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January Monthly Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year Is?? 2021 Calculator

Personal Year 1 would make January:

2 Personal Month

You are now entering a new 9-year epicycle. Congratulations!! It’s time to write down those goals and think about where you want to be in 2029. Each year will provide you with different energy to get you there. If you made plans or started a project at the end of last year, developments are on their way, but not as quickly as you like. Be patient and check all the details - especially the little ones that could be over-looked. There are still issues or plans that are hanging in the wings that you know you need to let go of. Decision-making seems to be all over the place, so turn to friends for advice. Remember that this isn’t the month to make big changes. If someone gets under your skin, don’t argue, because you won’t win. This energy is looking for compromise and tactful approaches. Be the observer while listening to your heightened intuition. A female in your life might need some good advice. Be that friend she needs. The challenge this month is not expecting others to live up to your expectations. If somebody breaks a promise, stepping back is the best course of action. Next month brings with it the words to help you solve the issue.

Personal Year 2 would make January:

3 Personal Month

You feel inspired and want to approach life in a different way, whether that’s an idea about an actual project or a relationship, which could be a spouse, partner, co-worker or friend. You’re not 100% sure how it’s going to get done but hang in there and keep dreaming about it, because March will bring in change and expansion. It’s important that you follow your own interest. Be you, have fun and let the optimistic side jump out! Be as sociable as possible and allow yourself to explore and be creative. Be on the look-out for a new acquaintance or old friend that helps you advance opportunities. This might not actually be the month when they come to fruition, but it is a starting point, certainly. Lack of discipline seems to be the challenge this month. February delivers that control you’re lacking this month.

Personal Year 3 would make January:

4 Personal Month

This is the month of practicality and focusing on tying up those loose ends. Others might be pushing your buttons. Remember that others are on their own journeys. Judging only keeps you aggravated. There’s work to be done, so don’t stand in the way of the progress of others, which could cause a ruckus. Use your focused energy to help you keep your nose to the grindstone. Take everybody’s opinion into consideration. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of effort on your part to make a world of difference. The ideas that began popping up at the end of last year might prove very beneficial this month. You inspire others; just be sure you have all the facts and think before you speak. Use creative ways to explain how you’re feeling. If you have the urge to move or change jobs, this is a good month to start looking. February will help you make progress with that change.

Challenge: Self-criticism. Allow yourself to be who you are. You can sometimes be your own worst critic. If this happens, find that friend that uplifts you and tells you, “You’re the Best!”

Personal Year 4 would make January:

5 Personal Month

There’s so much buzzing in your head, but you’re just not sure which way to go. Work hard on making good decisions, and realize this will continue to be the theme throughout the year. Keep your eyes open: opportunities that arise may not be what they appear to be. There are still lots of loose ends from last year - not just unfinished projects but also unresolved emotional issues. Similar to last November, you feel a restlessness. The difference this month is that the 4 is helping you ground yourself. Try to make use of that energy as much as possible. Decision-making this month needs to be about the future, and not what’s happening in the moment. Clarity will arrive at the end of the month, or the first of next month. Promote yourself. 5 is about communication and stepping outside of the box. The challenge is in allowing yourself to settle down and focus. You feel like a children’s top, wound up too tightly. Get out in Mother Nature and listen to her quiet voice. Give yourself permission to sit and relax.

Personal Year 5 would make January:

6 Personal Month

There is still work from last year that requires completion. The 5 year yearns for freedom and expansion so take those still-outstanding tasks and get them done. Your family and friends seem to be demanding all of your attention. It’s important that you take time to be with them. Be compassionate. Home projects? If they are not started physically this month, you’re dreaming of ways to make some changes. Relationships that are good continue to improve. Ones that are on a slippery slope need to either be worked on or released. April will determine that. Remember that relationships require a lot of work, whether they’re with your spouse, partner, friend or co-worker. Pay attention to your finances, get things in order. 5 can be very impulsive so be careful.

Challenge: Finding the time to take care of those who need you on a personal level and not neglecting your own needs. 6 is about selfless service. Your health is important; don’t run yourself ragged.

Personal Year 6 would make January:

7 Personal Month

Last year delivered some changes that may have been unexpected. 7 is about slowing down and revisiting those changes. Because 6 is domestic energy, you might find yourself digging deeply into family life, your home, or work. Responsibilities surround you at this time, and that includes the responsibility of taking care of your health. It’s possible that somebody you know is not feeling well. What was started in November 2020 should be finalized in this month. If this involves a change or move, make sure you have all your ducks in a row. The energy of this month is not physical. It’s analytical. Other people will arrive near the end of the month to help you along. What was confusing at the beginning of the month becomes more clear. If you are involved in any legal affairs, sit with the details and do your research.

Challenge: Slowing down! Make sure you get plenty of rest and allow some quiet time.

Personal Year 7 would make January:

8 Personal Month

2020 was a busy year with many responsibilities related to work and family. Use your inner drive to complete all the loose ends that are still unfinished. If there is someone who’s irritating you, allow yourself to sit with them and explain your side of the story in a clear, calm way. An expense or problem could show up from the past; don’t ignore it. Deal with it, so you can draw it to a conclusion next month. You are surrounded by the work of managing details. Delegate what you can. Engage in some long-term goal setting, which could yield results in October and provide a new source of income. Something could be revealed at work may catch you off-guard.

Challenge: Trusting your intuition when problem-solving for the whole group. Not everybody will understand, and trying to push something through will only cause problems.

Personal Year 8 would make January:

9 Personal Month

Last year’s energy should have given you the ability to understand who you are and what direction you will be moving in, but there is still some work that requires completion. This month, you’ll be asked to let go of whatever that is. If you’re still feeling confused, rest assured that clarity returns the last week of this month. Continue to think about actions until you’re sure what path to take. This could be as simple as letting go of old ways of thinking. Complete those projects that are sitting on the back burner. Finally, there is opportunity to get the recognition or the compliment you’ve desired. Delays ease up, allowing things to flow better, once more.

Challenge: Try to show compassion when expressing your opinion to others. Don’t judge: everyone is on their own path.

Personal Year 9 would make January:

1 Personal Month

You feel like you want a change but you’re not sure which way to go. It feels like one step forward, two steps back, and that dance step fosters mixed emotions and confusion. Remember that this is the year of completion and letting go of old conditions, so the focus really needs to be on removing, not on beginning. Change can yield freedom. Practice self-mastery and stand in your power. Don’t let others push you in a direction that doesn’t feel right for you. If you have a project that’s just been hanging on, start planning how best to release it. Sometimes, simply taking that one step is a money maker. Too much on your plate? Delegate! Look back at the last 8 years of your life, and release anything that’s no longer serving your highest and greatest good. Take the old ways and exchange them for new ways.

Challenge: Don’t be hard on yourself. Enjoy making your own executive decisions.


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