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Karmic Debt Numbers

Sue: Good morning, Adrianna. How are you?

Adrianna: I am pretty good. How are you doing today?

Sue: I'm doing wonderful. Adrianna and I are switching gears a little bit. We thought it would be fun if we took some of her classes or instructions that I do when we are together and share with everybody so they can have a chance to learn a little bit about numerology too. Then Adrianna can put in her $0.02 worth, too, which is really wonderful. Like I've always said, I learn a lot from her myself. So and the more we can learn, the happier we are, right?

Adrianna: Yes. The more we grow.

Sue: That's right. Oh, definitely. I was thinking the other day, it's funny I hear people call themselves Masters. You'll never hear me call myself a Master Numerologist. To me a Master is the end, right? I don't think you ever know everything about numerology, astrology or tarot. I think they spiritual side constantly grows allowing the ability to evaluate the constant change in energy.

Adrianna: I think it's more like people consider themselves a Master in that, they may have read for a ton of people and they're like, okay, I noticed the patterns. So I'm just going to say that I know it all. And I think once you really get to the point where you're applying it to yourself, like as a practice, then you really get to see how much you don't actually know even though you thought you knew because you've read it for so many other people, when you apply it to yourself, it's kind of like, Oh, that doesn't apply to me. Well, how does this apply to me then?

Sue: That's so true. When I read for couples or I read for best friends or things like that, and I'll say something regarding their characteristic/personality, the person might say, Oh no, that's not me. And then their friend will go, Oh my Gosh, that is so true. It's so much fun.

Sue: We thought we would take the next five podcasts and talk about Karmic Numbers. We have four numbers that we look at that talk about past lives. In this podcast Adrianna and I thought we would just talk about the word karma. What does it mean?

Sue: I have two Karmic numbers in my core energy. I have an expression that's a 19/10/1 and I have a personality and a birthdate that's a 13/4. So I've come to do a lot of work in regards to behaviors that I had in past lives. I didn't necessarily pay attention like I should have. So, I have to re-experience things and I'm trying to perfect it in this lifetime. Now, this is where we get patterns, right?

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: You keep repeating it, repeating it until your soul feels you have completed your mission. Which we will explain what the numbers mean and what we're trying to learn through them. It's not a bad thing. I mean, sometimes I use the word lesson instead of karma because I'm afraid people might take that to heart or be nervous about it. So I'm a little bit careful when I use the word karma, but it's not bad. It's just something we need to do. We can't dodge it. The soul said this lifetime we need to experience it and understand it in a de