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Karmic Debt 14/5

Sue: Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Welcome to Number Speak Podcast. Hello, Adrianna.

Adrianna: Sue. How's it going today?

Sue: Very well. I'm really happy to be here. I always love doing these podcasts with you. We get going and next thing we know, 20, 25 minutes has passed. Numbers are so much fun to talk about.

Adrianna: Yeah. Wish they could see us, I think, because maybe it sounds like we talk just a lot, but I don't know if they can hear the smiles on our face when we're talking.

Sue: We probably should dress up a little bit and do one of those YouTube things or whatever. Yes. Because we love it. I mean, our hands are flying. We're all over the place feeling these numbers because a lot of it is intuitive. A lot of it we feel when we're talking. We will do that. How's that? Okay?

Sue: So, 14/5 is the karmic number that we are going to be talking about today. You know, I think just for a quick review, karma is something that's not always a really bad thing. It's something that we have to learn. An experience happened in a past life, and we've came to this life to rectify that, to understand it better. If we know what that number is and we know what we are here to be working on, it makes all the difference in the world. You can breathe easier when things come forward. Those repeating patterns that you're doing, it's almost like, okay, I got this. I'm understanding now why I need to do this, and then you can address it, and as Adrienne will say, and I've heard her say multiple times, it's being accountable for your own actions, being accountable for yourself. And that's that number one!

Adrianna: When I first got into numerology, I wasn't necessarily looking for validation, but it was so much easier for me to get into numerology because I was validated through it.

Adrianna: That more of the positive aspects I feel, like I have faced a lot of challenges and you've talked with me. I definitely come down harshly on myself. I feel like other people do as well. But when I came into numerology, it was kind of like, Oh, all of these aspects, these are the positive aspects. And I'm just coming down so harshly on myself, not giving myself enough credit, and I'm like, Oh my gosh, I'm not so bad of a person.

Sue: That's so correct.

Adrianna: And then when I see the challenges that this certain number may face, and I relate it to my own life, I'm like, Oh, I have faced these challenges. I thought this was the most terrible thing to happen to me. It was meant to happen for me, right? And then that makes me not feel so bad about the experiences that I've gone through.

Sue: Correct? The shame, the guilt, all that stuff goes away and you feel so much better about yourself. I always said we haven't totally backwards down here. Right. When a child is born, we're all excited, we're happy. Yay. But the child has to go through this earth school. Right? Can be a hard and interesting life, for soul growth. When we pass on, we go to the light of love and enjoy all of the unconditional love that we deserve and have been trying to find in this lifetime. Everything is totally backwards. Yeah. Okay. I ju