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June Monthly Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year is?? Calculator

Personal Year 1 would make June:

7 Personal Month

The combination of 1 and 7 beckons a quiet time, allowing you to analytically figure out how you want to proceed in reaching your goals in a more efficient way. 1 energy is about self and 7 is about self-reflection. This month, allow yourself time to be alone, catching up on rest and relaxation. Look within. 7 is spiritual energy with heightened intuition, so listen and trust. Facts that you were unaware of can be revealed. This is surprising at first, but helpful in the long run. It’s a great month to take a class or catch up on some reading that you’ve been putting on the back burner. Whatever you do, make it as uplifting and positive as you can. If you find yourself in a challenging situation, don’t argue. Be the observer. Answers will come to you that put you in a better position next month, in your 8 (business or career) energy. Ultimately, your job now is to gain a deeper insight into the direction in which you’re headed.

Personal Year 2 would make June:

8 Personal Month

The 2 and 8 combination allows you to help others in their endeavors. Your energy level is increased but don’t be too aggressive in trying to push things along. You could finally get that compliment or recognition that you have been working toward. Accept it and pat yourself on the back. It’s important to lean on others and listen to what they have to say. If you’re planning on making a change, keep those thoughts to yourself. Next month you might have to let go of something in order to open the door. Think it through thoroughly. It’s all in the details. Balance all relationships with tact and diplomacy. Sometimes being the observer is the more productive tactic. If money is owed to you, this is the month when you might see that returned. It’s a great month to sit with your finances and really understand where the money is coming and going. A short trip for work might arise. If that happens, take a few days and enjoy it.

Personal Year 3 would make June:

9 Personal Month

The pairing of 3 and 9 brings forth emotions. Finalizing and completing things is what’s asked of you this month. 3 is creative energy, encouraging you to use your words. Dig down deep and be honest. You know in your heart that something needs to change. That something is what’s no longer serving your greatest and highest good. 9 is about Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and letting go. This energy will support you in addressing the situation, whether it’s a project that needs to wrap up, a relationship that needs to end, or maybe just a plain cleaning out of your sock drawer. If you don’t take care of it this month, I suspect you will see the ending in September or October. Clarity seems to elude you. Just know that it’s the slower-moving energy of the 9. It’s important that you eat right and get plenty of rest. Do the work that’s required this month because next month will be a 1 month, which will put that bounce back into your step.

Personal Year 4 would make June:

1 Personal Month

4 and 1 together support the ability to take all those loose ends and make them yours. Your clarity emerges and helps you start something new, understanding the details it includes. You feel confident, determined to get things moving. Make sure you have all the necessary facts before you proceed, and don’t move too quickly. You might be asked to take on more responsibilities with work or home. If so, step outside the box to get some ideas on how best to take care of those duties. Home projects are fun in this energy. It