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Karmic Debt 14/5

Sue: Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Welcome to Number Speak Podcast. Hello, Adrianna.

Adrianna: Sue. How's it going today?

Sue: Very well. I'm really happy to be here. I always love doing these podcasts with you. We get going and next thing we know, 20, 25 minutes has passed. Numbers are so much fun to talk about.

Adrianna: Yeah. Wish they could see us, I think, because maybe it sounds like we talk just a lot, but I don't know if they can hear the smiles on our face when we're talking.

Sue: We probably should dress up a little bit and do one of those YouTube things or whatever. Yes. Because we love it. I mean, our hands are flying. We're all over the place feeling these numbers because a lot of it is intuitive. A lot of it we feel when we're talking. We will do that. How's that? Okay?

Sue: So, 14/5 is the karmic number that we are going to be talking about today. You know, I think just for a quick review, karma is something that's not always a really bad thing. It's something that we have to learn. An experience happened in a past life, and we've came to this life to rectify that, to understand it better. If we know what that number is and we know what we are here to be working on, it makes all the difference in the world. You can breathe easier when things come forward. Those repeating patterns that you're doing, it's almost like, okay, I got this. I'm understanding now why I need to do this, and then you can address it, and as Adrienne will say, and I've heard her say multiple times, it's being accountable for your own actions, being accountable for yourself. And that's that number one!

Adrianna: When I first got into numerology, I wasn't necessarily looking for validation, but it was so much easier for me to get into numerology because I was validated through it.

Adrianna: That more of the positive aspects I feel, like I have faced a lot of challenges and you've talked with me. I definitely come down harshly on myself. I feel like other people do as well. But when I came into numerology, it was kind of like, Oh, all of these aspects, these are the positive aspects. And I'm just coming down so harshly on myself, not giving myself enough credit, and I'm like, Oh my gosh, I'm not so bad of a person.

Sue: That's so correct.

Adrianna: And then when I see the challenges that this certain number may face, and I relate it to my own life, I'm like, Oh, I have faced these challenges. I thought this was the most terrible thing to happen to me. It was meant to happen for me, right? And then that makes me not feel so bad about the experiences that I've gone through.

Sue: Correct? The shame, the guilt, all that stuff goes away and you feel so much better about yourself. I always said we haven't totally backwards down here. Right. When a child is born, we're all excited, we're happy. Yay. But the child has to go through this earth school. Right? Can be a hard and interesting life, for soul growth. When we pass on, we go to the light of love and enjoy all of the unconditional love that we deserve and have been trying to find in this lifetime. Everything is totally backwards. Yeah. Okay. I just went off on a tangent.

Sue: Let's break down the one and the four and the five for everybody who's listening to Numbers Speak. 14/5

Adrianna: All right, the one again, we have concentration on self. I want to come up with other ways to describe one. Yes. It's concerned about the self, but?

Sue: Yes, working on self-empowerment. The one is about self-esteem, self-confidence. It likes to be in control. Its number one, singular! Inventor, explorer, brave. That's why and one is one. And when you carry that number, it engulfs you.

Adrianna: I can relate as all of the ones that I have in my name.

Sue: Yes. You have like six or seven letters in your name and the average is three. Letters representing one. A - first letter in the alphabet. J – 10/1 letter, S - 19/10/1 letter.

Adrianna: Just in my first name, I have that three.

Sue: That's a lot.

Adrianna: So yeah.

Sue: We need one's. Right? You very seldom see anybody with no ones, very seldom but I have seen it. And this has been a little bit scary for me because?

Adrianna: How are you concerned about yourself?

Sue: Yeah, you aren't. Self is completely missing in Expression, Hearts Desire, Personality. Hopefully the Lifepath or day of birth is a one. 8 is a lot like one that might be taking it’s place.

Adrianna: Hmm.

Sue: Yeah, but it is all according to what the other numbers are. I don't even remember that chart or who that was or I would pull it, but, they would have to deal with learning confidence, self-esteem, becoming more independence etc. That's interesting. Yeah. The other one that's very interesting is when there's no nines.

Adrianna: Yeah. Why did they come here? Nine is the humanitarian, concerned about others.

Sue: Yeah, that's always an interesting one, too. If you don't have that energy (9) learning to live with others could be interesting. Remember we are many numbers that's what makes a reading so interesting and fun.

Adrianna: The four, is all about structure and getting order, adding some type of stability, just really getting to it. Four is focused and disciplined.

Sue: They are the grownups. Yeah.

Adrianna: They're the go to.

Sue: We all need the number 4 energy around us.

Adrianna: Have you seen charts where four is missing?

Sue: Yes. As a matter of fact. I read for somebody over in Australia and I've never seen a chart like that. All it was, was three, six and nine. Everything, everything, everything.

Sue: When we got together, I said to her, "I will tell you right off the bat, I've never seen a chart like this. You're very emotional or you're extremely psychic. She's both….LOL but extremely psychic. And I still see her to this day. She is so talented. So talented.!! No four's, she's not grounded at all.

Adrianna: I would think maybe, if a four is missing and you are made up of the three, six, nine, especially just considering she's really psychic. All these forces are pulling you in every direction.

Adrianna: Every direction. You're hearing things. You're seeing things. Feeling things. And it's a lot to just take all that and absorb it.

Sue: It's hard for her to leave the house. She came from Scotland. This is generational. So, she grew up with this in her family. She has children and they are also psychic. I mean, the whole household. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they are all together. Yeah, she's just so sweet. If anybody is interested in getting her name, reach out to me. I would gladly give it to. It's worth the money to talk with her because she will take you in directions that you didn't know existed. She goes into past life. She is booked 2-3 months out. Okay. Very interesting.

Sue: So how about the number five.

Adrianna: That is all about freedom. It's all about letting go and just riding the high of life. I don't want you to tell me what to do. Don't place any barriers in my way. Don't get in my way. I just want to do what I want to do. And I want to be as free as I can be. Five is all about experiencing life with all of your senses. With all five of your senses.

Sue: Yes. Yes. Yes. So 14/5 talks about, in a past life you took the freedom away from somebody, and in this lifetime, they're experiencing some type of loss of freedom. Balanced 5 is constructive freedom, right? The number 4 is holding it back. The five is trying to learn how to discipline itself.

Adrianna: Yeah, how to balance.

Sue: There's are a lot of situational things that come in with this number that wrap them up in very tight boundaries.

Sue: In Tarot the card is Temperance. That's amazing, right? Numerology, Tarot, Astrology all works together. I mean, it should, it's all about energy. Temperance trying to calm the beast, calm the rebelliousness that's within. 14/5 can sometimes play out showing they have no limits. They're all about adventures without any discipline. They escape. Right? They're always trying to escape out of things that could make them face responsibility, the number 4. They're feeding their physical senses. There can be a lot of issues with overindulgence. I've seen this go either way. Either they themselves overindulge with drugs, sex (because it's a sensual number), food, alcohol, anything that brings them pleasure physically. But it can reverse, and I see people who are living with alcoholics, drug/food addicts. They feel totally responsible for taking care of those who are suffering in a different way. How do you lose your freedom?

Sue: Think about it. Let’s say in a past life you carried the energy of the 5 to the extreme. The Bohemian Gypsy, coming and going however you please. Maybe you were married and decided that wasn't your thing, so you took off and left your family behind. You took the freedom away from your spouse/partner and in this lifetime, you will experience something that makes YOU need to sit back and look at life with a fence around it, so to speak.

Adrianna: I definitely think that. They do have to understand that balance. And so, if they are the person that is facing the overindulgence in the senses, they have to learn how to temper what it is that they're indulging in. And then if they're living with or helping someone who is facing these issues, even in that sense, they still have to learn the balance in taking care of others and giving up your freedom, in a sense, to help someone else. And also living in your own personal freedom for your whole life can't just be about taking care of others or making sure that someone else is making the right decisions. You have to also learn how to do the things that you love in this lifetime too, even though you have these responsibilities. And four is all about hunkering down and really getting a handle on those responsibilities.

Sue: Yeah, you're right, because I've seen in readings where this person has had to take care of somebody with a disability or maybe even their elderly parents that need assistance. I have even seen where they themselves have received an injury that doesn't allow them to have the freedom that they used to have. The people who maybe, you know, are great hikers and had a terrible, terrible fall and life totally switches gears. I sometimes wondered if some veterans don't carry this number.

Adrianna: I watched a movie yesterday and it's not about vets, but I'm thinking now the main character, if you could study a fictional character, which we can, she may have had some 14/5 aspects about her. It was called Britney Goes for a Run or something like that, Amazon Prime Movie. She's creates this goal that she's going to run the New York City Marathon. And then she really commits herself to it. She was the person who was drinking all the time doing drugs. Her life was just out of whack, not in balance. And then she commits to this goal and suddenly everything in her life is about discipline. She can't go out with her friends. She's losing friends because they're not supporting her in this new phase. But she injures herself because she was overdoing it. She was so committed to the goal that she lost sight of getting to the race. She injured herself right before the race, like a couple of weeks before the race. The doctors tell her you have to sit for eight weeks. The race is in five weeks. How is that going to happen? She went right back to overindulging in alcohol and just feeling sorry about herself because now she can't run this race. So I'm thinking maybe she had some 14/5 aspects about her.

Sue: That's a perfect example of what the 14/5 is. It also shows the pattern of someone trying to get it. You know it doesn't have to be huge. I don't want people listening to this and then all of a sudden they get really scared because they think they might have a 14/5. It can be small things, keeping you stuck with the feeling of no freedom. Then the self-confidence and the low-self esteem and all those things that attribute to #1 also effect the freedom that you want. It is about escaping.

Adrianna: When I was like studying the karmic debt numbers, I learned that the Kundalini, is associated with 14/5. But it's really interesting because it's actually 41/5. The letters in Kundalini 2+3+5+4+1+3+9+5+9=41/5

Adrianna: The kundalini is like a snake. If you were to draw it, it's like a snake.

Sue: It's energy at the base of your spine. If people don't know.

Adrianna: If you add up the word snake, you get 14/5. 1+5+1+2+5=14/5 So while I was studying 14/5, it came to me the Kundalini is meant to open you up to life and it's supposed to enlighten you with the Kundalini forces, action. It's more enlightening than it is something that's hindering your life. With the snake, you're kind of slithering like a snake. How we think of snakes are like slippery, sneaky and manipulating. So I think it's interesting just that their reflective of each other.

Sue: One other thing is when the snake sheds its skin, that has to be the loss of freedom, for the time being, right? They can't do anything. They have to lie there and let the skin work its way off. That's exactly what Kundalini does, right? It doesn't shed skin, but it has to work its way up.

Adrianna: I thought that was interesting.

Sue: Very very interesting. 41/5 We could just go on and on about the numbers because there's a difference with that, right? 41/5 is different than 14/5.

Sue: 41/5 - Your really working on the #1 here, the one is in the middle of the 4 and 5. It's in between grounded (4) and movement (5). One is trying to come up out of the the shadows of the four and the five. One is about new. The 4 grounds that 1, allowing it to see details and understand the practical side of life, helping 5 to understand how to use that in constructive freedom. That really is quite a pleasing number.

Sue: 14/5 ties you down until you have learned the lesson behind what faced you in a past life. This can be a strict parent. Mental, Physical Emotional abuse holding you down. Friends, Co-workers? I always say relationships is such a big word. We are in so many relationships throughout the day. But it could be a job that you're not happy in. So many different ways the 14/5 can play out.

Adrianna: And not thinking that being constructive or having some type of structure to your life doesn't necessarily mean that you have to work a 9 to 5 and be some boring Fred. It's all about learning how you can apply that freedom to creativity that comes with five apply in a very structured kind of way. These people are probably writers, if they're not writers, even how they speak, it's probably about something so big, something so outside of themselves.

Sue: And it's very detailed.

Adrianna: Yeah, it's just learning how to apply what your senses are picking up on. I think the 14/5 really needs to pay attention to their senses. What really makes them go...OHHH. Whether it's how you're smelling. I know that for me, the sense of smell takes me back to places and I write about how it takes me back. And its really funny how smell can really just transport you somewhere and other people hear sounds differently. Think of a song that you heard when you were six. How does that make you feel now? Or even just the sound of birds or whatever? Some people it sounds and some people it smell and others it's sight. A 14/5 has a lot of things coming at them that are just really pulling out something within their senses.

Sue: 5’s have very heightened physical senses by the four is very detailed orientated. So that is going to take them to a more heightened place and make it more specific.

Sue: Let's see what Matthew Goodwin says about the life path 14/5. The life path is the month day and year of birth added together. It's your stage in life. This is energy that really is coming towards you.

Matthew Goodwin; Numerology, The Complete Guide. Subject must learn the lesson of change - to begin and nurture an interest or relation, to experience it in full bloom, to detach from it when it is completed. This will tend to be a difficult lesson. Instead of appreciating the beauties which enter and leave the life, the subject may be beset with disappointment at losses which are either beyond his control or caused by his lack of awareness. So again, there's a lot of limitations on that life path.

Adrianna: Five hates limitation.

Sue: Limitations. I almost feel like they can get sick if they hold it in, because there's a restlessness there. You were 100% correct when you said they have to balance. There's such a need for balance with this number, trying to get out and at least have some freedom that pleases them. The expression number which we get from all the letters in the name and this is exactly what it says is how we express ourselves on the life path. According to Matthew Goodwin, The subject has an unrealistic or unclear view of the use and limitations of his talents is apt to meet disappointment in his work, must constantly regroup his energies to move ahead. The vague, dreamy and impractical nature of his vocational commitments add to his difficulties. Hmm. That's interesting.

Adrianna: I definitely have in my notes. 14/5 has to learn how to make their dreams manifest in the real world. And so, yeah, you would face difficulties in trying to make whatever your brain's visions are. For anyone, truthfully, to make your dreams manifest in the real world. But yeah, this person, they don't want those barriers. You're like, these are my dreams. Who cares? And sometimes that can be unrealistic. Not that it's unrealistic in achieving those goals or making those dreams become real. Just then, how you think you have to approach it to make it happen.

Sue: It's working through the debt. You just got to keep plugging at it until it starts to manifest.

Adrianna: It's that commitment.

Sue: Matthew Goodwin writes for the Soul Urge, which is the vowels in your name, is the subject's important personal relationships may be marked by unexpected delays and interruptions. Impatience and light view of responsibilities add to the problems. What do you think about that one?

Adrianna: Don't you say with 14/5, this is the jake brake.

Sue: Yes.

Sue: That's perfect. Yes, you know the jake brake, that noise the 18 wheeler trucks make when they're using that automatic break to automatically slow them down. That's what the four does, is slows that five down, whether it wants it or not. Perfect.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: That's right. Yes. 14/5 is an interesting number for sure. And I think it's really important if anybody who's listening to this feels they might have a 14/5, to contact us and allow us to read for you, because, again, we're not one number. What's this, 14/5 doing with all the other numbers? Is it working with a six? That's interesting. That would be home and family, wouldn't it? Is there something going on in the family that's causing that inability to move around freely?

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: How about a seven, that's self that's really pulling you deep inside. This is what I saw yesterday as I was sitting here looking at all the numbers - In all the Karmic Debt Numbers I see One, five and seven. That's all analytical energy. 13/4, 14/5, 16/7, 19/10/1.

Sue: Everybody's in their own head, while its really trying very hard to understand the ego while allowing you to be more spiritual and more connected to your higher self.

Adrianna: That is so funny. Literally, what I have written here, I have for the 14/5 that instead of being a manipulator of others, they should focus that energy in being a manipulator of the life force and making your highest self or dreams manifest. So, it's funny that you say all of these have to do with Karmic Debt.

Sue: I know, very interesting.

Sue: In our next podcast, Adriana and I will be talking about the 16/7 and that is the Tower card in the tarot. That's a rebirthing number. This is when your life turns quickly. I always say the rug gets pulled right out from underneath you. You go slamming down and you lay there for a while, pick yourself up and have to re-think and re-do your journey, always coming out on the better side. The 6 energy is about love, family, and relationships. Adrianna, you have a 16/7. You understand completely what that's all about.

Adrianna: Yeah. Yeah.

Sue: All right. Hooray, I appreciate everybody who's reading/listening to this. Please pass it on. Please share with others. I'm not much of a Facebook person, can you share these things on Facebook? Adrianna, I don't know.

Adrianna: Yeah, you can share the link. You don't have to have a page. They can share the link.

Sue: Share. Share with others. Adriana and I will get more courageous and maybe we'll even do like a YouTube thing or something Spotify has.

Adrianna: They have videos, live podcasts.

Sue: Oh, really? Yeah, if I can.

Adrianna: You can just record. You can have a live podcast or you can do the video podcast. And then on Spotify, it'll be the video form of it. And then if you have your podcast on other platforms, it'll just be the audio portion of it.

Sue: Oh, that's very cool.

Sue: Yeah, lets see how much trouble we could get into with that one. LOL Well, it's always so good to see you, Adrianna. Thank you for sharing your lessons with everybody. And we will see you next time.

Adrianna: Yes, we'll see you guys next time.

Sue: Thank you. Bye bye.


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