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July Monthly Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year is?

2021 Personal Year Calculator

Personal Year 1 would make July:

8 Personal Month

The combination of 1 and 8 together is strong energy, so moving a project or idea that’s been sitting on the back burner feels good. Think things through; don’t be too impulsive, be realistic and have the facts. 8 needs to balance right and wrong, and along with this could come some sort of test. Staying on track to do the right thing for all and using good judgment will bring the results you seek. Your clear-minded energy is strong at this time: you know how to get the job done. It’s important to remember that not everybody is running at the speed you are. Pay attention to finances, stay on track with knowing what’s going out and what’s coming in. If you want to buy or sell property, this is the month to make it happen. A new acquaintance might be just the person you’ve been looking for to help you gain some footing.

Personal Year 2 would make July:

9 Personal Month

The 2 and 9 combination will bring completion to a project, thought, experience, or the fruition of a friendship, through the assistance of others. The energy is lower in this month and it feels like everything’s just creeping along. Expect delays. You’re trying to figure out how to finalize something and not really not quite sure how to go about it. Step back, observe, and lean on others for advice. Organize, pay attention to the small details. Relationships that need some work tend to present themselves during this time. Be patient and use your negotiation skills to arrive at an agreement; be fair and compassionate. Let go of what‘s no longer serving your greatest and highest good. Don’t fight, you won’t in this energy. Sometimes it’s just old ways of thinking that you need release. Use your humanitarian side and help others without asking for anything in return.

Personal Year 3 would make July:

1 Personal Month

The pairing of 3 and 1 unleashes enthusiastic energy revolving around friends or social situations. You feel “in your power” with clarity and a whole lot of ambition. What seemed impossible last month feels more than doable. Enjoy this energy. Maybe take a short weekend trip or a vacation. Whatever you do, you need to surround yourself with fun. Keep your eyes open, welcome new acquaintances. You never know who might help you down the road with advancement in work. This is the month for you to do some self-improvement. Worry and emotions will only bog you down, because that’s the unbalanced side of 3. Reach down deep and do something that makes you happy. Don’t think others can or will do it for you; you must do this for yourself. Use your creativity, in any form. Start that new project but be careful because 3 and 1 together can be impulsive. Make sure you have all the facts before you dive in!

Personal Year 4 would make July:

11/2 Personal Month

4 and 11/2 together support working with others in getting the job done. 4 is the energy that slows us down and requires skillfully paying attention to details and organization. If you find yourself anxio