the stamina to keep up with the pace. Don’t lose patience with others. Not everybody is working with the clarity and persistence that you possess at this time. The second week might yield some restlessness. Stay focused. If contracts or agreements are in your sphere at this time, pay attention to the fine print. Get outside, go hiking, and get away from all the work from time to time. Giving yourself a quiet place to think helps make a few of those decisions that are hanging over your head.

Personal Year 2 would make March:

5 Personal Month

2 and 5 together allow you to observe and then communicate what you see. This month ushers in a freer feeling that lifts the limitations or restrictions that held you back in February. 5 likes to switch things up – some you’ll consciously choose to do, while others will arrive quite unexpectedly. It’s important that you just go with the flow, get your feet wet and allow the expansion to happen. Enjoy new people or perhaps somebody from your past. Socialize, and allow yourself a little play time with a few fun adventures. Watch how you spend money, don’t be too impulsive. Listen to your little voice within; your intuition is heightened. Week 2 might provide the need to research something on a deeper level or perhaps it will require you to simply stop and contemplate something long enough to

understand it better. Week 4 could bring you some changes at work or even a business trip.

Personal Year 3 would make March:

6 Personal Month

3 and 6 are emotional numbers. This is a month for friends and family. Entertaining at home will bring you pleasure. People will be coming out of the woodwork needing your help, and you’ll feel the need to be of service. Pace yourself: too much time for everybody else means less time you give yourself. Make sure you take care of yourself and remain in balance or this month could be stressful. Friends can sometimes test you; this can make your relationship stronger or give you a better understanding that things must take a different direction. There is no getting around it! When 3 and 6 are together they can pull at the heart strings causing emotions to rise. Speak from your heart. Week 2’s energy could help you finish a project that was started last month. It might help you let go of something or be in a position where unconditional love will be put to the test.

Personal Year 4 would make March:

7 Personal Month

4 and 7 together is energy that likes to work and chooses solitude. Problem-solving is best when you can perform the research yourself with unexpected solutions arising. Answers can arrive out of the blue and with clarity, if you give yourself some space to sit quietly and contemplate. There’s a bounty of deep thinking within this month. Problems from the past can swing back into view, needing resolution. Week two can usher in something unexpected. This energy demands honesty with yourself and with others. It can also be too serious, demanding perfection, so be aware of that, try to find humor in things, and allow others to be who they are. Get outside when you can. Health can be challenging, so get plenty of sleep and eat healthy, nutritious foods.

Personal Year 5 would make March:

8 Personal Month

5 and 8 together deliver change or expansion in work, career and/or business. This is the month to promote yourself and your ideas. Take care to remove any blinders, so you don’t miss an opportunity that might be presented to you. It’s a good month to make that change at work; maybe that even means getting a new job. You could also travel for work. It’s important to be patient, pay attention to details and stay organized. Week 3 allows you to use your creativity to look at things in different ways, and to share that with others. If you’re interviewing, this week helps you to use your words effectively. Review your finances: freedom comes from not being tied down to payments and living within your means.

Refrain from being too impulsive; it could backfire.

Personal Year 6 would make March:

9 Personal Month

6 and 9 are emotional numbers. You’ll find that this month your energy level is much lower. If there are some problems which have needed solving since the beginning of the year, they’ll be resolved during this month. Relationships, not only romantic ones, require critical review. Those with substance will thrive. But with 6 and 9 together emotions run high; you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve. Don’t react unless you’re sure you’ve got all the facts. If a relationship has no future, this energy will support you in letting go. Be compassionate and as understanding as possible, and don’t let drama keep you hostage. Talk things over with family and friends. It’s important to get out and help those who are less fortunate. Week 4 can deliver some encouraging news at work.

Personal Year 7 would make March:

1 Personal Month

7 and 1 provides analytical energy. If a problem arose last month with a family member, friend, or coworker, this month helps you to resolve it. February’s energy felt like you were in a fog bank, putting one foot in front of the other. Things shift in March, giving you more energy and sense of clarity. This definitely is an action-oriented, problem-solving month for you. This energy will help you get things started, but remember to be patient: results from your efforts probably won’t show up until December, in your next 1 Personal Month. There’s still work to be done ‘til then. The directive here is to focus on yourself. Look at your past, present, and future. Are your goals well-defined, and do they suit you? This is a great month to go on a retreat, take a workshop that helps you grow spiritually, or pick up that book

on self-improvement. Your desire to be alone may confuse others. Let them know it’s just the energy around you. Let it go when people around you don’t do things as perfectly as you would like.

Personal Year 8 would make March:

2 Personal Month

8 and 2 business numbers. When 2 shows up, things slow down. It’s a time to be the observer. Intuition is heightened. Listen to your inner voice and trust it. You’ll find yourself enjoying the company of others. If you aren’t understanding something at work, step up and ask questions. Others will notice you’re a confident person who wants to learn. Your patience may be tested, so remember to be diplomatic and tactful. If you become aggressive or confrontational, it will backfire. A lot of detail-oriented work arrives. Remain as organized as possible; this will save you time in the long run. Week 2 something new could appear, in the form of an idea, an experience or an opportunity. It’s best to sit with it, so that you can quietly sort out how to handle it. During week 3, be sure you’re not wearing your rose-colored glasses. Look at all the facts and again, trust your intuition.

Personal Year 9 would make March:

3 Personal Month

9 and 3 together equal emotional energy. Get out with friends and be playful. Use your creative mind to come up with some plans for having fun. Plan a vacation or weekend getaway, attend the theater or a concert, or do anything that’s brings you joy. If last month something came up that didn’t get fully addressed, this month you’re being asked to speak your truths from your heart. The more honest you are, the better you’ll feel in the long run. Watch your words: hurting someone’s feelings doesn’t solve anything. Don’t be surprised if you meet some new friends along the way. If you’re feeling the need to let go of something and change, don’t jump into it yet. Starting something now will meet a premature end. Talk about your dreams with others and work on letting go of things that might

block your way. October can usher in a new beginning for you.


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