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Karmic Debt Numbers

Sue: Good morning, Adrianna. How are you?

Adrianna: I am pretty good. How are you doing today?

Sue: I'm doing wonderful. Adrianna and I are switching gears a little bit. We thought it would be fun if we took some of her classes or instructions that I do when we are together and share with everybody so they can have a chance to learn a little bit about numerology too. Then Adrianna can put in her $0.02 worth, too, which is really wonderful. Like I've always said, I learn a lot from her myself. So and the more we can learn, the happier we are, right?

Adrianna: Yes. The more we grow.

Sue: That's right. Oh, definitely. I was thinking the other day, it's funny I hear people call themselves Masters. You'll never hear me call myself a Master Numerologist. To me a Master is the end, right? I don't think you ever know everything about numerology, astrology or tarot. I think they spiritual side constantly grows allowing the ability to evaluate the constant change in energy.

Adrianna: I think it's more like people consider themselves a Master in that, they may have read for a ton of people and they're like, okay, I noticed the patterns. So I'm just going to say that I know it all. And I think once you really get to the point where you're applying it to yourself, like as a practice, then you really get to see how much you don't actually know even though you thought you knew because you've read it for so many other people, when you apply it to yourself, it's kind of like, Oh, that doesn't apply to me. Well, how does this apply to me then?

Sue: That's so true. When I read for couples or I read for best friends or things like that, and I'll say something regarding their characteristic/personality, the person might say, Oh no, that's not me. And then their friend will go, Oh my Gosh, that is so true. It's so much fun.

Sue: We thought we would take the next five podcasts and talk about Karmic Numbers. We have four numbers that we look at that talk about past lives. In this podcast Adrianna and I thought we would just talk about the word karma. What does it mean?

Sue: I have two Karmic numbers in my core energy. I have an expression that's a 19/10/1 and I have a personality and a birthdate that's a 13/4. So I've come to do a lot of work in regards to behaviors that I had in past lives. I didn't necessarily pay attention like I should have. So, I have to re-experience things and I'm trying to perfect it in this lifetime. Now, this is where we get patterns, right?

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: You keep repeating it, repeating it until your soul feels you have completed your mission. Which we will explain what the numbers mean and what we're trying to learn through them. It's not a bad thing. I mean, sometimes I use the word lesson instead of karma because I'm afraid people might take that to heart or be nervous about it. So I'm a little bit careful when I use the word karma, but it's not bad. It's just something we need to do. We can't dodge it. The soul said this lifetime we need to experience it and understand it in a deeper way.

Adrianna: Just saying karmic debt. Even just the word debt, people are like, Oh, crap, I owe something. This is a bad thing. Someone's coming after me, right?

Sue: Or I'm going to have to live my whole life working through it. That's not true either.

Adrianna: That isn't something that remains forever. Especially when it has to do with yourself on a personal level. If you can grow and learn, it's not a debt. It is more of a lesson. It is more of like I'm noticing I'm in this kind of cycle right now and I'm noticing these kind of energies are coming to me right now. Let me take a step back and really pay attention to what's going on. And it's not so harsh then it's more of like, Oh yeah, like when you're in math class and they're teaching you something and then it's like it finally clicks, you're like, Oh my gosh.

Sue: I know, it feels so good. Do you have any Karmic numbers in your chart?

Adrianna: I don't think so, no.

Sue: You don't?

Adrianna: No.

Sue: That doesn't necessarily mean you're off the hook. LOL

Adrianna: No, definitely.

Sue: No because whenever I see that and I don't see where it's an obvious lesson that somebody is working on. I know that there are other places in their life that they're working on. We have to look a little bit deeper into things. Karmic numbers are not a bad thing. It's like you said, especially if you know it. And that's where numerology comes in. That's where people can learn. And you know, notice even the word karma starts with a letter K, which is the 11/2.

Adrianna: So it is a lot coming to you, correct?

Sue: Yeah. It's that inspiration. Master Numbers 11/2. The Master Messenger. High vibration.

Adrianna: Oh, my. Because, you know, I'm adopted. I definitely feel like I've been living in between two worlds the more that I've paid attention to it.

Sue: Really?

Adrianna: My birth name has karmic debt numbers. And then my adapted middle and last name have individual karmic debt numbers.

Sue: Well, that's right. Oh, yes, yes. The last name is the 14/5 and the expression numbers of 16/7. Oh and then your maturity number is the 13/4.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: So that name definitely has a lot of work to do.

Adrianna: Within my birth name. Yes.

Sue: And then when you changed your name. How old were you when you changed your name to?

Adrianna: I don't know. I just know that I was adopted at eight months old. But still the karmic moves to the inside of my name instead of being on the outside. Do you see with my middle and last name? I guess I do have some karmic debt. LOL

Sue: Yeah, that's very interesting, isn't it? Because your birth family is a teacher for you. They brought in a lot of the teachings through those karmic numbers, they're helping you understand that. Very interesting, isn't it?

Adrianna: It is. And I can say that when I first met my biological family, I definitely saw that there was a lot going on there. But for me, it was like, oh, I'm glad because I spent a lot of time wishing like, Oh my gosh, I wish I could meet my biological family. I wonder if these people are better than my family. You know, like maybe I came from somewhere better. And then when I met them, I was like, Oh, my gosh. I need to actually be more grateful for what it is that I do have. What I did come through like because I could be more lost. I could be more damaged by the system, by life that they've had to live. So even just meeting them, I did notice that there was something about the family overall that I know I can learn from their experiences, but numerology helps me understand it deeper. Actually learning about some of the challenges that we all may face. And that's why their lives may appear to be so difficult to me.

Sue: Do all of them carry the last name?

Adrianna: No not all of them. Mine is hyphenated. So the first half of my last name is my dad's name, and then the second half is my mom. So the rest of my siblings just have my mom.

Sue: Interesting. Very interesting. We've talked in the past about the numbers 12 through 19. Lets start with that number one that's all about self. Whoops let's back up a little bit so people understand what we are talking about. When we look at double digit numbers, we add those two numbers together to get the single number. So if we have like a 15 or 16, 17, 18, that would be 15/6 16/7 etc. The double digits tell us how that single number works. And when you put the one in there, you're working on self. Mm hmm. I don't know the exact person who came up with 13/4,14/5. 16/7, 19/10/1. I suspect it was the 1000's of years of accumulating information and seeing the pattern. It works!! I've done thousands of readings, and every time I talk about them, people know what I'm talking about. Yeah, so it's there. And that's how a lot of numerology came about with the discussions and finding the patterns, finding those consistencies, and then documenting all that. But what about a 15/6 that's not in the book for karmic debt, but, boy, that holds a lot of problems with relationships. Mm hmm. One is about to self. Five is about freedom. Six is domestic. Where is the lesson there?

Adrianna: How do you remain free in yourself while taking care of all of these responsibilities?

Sue: That's the lesson. I have the 15/6 life path. You do too. Right. Yes. Have come very hard for me. I have been married a few times.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: I always said, where was the numerology 30 or 40 years ago when I really needed it because I might have saved me a lot of problems. I'm trying to understand that five energy. I just needed that person that was going to allow me to have the freedom that I need. But I also need my home and my family so important. Talk about a push and pull.

Adrianna: Yeah, I definitely can relate to that. A lot of times I'm just not received well because I kind of feel like the energy is more like a seven in that you just want to do your thing. Maybe just for me specifically, I just do my thing, and then let me do it and I'll come back in the mix. Like, leave me alone for a second and then I'll come back. Just don't try to inhibit my life. Don't try to slow down what I have going on, because then there's friction and I've met a lot of friction in all of my relationships where there are very strict rules. Not that having barriers are a bad thing, but when it's just like harsh, it's like you can't really escape it. And when there's no way out, I get antsy and I have to figure out how I can make this work. Sometimes that's exiting the picture.

Sue: I understand that. Totally. Yeah. Don't tell me what I have to do. It doesn't work.

Sue: The karmic debt numbers that we're going to be discussing in the next podcast is the 13/4. Which talks about past lives and how you didn't put in the effort that you should have. Probably a little bit too lazy. I would say it's a little like Huck Finn. When you passed over in that past life, you thought, Oh, my Lord, if I just put in a little more effort, and then I could have gone so much further. So in this lifetime, the lesson is to learn how to discipline yourself, focus and get the work done. And I can attest to that. In my younger years, I always thought, why is everybody getting so much money? And I'm not while! Well lets look at that, I was out having fun playing and doing everything I shouldn't be doing. No focus or discipline. Once the 13/4 gets that lesson and understands you have to put the work in to get the reward, they become one of the best people to hire in a business. They're workaholics.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: They really are very focused. That's 13/4.

Sue: Then we're going to go to the 14/5. In a past life you took the freedom away from somebody. So in this lifetime, you need to experience lose of freedom. I've seen this come in so many different ways/situations. It's a very interesting number.

Adrianna: It's about restructuring. Restructuring.

Sue: Most definitely. It's learning how to structure change. Right? Therefore, what's grounded and what should be practical. Boundaries vs Freedom. If I said, no, no, no, I'm going to jump in the car. I want to go. I want to do nothing and have fun and play.14/5 will hold you back.

Sue: 16/7. This lesson is working around relationships with family. A number that sometimes show affairs. Contractual agreements with this person revolving around work from a past life. Seven is all about self reflection. It is the Tower card in the Tarot deck. The rug gets pulled out from underneath you and you have to rebuild your life. Most times it is spiritual and you find yourself in a much better place.

Sue: 19/10/1. Is understanding powerlessness. Taking your power away. So I have some good examples that we will be sharing within the next podcast regarding those, but we will be breaking down all the numbers so that you understand what we're looking at. What kind of energy does these Karmic numbers produce and what lesson to we need to understand better in this lifetime.

Sue: Adrianna lets talk about the 17/8. What do you see when you break that down?

Adrianna: Well, obviously the one is the self, things concerning the self and then the seven is all about spirituality, reflection and kind of stepping back. Sevens, real studious, a learner. And then we have the eight, which is all about material. The material world. It could be material gain, material success. It could be your loss of material, material stuff. But all in all, I think that number would have a person consider what is actually important in their life. Like, what are the things that you're holding on to that you may not need? Or what are the things that you're just not even placing importance on because of how it may appear in the material world to other people?

Sue: The number Seven specializes, right? Yeah. Eight is about business. So a lot of times you see that number, you see somebody that's really focused in the one particular thing within a business. They don't like to work with groups, do they. One or seven?

Adrianna: No, no.

Sue: No, not even the eight.

Adrianna: Eight is very abrasive in its approach. So having all of those numbers together, this person would be more of a loner, not necessarily a loner, but let me do it myself. I would prefer like that's the person in class when they say, Oh, we're doing a group project today and there's 31 students, the 17/8 is the person that's like, I'm fine doing it myself.

Sue: Right? And remember, the eight is about karma, right? What goes around comes around, right? So, the seven is a self reflection. I think this is a big number for people going within and really trying to figure it out self. They're trying to discover how to manage spirituality within the material world.

Adrianna: Betty White When we did our episode on Betty White, her birthday was January 17th.

Sue: Yes.

Adrianna: And she did. She was a very spiritual women. When I was looking into what her belief systems were, she's more spiritual. She was really trying to figure out what worked for her. All of these ideas are out there, which will actually works for me.

Sue: I saw an interview, she was at the age of 98, 97, whatever. She was still writing thank you notes to her fans by herself. Hand-written.

Adrianna: Unbelievable

Sue: She was doing it by herself. But I mean, she specialized. She was really narrowing it down to say thank you to the people who are being kind to her.

Sue: This is how we Adriana and I look at numbers and this will be our discussions moving forward in the next four podcasts. It's important that I hear from our guests, the people who are listening to, to see how you're enjoying it. If you'd like us to talk about something different. We don't know unless we know. Reach out. You can text me or email me. Go to my website I would love to hear from you just to get a little bit of feedback.

Sue: So in our next podcast, we will be really narrowing down the 13/4 meaning. You're going to hear some similarities or you're going to know some people that this probably relates to. 75-80% of all charts have Karmic lessons to work on.

Sue: Adrianna, thank you very much.

Adrianna: Thank you. And we'll catch you guys next time, right?


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