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How Does Numerology Help Me Understand My Twins?

📷I had a great question emailed to me: "I have twins, how does a Numerology reading help me to understand them better?"

Great question!

Your twins were born on the same day, but have different names. They have chosen to go down a life path together that will bring in similar experiences, adventures, opportunities, and challenges, but they will express themselves differently in how they go down this path. As we all know, twins are very connected energetically and it’s through numerology that we can see that connection.

How many times do you hear where one twin is very extroverted and the other introverted; it’s the way the expression is playing out.

If you have twins, triplets or know of someone, maybe a friend or relative, write to me and share how you see the similarities/differences or get a reading to understand them more fully. Keep those questions coming! Text me at (207) 907-5446 or email



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