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Karmic Debt 13/4

Sue: Hello.

Adrianna: Hello? Hello, everyone.

Sue: How are you today?

Adrianna: I'm pretty good. Suns out. Can't complain.

Sue: I'm doing wonderful. Had a really good week. In Maine, it's beautiful. Our weather it's just lovely. Right now, the bugs are out, but we just go with the flow. So, in the last podcast we were talking about Karmic Debt, and how in our in a numerology chart we can see there are certain numbers that talk to us about past lives and some of the work that we need to put in in this lifetime. And those numbers 13/4, 14/5, 16/7, 19/10/1. In this podcast, we're going to be talking about the 13/4. Now, this can relate to any place in the chart, but for just for fun, anybody who was born on 13, you should pay attention. How do you get a life path of 13/4? If you take the month, day and the year of your birth and add it together. Then take the double-digit number, add those together until you get a single number. You can do those multiple ways. June 13, 1958 (June)6+(13)4+(1958)23/5 6+4+5=15 1+5=6 My life path is a 15/6 or 6+1+3+1+9+5+8=33 3+3=6 33/6 The most important thing is to get the single number.

Adrianna: You know what I would like to see with the life path, this is just a very quick veer with the way that we add together the life path. I haven't studied enough people to where I can fully say this is true, but I'm thinking when you take the month, the birthday and the year, just go straight through without reducing any of the numbers. I'm feeling like that's how you get the more spiritual aspect of your life path. Because if you remember our first meeting, I was telling you that your life path was a 33/6 and that mine was the 33/6. I got that by adding straight through 6+1+3+1+9+5+8 and we ended up with a master number. But when we reduce the digits, we still get six, but it's a different six. 15/6 vs 33/6 different vibrations.

Sue: That's very true. Over here in the US I was taught to break it down into month, day, year. But in the UK we add across.

Adrianna: Straight through. Yeah.

Sue: Either way you still get the single number 6. I haven't studied enough with the UK for them to convince me their way is the right way. You know, when you taught, the first way is what sticks in your head. Neither is wrong and that's what's important.

Sue: In Tarot the 13/4 is the death card.

Adrianna: Yup

Sue: The Death Card (13/4) is about transformation.

Adrianna: Yes. And that's what death is about. Well, depending on your belief system. It's really when you come to know the truth, you know that death is really just a transformation. When you come to understand that energy can never die. It's only recreated. Restructured 13/4, right? You understand that it's only a transformation of the reality that you've come to know.

Sue: 13/4 doesn't mean physically dying. When we pull that card or when I see that number, I'm not going to say, oh, this is it. What it means is something needs to change, letting go of something and releasing it. So let's break down the 13/4. One, three, four...MMMMM?

Adrianna: Okay. So, we have one which is all about ambition. Just seeking out, not necessarily selfish gain, but trying to understand the world through your your own perspectives and your perceptions. And then we have three, which is very childlike, very energetic and the entertainer. They like to just be on the center of the stage.

Sue: Right. Most definitely. lol

Adrianna: And then we reduce that down and we get to the four, which, is probably fighting with that three energy. The four doesn't like to be on the center of the stage. Four just likes to get their head down. Let me get this work done or I'll organize this thing. Four is all about adding stability and structure to your life. Three sometimes can get in the way of that.

Sue: Most definitely! I always say, four is the Grown-Up number, right? It's very disciplined and then we have three off to the side there and it's all about fun. Let's go play, let's go relieve ourselves from the monotony of life. Let's do everything but be responsible.

Adrianna: Right! Let's do everything but be grounded. Even just thinking about creation, the order of creation, or just the big bang. Just thinking about how all of those atoms and particles kind of came together. And then suddenly we have structure. We went from complete chaos in the world. Everything is kind of jumbled and mixed together. And then you progress. I can just visualize the number three when I'm thinking about creation. Just all the particles just flowing around, just scattered around. There's nothing holding anything together, but there is something.

Adrianna: And then four comes in the picture and binds things together getting rid of nonsense. And then we come to the material world. Now we have some structure. There are the basic building blocks to, materiality.

Sue: There's a system which keeps order. The lesson for the 13/4 is to learn to work constructively. Right? No shortcuts. It's about discipline, focus, especially in practical matters. 13/4 can be very indecisive. That's the three. So when commitments come forward. They say they're going to be there, but a lot of times they're not there.

Adrianna: Yeah. And that's that childlike energy, where it's I don't want/have any responsibilities.

Sue: I want everybody to know as we talk about this, we're not judging at all because we need three energy. We need those people that are showing us their inner child. There are people that are so grounded, so structured that they can't take the blinders off to expand a little bit, and then we look at the threes and they are saying, I wish I could be like that. I wish I could enjoy life like that. We need that playfulness. So there's no judgement here on of three energy or any of the numbers that we talk about, we're describing what the characteristics of each number as it has been looked upon for thousands of years.

Sue: Now in a past life, they’re probably being very lazy. They allowed others to carry the load. They didn't jump in and share the work. Also, the other thing about the three is they're so very good with their words. There can be manipulation with words and 13/4 is very good with that. Right. Trying to get out of a little work. I don't feel like working today, so I'm just going to talk my way out of it. How many people have you met with that going on??

Adrianna: Even just considering the lucky number 13, like we say, the lucky number 13 and lucky to a lot of people means that things are going to come easily to you. Like, oh, this just fell in my lap, I think for the 13/4, it’s more about doing the work, then the results will be produced. If you're not just considering that this is a lucky number, then they might be the one to try to take the shortcuts. And then that's when you reach all the challenges but because you took a shortcut and didn't really apply yourself, then all these other obstacles are coming in.

Sue: Friday the 13th, the United States loses billions of dollars because people won't go to restaurants. They won't because they're superstitious. They think something's going to happen. I was born on Friday the 13th and I think I'm lucky. Yeah, I know I said billions! Even when I read the article I thought millions, now that would have been a lot, but it said billions. Seriously 13 has a grip on to many people. In China 4 is very unlucky because it sounds like a Chinese word that means "Death".

Adrianna: Even still thinking about number three. Money is unstable.

Sue: They make money, but it rolls right off their hands just as quick as they get it. Yep. And four is nothing like that. It's very frugal. Four is the one who dies with all the money under the mattress. There are millions of dollars sitting under the mattress. LOL sorry I just gave away a big secret for our Numbers 4's.

Adrianna: Then it makes sense that the country is losing money on a Friday the 13th, but the individual is saving their money.

Sue: Some of the patterns that we see when we're looking at a 13/4 in a chart is they continually are walking away. Right? Even in relationships, jobs, they don't stay long. They get a different idea that creativity comes in and they say, or they see something that looks more fun, or they throw their hands up in the air. They blame others for not getting ahead because there's limitation. Limitations and restrictions come from the number 4. There's a restriction that's driving the three crazy. Now, how do you solve that? You must keep focusing. You must keep disciplining. Being aware. When I'm sitting here talking about this, I'm thinking, parents that might be listening to this and their child is not focusing, or they were born in the 13th. I don't think you can change that. You can only guide them. You can only keep explaining to them the qualities of trying to discipline just a little bit even a little bit of constructive discipline is going to help. But I think something they have to go through; they've got to learn. Anybody with a Karmic number has to embrace the lesson. If they don't embrace it and work through it in this lifetime then there is always another lifetime to have it play out.

Adrianna: I think with all the karmic numbers, there is a major lesson in taking accountability for yourself. Because you can't really discipline or focus yourself if you're not taking accountability for the actions that you're doing. And then especially with 13/4 where they walk away or continue to place blame on other people. I think a lot of people need to just take a step back. I mean, the number one is a part of that number 13/4 and one is all about the self, but it's not just about selfish gain or accomplishment. It is more like if you're going to be in relationships with people or just operate in this world, how are you taking account for your own actions and behaviors?

Sue: Don't you think numerology helps people understand that?

Adrianna: It does.

Sue: It is about being accountable for yourself. Because when you sit and read for somebody, the validation that they get is like, OMGosh, that is who I am, you know, thank you for that. I will accept that. I will pay attention to that. So very true.

Sue: I'm looking at Matthew Goodwin's book. I know you have that one.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: That's a book that needs to be studied together because it just makes your head want to blow off.

Adrianna: You want to go crazy?

Sue: Yeah. LOL So is this when you study together. It's one paragraph at a time for the first few sessions because he's he really gets into it, but it's very good. I

Sue: If we find this on the life path, the subject will find his opportunities considerably limited. No matter his abilities (Birthdate) or motivation (Hearts Desire). He will seem to keep running into stonewalls, boxed in with few acceptable options. The opportunities may be as restrictive as they appear to the subject. More likely, the limitations are produced or reinforced by the subject's unbending view, coupled with his lack of constructive adaptability.

Sue: The life path, remember is energy that is brought towards us. There are situations that are going to keep stopping them. The Life Path is the month, day, year of birth added together.

Sue: The expression numbers to all the letters in our name added together. And if the 13/4 is found in the expression number, the subject pursues his abilities logically in a rigid one-track direction. The intensity of his drive may work to his advantage, but the effect of this drive is likely to be negated by the limitations of his vision. The expression number is how we express ourselves to other people.

Adrianna: So, this is where the blaming and the manipulation will come forward.

Sue: Then the Soul Urge or Hearts Desire is the vowels in our name. This is what keeps us passionate/motivated. If 13/4 is found in this position, the subject is discontent with the limitations imposed by his significant workload. He/She often accomplishes the work at hand but receives little satisfaction for his achievement. They are constantly looking for easier directions to follow and through fewer, easier paths appear. It continues a frustrating search for them. It's looking for things, wants to be happy and wants to be passionate. And 13/4 is just say please discipline yourself. This doesn't mean that your whole life you're in this. This is something you've got to work through. And the quicker you can acknowledge it and accept it and work with it the quicker, you can put it behind you. And then what happens? It goes right to the Four (4) energy. Right. This will probably be one of the most disciplined people will find.

Sue: But that was not the case when I was younger. I was all over the place. I have a 13/4 birthday and 13/4 personality. The Personality is the consonants added to together. This is what we project out to others before we let them into our heart. You should never judge anybody because this number and be totally different the Expression or Hearts Desire.

Adrianna: But I think that's something. It's necessary, especially for 13/4 it to be all over the place and then to come to the structure, because four can sometimes try to over structure things. I can sometimes place too many barriers in places where a little bit of freedom is necessary, a more lax approach is necessary. So, I think it is necessary for 13/4 to go through all of that. It may seem like challenging and frustrating while you're in it and even just reflecting, it's like, oh my gosh, I can't believe I did all of that. I was so scattered. I was everywhere. But now you can come to appreciate it just because. I would think you can, just because you are in a place now where it's more structured and disciplined and you just appreciate having certain type of barriers placed around you.

Sue: Very much so. Because when I was in that state of trying to figure it all out, it was uncomfortable. I was smart enough to know. I knew what I was doing was not right. I just couldn't seem to grasp that.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: So, it took a while. I will tell you, when my son is hiring, we will look at charts, I will look at charts. And if I see a 13 four will ask, he will ask. I'll say you’ve got to ask these questions. How do you discipline yourself or do you get bored easily? Little things like that that are going to trigger how if they've gone through this this pattern or not. If he thinks they have, I say hire them as fast as you can because they're going to be the one of the best workers. These people will come to work even when they're sick.

Adrianna: Yeah. That's pretty good, though, just because I think once they've completed the cycle, they have to just continue. It's almost like a former addicts when they find what grounds them, even on the tough days, they have to continue doing that because if not, it's a slippery slope. You can just slip right back into it. So yeah I think a 13/4 thinking about the hiring aspect of people working I think they would it makes sense that they would be the person to say I'm going to get to it no matter what, because they've already gone through chaos.

Sue: It's crazy because it can be very scattered. Another trait of the number three is self-criticism. When the one is unbalanced, it has lack of self-confidence, self-esteem. So, it can really spiral very quickly if it doesn't try to work with it.

Sue: If you know somebody who's jumping from job to job, from relationship to relationship, but sense they are not happy, but they say they're happy because they are trying to figure this out? But, you know, they're not I suspect they might be working with that 13/4. It would be fun to have them get a reading because we are not just one number. How is the 13/4 working with all the other numbers in your chart? What is complimenting it? What is challenging it? What if it's surrounded with five energy? That's even crazier. 13/4 who's trying to learn to discipline is being influenced by a 5 which wants freedom and no boundaries.... YIKES Wild Child energy. My advice for that would be find a career that allows you to move around. Motivational speaker more than likely you have a story to share with others. Be creative (3) with details (4) website design. Pharmaceutical representative. Selling, talking, moving.

Sue: A lot of my clients know what they want to do but are being influenced by outside variables. When they get a reading, the numbers validate what they already know.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Sue: Knowing if you are here working on a past life karmic debt is so important. When I tell people about certain karma I see in their charts, I see almost a relief. They don't feel like they're crazy or they let people down. It's something you came to do/experience and it's okay. You got through its a lesson. We didn't come down here just to sit around and drink Mai Tais all day. We came to put in some heavy-duty work. Earth school is a tough school, but our souls are growing, expanding for this.

Adrianna: Yeah. Even in this lifetime. Because I think people may. Think, oh, I've learned the lesson of this karmic debt number. That's it. It's solved, you know? But our life is cycles, that change constantly. So, you may have learned it in this phase of your life. How is that lesson? How can you use what you learned in the next phase and the next cycle of your life? Because it may come at you in a different way. But your reaction, how how you're responding to it, that can be the one steady piece of the puzzle.

Sue: Those are the patterns we see that keep repeating. Relationships with people who are not good for you, over and over. Job's that don't interest you, over and over. Accident prone, over and over. Addictions. Marital Affairs. 90% of the time will show up in the chart as past life work.

Sue: Interesting thing, 4 is all about truth and justice. Right. So, there can be some trouble here with trying to learn not to manipulate words. If somebody tells a white lie or tells a blatant lie, they more than likely will get caught.

Adrianna: Yeah.

Adrianna: Because (4) will not going allow it. And I can tell you that's true. I was always trying to get out of work, that's also schoolwork, in my younger years and I was good at selling my idea to anybody who would listen. But I always got caught if I tried to get away with something. Always! I can remember thinking they did the exact same thing and didn't get caught...but I did. I learned the laying lesson at a very young age and today I probably am to truthful if there is such a thing. LOL

Adrianna: When you came to the point of no more and said I have to get it together. Did you come to that point in your head?

Sue: Yes, definitely. It was my late twenties, most definitely. And I said, look, I got to smarten up because there's more to this than what I'm doing.

Adrianna: Yeah. Did you ever have those feelings of, I just can't get my feet on the ground? I feel like I'm just trying, and nothing is working.

Sue: Yep, and I also blamed people. I was not mature enough at that time, to accept responsibility for my own actions. I didn't have that person to look up to to help direct me. I was kinda on my own. But once I started realizing all that and I started paying attention to my own self and not everything around me, things started to switch.

Adrianna: Yeah, that's what I'm getting from the 13/4. They may feel that it's hard to just get my feet on the ground no matter what I do. I'm trying to get into this craft and trying to get into that, and I just can't get grounded. But it does take a lot of self-reflection, a lot of taking accountability for yourself truthfully, regardless of whatever numbers you have in your chart. I think the main purpose of life is to take accountability for yourself. And I think when you find these karmic debt numbers in your chart, no matter the placement, it's only pointing to the places where maybe you didn't take accountability and a past life. And so now you're really having to face that here in this lifetime.

Sue: That's right. It's all about the number. So, if you have a child or a husband or a friend, that this energy resonates with you and you'd like to get a reading or a gift certificate. Please jump onto my website. Healing Numbers 22. If you're a parent and want to understand your child better, let’s get together. We don't always bring the child into the reading. It can be a little over their heads. Let’s check out their natural talents and abilities. How about the Hearts Desire? We can talk about your concerns and let the numbers help me help you manage whatever's going on. It's all fun. It's all good stuff. All children are wonderful and they're worth learning as much as we can about them so that we can help guide them.

Adrianna: I think the most important aspect of numerology is just not telling someone who they are and what they are but learning how to operate with what they've come into this world with. Even when it comes to the parents or husband wives or anyone in a relationship with another person, if where you feel like there's maybe some difficulties and you're just can't break that wall down? Like, why can't we just make it make sense here? Numerology helps everyone learn how to operate better with the other.

Sue: It's a wonderful tool. Everybody needs it in their toolbox. Everybody.

Sue: Adriana Until next time you have a wonderful week, and we will be talking about the number 14/5 in our next podcast. 14/5 is about loss of freedom. This, this is a very powerful number. I've seen some very interesting things with this number.

Sue: So, until then, you have a wonderful week and as my grandson would say, "Have the best day ever".


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