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Learning What the Future Holds in a Personal Year Reading

To me, your Personal Year is one of the most important energies to keep track of. Changing every year in January, it brings in a new theme to help you advance on your journey.

A Personal Year reading will help you understand what this energy is requiring from you, so you can use it to your advantage. During a reading, I look at the energy that makes you who you are and what it is that you are here working on. How can we get the most out of this year to help you?

Keywords and themes for personal years:

1. New Beginnings

2. Cooperation, Love

3. Self-Expression, Playful, Friends

4. Hard Work

5. Changes

6. Home, Responsibilities, Marriage, Divorce

7. Knowledge, Sabbatical

8. Money, Career

9. Completion, Emotions

For example: If you have a 4 Personal Year: this year wants you to make lasting decisions and secure what you want the future to hold, a solid foundation for you and your family. It can bring in a tremendous amount of work. This might be the year you get a promotion. It wants you to be grounded, organize, focused, and pay attention to details--especially financial information.

Real estate transactions are supported in this energy: buying and selling a house or land, remodeling your home. Pay attention to your health as the workload can cause stress resulting in colds, flu, etc.

Learning What the Future Holds in a Personal Year Reading

For some this might seem like a hard year; for others, it’s enjoyable. Next year may be the complete opposite. A 5 Personal Year would allow you to make changes, have a nice long vacation, enjoy friends, and not worry about responsibilities so much.

The way to make the best out of your year is to talk with a numerologist. Discuss for 30 minutes how to take advantage of what is going to be presented to you in 2017.

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PS: I’m going to tell you a little secret that still floors me to this day. When I started, I did readings for free for a year for the experience. During that year I read for over 100 people. All different walks of life, so much fun. The people who are returning to me today are business people. WHY? Because they have had validation in a reading and they know that this can help them advance in their careers and businesses. They stay ahead of the curve, and use the energy to their advantage. To all of us, that should prove very significant in a numerology reading.



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