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Living in the Unknown


This is the hardest newsletter I've ever written. I don't want to dwell on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), because we're already being bombarded with massive amounts of information. I don't want to downplay it, because this is, indeed, serious and the numbers suggest we won't be out of the woods for some time to come.  I wish I could wave my magic wand and give everyone who is reading this peace of mind. I think the best guidance I can give is to "Surrender."  That doesn't mean I'm suggesting you should wave your white flag and jump into the sea of germs! Rather, stop fighting against the enemy, which is our very own fear and anxiety.  At this time, the universe is asking us to step outside our comfort zone and to look within.

Another meaning for "Surrender" is to let go of the ego and accept that life as we know it is changing. We all have the free will to do the right things to protect our families and loved ones. We all have control over ourselves, and our own actions. Our spirituality is really being tested, now. Those who embrace that concept will grow with it. Those who resist will suffer with more fear and anxiety.  None of us has ever lived through anything like this. We can conceive of this virus as our new (albeit unwelcome) teacher, who is pushing us to greater heights.

As for me, I'm staying home with my husband, who is in a very high risk group. What am I doing for our community?  I will be opening my Zoom meeting room while we physical distance ourselves, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm for free. Let's connect and chat.

Meeting Number ID 207-907-5446

Please jump in and say hi!  Let me know how you're doing. Keep me company!

Stay safe, and Be well! With love to you all,  Sue

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If you are looking for a one on one reading to help with some of your fears and anxiety. I will be offering phone and zoom readings for 1/2 off until things become a little more settled.

We are all in this together!



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