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Listen to Your Body...It's calling!

To that gut feeling!!! You know that feeling when the pit of your stomach just drops. That deep sinking feeling. Or maybe it’s the fluttering of the proverbial butterflies. We’ve all felt that urge to DO something… or NOT do something. But the question is: DID YOU LISTEN? Reminisce about the last time you said yes to a romantic date… only to later find out that all the red flags were there and you never saw them. You didn’t listen to your gut. What about the last time you felt those butterflies in your stomach and you decided NOT to take that new job opportunity because maybe you thought you weren’t qualified. You didn’t listen to your gut. Your Numerology chart is a great way to find out what that gut-stimulating energy is and the reason it’s calling out to you. Your current numerical position can offer you the answers you seek. Get that Confirmation of your destined life path… and make that aching-gut-feeling disappear. Are you ready to take a step forward? Book your Numerology Reading today. Book a reading through zoom or we can chat on the phone or send your question through email. Spots fill up quickly so don’t wait. Your body is calling. WILL YOU LISTEN?

“If Nothing Changes… Nothing Changes.”

Maybe you know someone who needs a pick me up!

Download immediately after purchase to give in-person or email. Have the recipient contact me and I will send a link that by-passes payment and gives them access to my calendar directly to schedule a time that is convenient for them.


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