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"Holiday" adds up to 38/11/2?? What the heck does that mean.

When added all together the word "Holiday" is a 38/11/2

3 is about having fun.

8 brings in finances.

11 is the Master Messenger.

2 is about balance.

The energy that surrounds the word "HOLIDAY" carries a vibration that's wanting peace and harmony which is the 2 energy. Turn your music on because two's love music and dance. 3 energy brings out the inner child wanting you to have a little fun, be playful and act silly. It's going to cost money, that's the (8) but it's your choice on keeping that within your limits. The Master Messenger sometimes brings in unexpected surprises! Which doesn't always mean bad, so look for the good. As my favorite band would say "Love the one your with" and enjoy your Thanksgiving Meal, remembering to share your love with all.


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