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In Other Words – One Client's Personal Year Feedback

I reached out to a few clients to see what they learned following a Personal Year reading. Here’s what one client had to say:

"This year, 2016, I entered into a monthly reading with Sue Coffin in how my energy was going to be tested and to become aware of what transpired during the month. I have always had an affinity for numbers, scenarios, chance meetings and predictions, but I have not really put much stock them. I will never be able to clarify how it works, but fortunately Sue has become very accomplished at doing so. On or around the first of each month, Sue contacts me and we spend time discussing what I have experienced in changes, business, love, family and personal growth during the prior month. We then shift gears and Sue provides me with the number associated with the month I am entering. I love the business aspect. An example would be that in September 2016, learning new things, increase in work production and awareness of not spreading myself to thin will be paramount.

In Other Words – One Client's Personal Year Feedback

I listen to Sue, jot down some basic notes and then go about my month. At the end of each month I assess what has transpired and only then do I read my notes. Amazingly accurate and even though, as of this writing, I am only half way through September, I have experienced an increase in work and learning new systems for my clients. I have given much thought to why numerology works and I have concluded that awareness of change allows me to better understand who I am and not what I am not. Some months I feel fantastic and accomplish much, and other months I am stalled out and just showing up each day. I now know that it has everything to do with my numbers. Like September is a 6 and that rates high energy. I can feel it and my mind is clear and task oriented. If I oversaw a business I would enroll my key employees into a monthly session with Sue. They might be skeptical, but after a couple of months they would be more efficient and the business would be the beneficiary. I only wish I had this information when I was first entering into the corporate world. It would have been an invaluable guide for my professional journey or at the very least provide understanding of why things happen."

~Richard Corey

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