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Jennifer Explains a Difficult Situation

The Brilliance in Numerology on Helping us Understand Others in a Better way. I'm sure you've been in a situation where you just can't believe how someone else is handling a certain situation. You become speechless, angry, or just walk away stewing. In your mind your say "What is wrong with them"!!!! Different energy - different results. Knowing someone else's energy allows you to take that moment and say "ok, that's how they are processing the problem. It's not necessarily wrong it's just not how I would do it. In our 20 minute podcast Jennifer explains how an uncomfortable conversation with her husband Keith had a wonderful turn around because of her knowledge with Numerology. He asked her 2 questions that immediately put her into self-doubt mode. Keith has to process things verbally, Jennifer processes internally. The secret to this marriage is Jennifer has to allow Keith to express himself. Then Keith has to allow Jennifer time alone to sort through her thoughts. They both have a better understanding of their relationship through Numerology readings, together and separately. Any relationship can be trying at times. With a little bit of knowledge, Numerology helps you to maneuver in and out of those uncomfortable times keeping the ticking bomb from going off. Tune into Numbers Speak and hear Jennifer explain, with humor, how it all got resolved. Next week will be get back on track to discuss the compatibility with Lifepath 4. If something comes up and you have a question please email me or text 207-907-5446. Your anonymity will always be protected.

If you are struggle with an issue that you can't seem to see through or just curious about what Jennifer and I do. We are offering a Free 2 hour session. We will be drawing the name on March 15th. Text me 207-907-5446 with your name, date of birth, and email address to enter. What a great way to start 2021!!


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