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Karmic Debt 16/7

16/7 The Tower Card

Sue: Good morning, Adrianna. How are you?

Adrianna: I am alive and well. How are you this morning?

Sue: It's a beautiful day. Well, I should say it's a rainy day, but I like rainy days because I get a lot done when it's rainy.

Adrianna: Yeah. I'm the exact opposite.

Sue: If the sun's out, I feel like I need to be outside. But when it's raining, then I get to putter in the house and do the work that I'm supposed to do inside my house. So, it's a good day!!

Sue: In the last two podcasts. Well, actually three podcasts, because the first one we discussed what Adrienne and I felt Karma meant to us, which is not always bad, it’s something we have to overcome. We must learn from it because it involves past life experiences. The last 2 Numbers Speak Podcast we discussed Karmic debt numbers, 13/4 and 14/5. In this podcast, we're going to be talking about the number 16/7. 16/7 in Tarot is the Tower Card. So, it can rumble things up when we see this number in a chart. I always say it's like the rug is pulled out from underneath you. It involves the ego. We get too egotistical, and the universe says, nope this isn't going to work. It's a reevaluate of self and your behavior. When the rug gets pulled out from underneath you and you go crashing down, there is space in that time to humble yourself. Also, the number six is about family and relationships, so it can involve illicit love affairs. In a past life, there could have been that triangle that goes on when there's a love affair. In this lifetime you take the role of one of those 3 positions in that triangle to experience what the other person experienced in a past life, which is what karmic debt is. Cause and Effect.

Sue: Adrianna you have the 16/7 right? In what position do you remember?

Adrianna: It's my expression. I don't know necessarily what that means for it to be present in my expression number.

Sue: According to Matthew Goodwin in his book, Numerology, The Complete Guide. 16/7 in the expression. The subject will probably have difficulty expressing their talents to their advantage. Their dominating self-centered approach may turn others off so that their capabilities are downgraded or their weak dependent ways will make it difficult for others to view and appreciate their abilities.

Sue: The Expression numbers talks about what is going on inside of you, right? How are you expressing yourself to the outside world?

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: I still think you're working on relationships.

Adrianna: Definitely. Yeah. I remember when I first got into this relationship, I was having a problem balancing out my ego and trying to really step into the relationship. But then once I realized that my ego was fulfilled, it was kind of like, all right, I don't need that, let me just try to really cultivate something here.

Sue: Connect back to your spiritual self (7). Yeah. It's not all about the material world and me, me, me (1), because that's what one is all about. In a past life, the 16/7 didn't necessarily act responsible when it came to matters of love. This person with a 16/7 can experience many relationships and divorce. It's the Tower card, you see the lightning strike coming down and people falling off the tower. 16/7 can come in many different ways. I've seen it come in with love affairs. I've seen it come in as people who have lost their home. I've seen it where people have become homeless at times. They really had to get their feet back underneath them. They lose everything. The one thing about the 16/7 they are very humble people. Usually after everything is over, they become the most grateful of all.

Adrianna: The thing about the tower is you can only go so high before it all comes crashing down. This person has probably more than 14/5 (Karmic Debt – lost of freedom) where it's just kind of stopped. 16/7 is kind of like I've reached the highest high. I'm on that journey, I'm climbing it and the brick slips and fall. This time (16/7) it's not the brick, it's the whole thing, right?

Sue: Yes, you're right. Very true. I don't want people to be afraid if they know they have a 16/7 in their chart or they think they do. In Numerology we have the capabilities of saying it’s there now let’s prepared for it, if it hasn't already shown itself. It's not as traumatic. Don't you agree?

Adrianna: Yeah, when you're aware of it, you at least know how to adapt better. I think that's what numerology does. Overall, it helps your adaptability to things because you're aware of what's coming at you, what you may be feeling, and it kind of helps you move through that difficult or good times.

Sue: When I read for folks and in the chart there lays a Karmic number, the discussion usually gives them relief of past events. People sometimes write me or call me, or we set up appointments and they're so thankful because it helped them to either brace themselves or understand situations that were not explainable in their minds. Through the discussion they knew that it was a lesson that they had to go through. Let go of those negative emotions that keep cropping up. Let's make the best of it and let's come out better on the other side. It is always a huge spiritual growth when this happens. The soul was the one that chose to do this. It's not the ego, the personality, right? It's the soul needing this experience. And a lot of times, too, it's not about you. You might be helping that other person. That other person who's having an affair. Most people, if they've been listening to our programs, know that you were adopted at a very young age. Your home was broken up. It came crashing down for you. Right, and look where you ended up, beautiful.

Adrianna: Yeah, but sometimes I feel that I'm always trying to create that home I never had. Just because. I don't know. I've just never had it. I guess I feel like because I was separated or snatched from it or everything came crashing down so early, I've tried to build those walls back up, but then I still have to experience that frequency. I must learn that lesson throughout my life. So even though I'm trying to build these walls back up, it's kind of hard. It's like I get two rows up and then six come crashing down.

Sue: And this is what affects your relationships today.

Adrianna: Yeah, I've said to people, I don't know if it's me. I actually was just having this thought earlier from my podcast. It's so funny. I don't know if it's me, if it's other people, but I feel like I have a problem with connecting with people because I am just walled up. Trying to at least protect me is the only constant force in my life.

Sue: It's trauma. It's PTSD. It rocks your world and as a child, your where very vulnerable. Things are very deep seeded, rooted in those memories and those emotions, because that's what you remember.

Sue: There you.

Adrianna: That's those are the times that if I could tap into.

Sue: You can tap in. There are people that will help you do that, but that's a whole different podcast, right? I know somebody who's very good. She's over in Australia and she's just lovely, lovely, lovely. She's so good at what she does and she would be able to help you figure out why this all happened to you. Very interesting. And if anybody is interested in getting her information, just text me or email and I'll send it to you.

Sue: This is what Hans Decoz says about the 16/7 karmic debt. Whenever it shows up in the chart, it usually means destruction of the old and birth of the new. The 16/7 is both the fall of the eagle and all that it has built for itself. It is a watershed, a cleansing. All that has been constructed and all that serves as separate. The person from the source of life is destroyed through the 16/7 reunion with the Great Spirit is accomplished. I think that's so true about 16/7. The bottom line is about the spiritual growth.

Adrianna: So, when I was reading about 16/7, I wrote down that it's something about (1) being the fall of the ego. And then the trust that (7) brings. Trusting in a greater sense. You're with the great mother. (6) is the cosmic womb. Then you will experience a spiritual rebirth.

Sue: My UK Numerology family will tell you if you take the six and you draw it on paper, it curls around like a spiral. The lesson of the (6) is to uncoil itself for the inside out. In order for the 6 energy to release from itself, it has to unwind. It's about self a lot within the cosmic mother. Does that make sense?

Adrianna: Yeah, it does.

Sue: The 16/7 is a good way of that unwinding very quickly.

Adrianna: So maybe seven is just the unwound six.

Sue: Seven is self-reflection, right? It's quiet, deep in thought. We all know those people. It's about the soul. It's about learning that we are all connected. The Devine energy. A six sometimes has a tendency to want to control things, because they want to help. It's all about helping and selfless service for other people. But if unbalanced it’s like give it to me, let me do it, because I can do it better and I can do it quicker. And let me be the mother for everybody. Ouch....this develops into health problems.

Adrianna: I think the six lesson or its energy is really seen in the 33/6. That's like the Christ number, the self-sacrificing. I will bear the burdens of the world on my shoulders. Do as I say. Kind of. If you follow this, then X, Y and Z will happen for you. But let me kind of run it. That's six in a nutshell.

Sue: 33/6. OK let’s get off track here, but that's okay because that's what numerology is. It just takes us wherever we go. 33/6 – My understanding is we haven't seen a lot of them. They're only starting to come in. I say within the last 20-30 years. I haven't been doing numerology that long, but from what other numerologist have told me, they're very new on this earth. The three is what? It's very playful, it's spontaneous. It's all over the place with tendency of not staying in one place for too long. Very creative, especially with words. I find that the 33/6 are having a hard time settling into this lower earthly energy. There's still work that needs to be done. They're young and playful. Sometimes very irresponsible.

Sue: Again, I don't want anybody to panic. If you have a 16 birthday or you know you have a 16-life path. Maybe one of your children was born with a 16/7. It's all good. Everything's okay. This is where we would sit and talk about the other energy. The other energies are going to be influencing what's happening. For instance, Adrianna has a 16/7expression What's your heart's desire?

Adrianna: 18/9

Sue: 18/9. We have a 16/7 expression and 18/9 heart’s desire. One and eight, look at that. That's very strong energy, right? That's ego. That's self-evaluation. Learning to live in the material world while being of service to others.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: That nine is about the humanitarian. So right there your heart is asking yourself to let go of the material world and focus more on how you can help other people especially the less fortunate. The 16/7 is how you're expressing yourself within that? I don't necessarily think it's always a big event. Sometimes it can be small events that we're working through. And this is where, like we always say, is where those patterns come in. We see those patterns, you know, those people that you say, why do they keep doing that? What don't they realize their hurting themselves or others? Or and they get into these relationships and this person will cheat on them and they leave and then they go and get another one and then they cheat on that person. They're not grasping what the lesson is.

Sue: 9 also represents past life work. Again, that’s where a reading helps you to understand deeper. Your 16/7 expression is interesting for people who are listening. Is this your birth name or your adopted name?

Adrianna: My birth name.

Sue: Your birth name. And for people who don't know numerology, I always go to the birth name first, but Adrianna is also influenced by her adopted name. It's just like if she got married. It effects the Expression, Hearts Desire, and Personality.

Adrianna: You know, do you remember a time in your life when you just felt confused about what it is that you're feeling like you're trying to grasp for the words to make some sense to you?

Sue: Most definitely.

Adrianna: And I feel like that's what the energy of my biological name brings for me. It's okay because I don't go by that name. I've never liked my name and it was changed before I had memory, so I've always been Adrianna McNeil. But there's another name that I came into this world with. Even when I'm just studying numerology for myself and I'm trying to make sense, sometimes it's hard because there's something else there. I'm trying to really see what it is. I'm paying a little bit more attention, to my birth name. So then when I do see those energies, I'm like, Oh yeah.

Sue: This just dawned on me. That 16/7 has played out. With the loss of your biological family and then your name was changed.

Adrianna: Mm hmm.

Sue: So, I believe you've worked through your Karmic Debt. That 16/7 is gone. Hmm. Right. I mean, doesn't that make sense?

Adrianna: Well, yeah.

Sue: Isn't that cool?

Adrianna: Everything came crashing down, and then there was, in a sense, a rebirth.

Sue: There you go.

Adrianna: OMGosh!!

Sue: So, I think that's gone. I think you've work through that very quickly without even knowing. That's very cool. What’s your expression number now?

Adrianna: 22/4

Sue: Master Number 22/4! You're so grounded. It carries two 11's. Right. 11+11=22/4 So you have all that inspiration, all those ideas and dreams coming forward. You have goals, big, big goals.

Adrianna: Oh, wow.

Sue: Don't you love it?

Adrianna: Yes. I remember when I met my biological family, I never cared to meet them. But I remember when I did, suddenly I had to deal with the fact that I thought I came from more. I did have at least that expectation. It was like I felt immediately like I had to be adopted in order to actually get more, like just do more, be more, dream bigger.

Sue: Yes. 22/4. I just love it. I mean, who doesn't love this stuff? It's so beautiful. It's such a guidance tool. What's your heart's desire with your adopted name?

Adrianna: Nine.

Sue: It's the nine. It never changed. No, this is just a plain "9".

Adrianna: Nine, right.

Sue: You don’t have to go through that one and eight, which is all about ego. And you really have a desire to take care of the world.

Adrianna: OMG!

Sue: Right? You see the world in a bigger picture. Although the 22 likes small details, you also have the capability of seeing the larger picture through your heart’s desire (9). 22/4 can be very successful if they ground it. Right, there's 11 and 11 equaling 22/4 and that's a very high vibration. There's a lot going on in this energy. Yes. But it has the capabilities to be the most successful number of all numbers. I suspect International will be a big part of your life in you aging years.

Adrianna: Well, if I consider what my birth name is, I do have at least that grounding energy. 16/7 is kind of tumultuous, but at the same time its end result is seven, which is calm and spiritual.

Sue: That's what people need to know about the karmic debt numbers, once it's over, it's over. You've experienced it unless you haven't. Unless the soul says, no, you're not done. I do feel that the person themselves know this deep within.

Sue: You feel helpless like they are not learning. You’re going to do it until you get it. And that's confusing for us when we're watching this person do something over and over and over. That's their journey. Even when it's painful to watch it's important to be supportive and honest. All the people around us are teachers. Numerology is a huge teacher.

Adrianna: When I was looking over 16/7 I was like, what's a Bible verse that could correspond with this? I'm looking up on humility because humble, reduces down to seven. 8+3+4+2+3+5=25/7 What's the verse on humility? 1 Peter; verse five and six.

Adrianna: Yes. So, what is the verse humbled by self under God's hands and he will lift you up in due time. So instead of trying to force that whatever it is that you're trying to build up, just trust that it's all going to work out for you. That's typically what the seventh lesson is. Just trust in whatever it is that you have going on, going to play out.

Sue: Of trying to force.

Adrianna: That.

Sue: What’s the saying “Let go and Let God” Whoever or Whatever God is to you.

Sue: Thank you play out. How many times have you heard me say about the seven? You don't always feel like you're driving the bus.

Adrianna: Yeah, you just let go.

Sue: You go, right? You'll be taken to where you need to go. Yes. You have to let you have to trust. That's right.

Sue: The other thing that’s interesting is Peter, “P” is the 16/7 letter. If you know someone with this letter in their name, they more than likely have had some struggles in life.

Sue: That was a wonderful conversation. Thank you, Adrianna, for sharing how the 16/7 has played out in your life. In our next Podcast we will be talking about the 19/10/1 – Lost of Power. I have this in my expression number, and it has played out multiple times in my life.

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