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Is This a Good Year to Buy a Home?

📷I had a great question emailed to me:

"Is this a good year for me to buy a home? I have been saving for a few years for the down payment and now feel like it's time to start looking."

Just by having her birth date I was able to determine she was in a 4 personal year, which does support real estate, buying and selling. By her saying “it feels like it’s time” is a big indication that the energy around her is supporting her desire. Four energy likes stability and is eager to build the foundation to create that.

My advice to her was to be patient--slow and steady wins the race--which is what 4 energy supports. Check out multiple houses and trust her gut instinct on what house is right for her. Be aware of the details in the contract and makes sure everything is on the up and up. 4 energy requires you to be honest and if that isn’t the case you will get caught.

Is This a Good Year to Buy a Home?

I also suggested to her if she would like to send me addresses of the houses that she is looking at and we could discuss the energy that is surrounding that house. Meaning if she was looking at a home that had 6 energy this would support family, friends, or a home-based business. 7 energy is a home for someone who likes to spend time alone; 5 energy suggests a lot of changes on this property.

If you are interested in the vibration of your home and what type of energy it supports, just email me your house number and I will be happy to send you a brief explanation of that property's energy.

FYI: 11/2 energy in a home is known for paranormal activity. Which interests me tremendously. Please write me if you think your home is an 11/2.

Any question is a great question. I would love to hear what has piqued your curiosity with Numerology.


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