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Anastasia's Personal Year Story: Letting Go to Move Forward

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

As the month of August concludes, I checked in with Anastasia to see how the 8 energy came forward as she winds down her 9 personal year.

When I talked with Anastasia she said she definitely felt the 8 energy in her work-life as she received significant recognition at work that will open new opportunities in her career. But, she also acknowledged that our monthly numerology readings together helped her have a greater awareness for how the 8 energy was working within the overall energy of her 9 personal year.

Anastasia's Personal Year Story: Letting Go to Move Forward

“I felt the 8 energy working actively as an undercurrent in my 9 year,” Anastasia recalls. “I have always felt like I was here to fulfill some greater purpose than what I have experienced so far. But, I’ve never really been sure what it was. I’ve just been waiting for it to present itself. Suddenly, this month I had a spontaneous vision of working at a state level to help small businesses in Maine grow and prosper while bringing new jobs and people to the state. It was very exciting.”

Receiving enlightened awareness through dreams, visions or spontaneous inspiration matches beautifully with the energy flowing in and out of her life at this time.

Beyond current and future work goals, the emotional energy of the 8 presented itself to Anastasia as well, as it asked her to reclaim her personal power within her personal relationships. She spent the month distancing herself from those relationships that no longer aligned with her personal truth or were inhibiting her personal growth towards her highest self.

As she enters September--her 9 month in her 9 year--this energy will ask her to confidently set boundaries, speak her truth, and if necessary, to let go once and for all.

In September, our personal month number matches that of our personal year. So, given that Anastasia is in the final stretch of her 9 Personal Year, it should come as no surprise that letting go and making definitive choices about finalizing certain aspects of her life will take center stage during this time.The more emotional purging she can do now, the more momentum she will have at the beginning of her 1 year.

This is the time when Anastasia mostly likely will find herself taking a deep look within. The energy at times may feel intense, heavy, and emotional. But, it can also empower her to make the necessary changes she needs in order to redesign any aspect of her life that is no longer serving her highest self; readying her for the new opportunities that await her in her 1 year.

We will check back in with Anastasia in a couple weeks to see how her 9 month is unfolding. In the meantime, schedule your own personal year energy on website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.


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