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How Does His Birthday Work With Mine?

📷I was asked the question: "I met someone - how does their birthday work with mine?" With her permission, here is my email answer. Because of confidentiality no names or dates will be given. This information was obtained by Month/Day/Year of Birth.

I will tell you from his Birthday, 10, he is independent, likes being the leader, will work hard to go to the top in his work or even better, be an entrepreneur. He is strong willed. 1's are very determined to succeed. Probably tall, lean, and very athletic. He needs to exercise to release pent up energy.

Your birthday, 25/7, makes you intelligent, enjoying down time and quiet meditations. You dig deep and look beneath the surface for information using your gut along with your intelligence to assimilate the information. 1's are smart but tend to jump into things (this makes 7's cringe) - I think this is a nice combination, especially if you both understand the differences and you accept them, using your different energies to complement each other.

How Does His Birthday Work With Mine?

14/5 Lifepath - The road that he is traveling down is an exciting and adventurous one. He's intelligent! Book smart but also learning from experiences more so than most. He's very aware and observant of his surroundings. We call fives "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" - he gets bored wanting to experience everything he can. A lot of times at the end of life 5's will admit they missed great opportunities because they did not sit still long enough to pay attention. He's very good with his words!! He likes his freedom and is not one that YOU are going to tie down. A 14/5 can be one of the most devoted people in a relationship but they need for their partner to allow them their space.

Your Heart's Desire is a 14/5. You also like freedom/space and understand this energy. Very good match! 14/5 is a lot more grounded than a plain old 5 because of the (4 in 14). It is a life lesson that the soul has come to experience and with it in the Lifepath it can bring loss of a home, family, business, loved ones, sweetheart. I'm not sure if he has worked through this lesson yet as I don't have his complete chart. I suspect he grew up in an unhealthy home, alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse. Some type of mismanaged freedom towards him. He might have had to take care of a sick family member or be responsible for siblings. He probably ended up putting closure to something around age 5 - again speculation as I don't have his complete chart. He does enter a 6-personal year. Family, Friends, Community. This is the year of relationships, family responsibility and balance.

My client's response: "This all sounds spot on so far!"

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