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Karmic Debt 16/7

16/7 The Tower Card

Sue: Good morning, Adrianna. How are you?

Adrianna: I am alive and well. How are you this morning?

Sue: It's a beautiful day. Well, I should say it's a rainy day, but I like rainy days because I get a lot done when it's rainy.

Adrianna: Yeah. I'm the exact opposite.

Sue: If the sun's out, I feel like I need to be outside. But when it's raining, then I get to putter in the house and do the work that I'm supposed to do inside my house. So, it's a good day!!

Sue: In the last two podcasts. Well, actually three podcasts, because the first one we discussed what Adrienne and I felt Karma meant to us, which is not always bad, it’s something we have to overcome. We must learn from it because it involves past life experiences. The last 2 Numbers Speak Podcast we discussed Karmic debt numbers, 13/4 and 14/5. In this podcast, we're going to be talking about the number 16/7. 16/7 in Tarot is the Tower Card. So, it can rumble things up when we see this number in a chart. I always say it's like the rug is pulled out from underneath you. It involves the ego. We get too egotistical, and the universe says, nope this isn't going to work. It's a reevaluate of self and your behavior. When the rug gets pulled out from underneath you and you go crashing down, there is space in that time to humble yourself. Also, the number six is about family and relationships, so it can involve illicit love affairs. In a past life, there could have been that triangle that goes on when there's a love affair. In this lifetime you take the role of one of those 3 positions in that triangle to experience what the other person experienced in a past life, which is what karmic debt is. Cause and Effect.

Sue: Adrianna you have the 16/7 right? In what position do you remember?

Adrianna: It's my expression. I don't know necessarily what that means for it to be present in my expression number.

Sue: According to Matthew Goodwin in his book, Numerology, The Complete Guide. 16/7 in the expression. The subject will probably have difficulty expressing their talents to their advantage. Their dominating self-centered approach may turn others off so that their capabilities are downgraded or their weak dependent ways will make it difficult for others to view and appreciate their abilities.

Sue: The Expression numbers talks about what is going on inside of you, right? How are you expressing yourself to the outside world?

Adrianna: Yeah.