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K, "The Master Messenger"

Stacey: Hi Sue. This week we have been asked to explore the Letter “K.” What can you share with our readers to help them understand K energy a little better?

Sue: The Letter “K” energy in Numerology is the 11/2.   The letter “K” stands with its back straight, not focusing on the past. It stands with its feet firmly on the ground collecting information on the physical plane and allowing it to be very good with details and organization. The openness of the top suggests a spiritual nature; receiving divine light and intuitive messages. One arm reaches to the heavens and the other arm sits with mother earth looking towards the future. This brings in creative inspirations, big visions, and the need to share and help humanity.

The 11/2 energy can cause one to become very distracted because of the need to try and make sense of all of the ideas that come to them, scattering their energy. Ks’ usually work behind the scene going with the flow of things, but ultimately, they need to seek ways to work within or among leadership roles so they can help set the course for the vision as they see it. Their kind and gentle way makes this a difficult task.  The K’s can have intense, sometimes harsh, experiences in life that make them question things spiritually on a deeper level.

K, "The Master Messenger"

I enjoy talking with any person carrying the letter “K” because I know they are an older soul. Older souls take on bigger challenges which often become teaching tools for all of us. They ride in a very high vibration which can cause nervousness and anxiety. They are charismatic and have a very loving energy, if balanced. If unbalanced, they can be narrow-minded, intolerant, and dishonest which can cause those bigger challenges to come forward. They are bombarded with creative ideas and insight. The K’s seek to be an inspiration to others, sharing their gift of enlightenment. Doing so helps balance this energy and brings in a chance for greater success.

Stacey: Wow, though potentially intense at times, the energy of the K sounds inspiring. I know a couple of people with the cornerstone K and can certainly validate these shared energetic tendencies. I appreciate knowing this and being able to understand them a little deeper.  For this week, can you demonstrate the K energy in a reading on the name Kathy?

Sue: Sure. I think it would be fun to show you the difference in what one letter can make so I decided to read both Kathy, one spelled with a K and one with a C.

For Kathy, all that pent up nervous creative energy needs to be outside in the gardens or going for a hike allowing you to feel good about yourself. You have that knowing that spirituality comes from a different source than what is in the material world, so being in Mother Nature allows you to feel at home. There is a bit of tug of war going on as you like socializing with people but also enjoy spending time alone. Both need to be honored.  You are a hard worker and always look out for others in a kind and gentle manner. However, if push comes to shove I suspect you can take care of yourself and set necessary boundaries in a very diplomatic way. You love to talk and share all your ideas with everybody, adding a sense of humor. Although, sometimes that humor can be a bit sarcastic but it is never meant to be hurtful. People just need to understand your unique sense of humor.

Now let’s put a spin on this. Let’s spell Kathy with a C. The C will change some of the dynamics.

For Cathy, you are an optimist, fun- loving, and also very creative, especially in writing, theater, public speaking, decorating your home, etc.  Your nervous energy surfaces through excessive talk and the consistent need to be doing something. You are a very social person with a flair that makes everybody want to hang out with you. You have a persistent, vivid imagination that sometimes causes you to have too much mind chatter which can bring about unnecessary worry. Your dreams tend to be vivid. You have great work ethics and are very good with details and management. You are always striving to reach the top and to keep a secure foundation for your family. Home and traditions are important to you. With your keen memory, a birthday is never missed.  You can experience extreme highs and lows, which can bring on confusion for you and others. There is a great need for you to be honest with yourself and others and express your truths, if not it will backfire.

Stacey: Thanks, Sue. Once again we’ve learned a lot.  I am looking forward to exploring another letter and its energy next week.

Sue: Yes, keep sending those names!  And, I would love to hear from a Kathy/Cathy to hear how you each interpret what I have written this week and how it resonates with your energy.

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