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Karmic Debt 13/4

Sue: Hello.

Adrianna: Hello? Hello, everyone.

Sue: How are you today?

Adrianna: I'm pretty good. Suns out. Can't complain.

Sue: I'm doing wonderful. Had a really good week. In Maine, it's beautiful. Our weather it's just lovely. Right now, the bugs are out, but we just go with the flow. So, in the last podcast we were talking about Karmic Debt, and how in our in a numerology chart we can see there are certain numbers that talk to us about past lives and some of the work that we need to put in in this lifetime. And those numbers 13/4, 14/5, 16/7, 19/10/1. In this podcast, we're going to be talking about the 13/4. Now, this can relate to any place in the chart, but for just for fun, anybody who was born on 13, you should pay attention. How do you get a life path of 13/4? If you take the month, day and the year of your birth and add it together. Then take the double-digit number, add those together until you get a single number. You can do those multiple ways. June 13, 1958 (June)6+(13)4+(1958)23/5 6+4+5=15 1+5=6 My life path is a 15/6 or 6+1+3+1+9+5+8=33 3+3=6 33/6 The most important thing is to get the single number.

Adrianna: You know what I would like to see with the life path, this is just a very quick veer with the way t