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Getting a Numerology Reading

Numerology Chart

We are not made up of just one number! Empower yourself by learning all about the energies that make you who you are, which I call the Core Energy. There are numbers that work well together and some not so much, but that never makes it wrong. One day your feel structure, the next you day responsibility eludes you. Sometimes you feel like you have duel personalities. Why??? It can be explained by the numbers in your chart. Have you ever looked at twins and said "Omgosh they are so different". They share the same birthdate but the letters in their name are not the same which makes them express themselves in a different manner. How about growing up. How alike or different are you from you parents, brothers, sisters? It can all be understood by reading the numbers. I am so passionate about Numerology because I see the validation in every reading I do.

Numerology Readings In this podcast "Getting a Numerology Reading" I have the pleasure of speaking with 3 women who have found Numerology to be a significant part of their life, with helping guide them. It's important to know your core energy because that influences the energies that come in yearly, monthly, daily. In this podcast we look at their individual chart and discuss their Core Energy to help you understand what takes place during a Numerology Reading. Just keep in mind that twenty minutes and 3 charts only brings up a snippet of information. Listen to how these wonderful women respond to the energy I'm reading. Listen Now

Throughout my years I have had multiple reading. Psychic, Tarot, Astrology, Bone Casting, etc. When the reading finished I'm high on life. Why?? It's helped me raise my own vibration. But, after a while I forget a lot of what was said. I want folks to be able to reach out to me to reconnect, to re-evaluate and understand better. The follow up readings allow us to develop a closer relationship which in return helps me tap better into my intuition. Follow up readings are for clients who have had a 60 minute reading in the last 12 months. Anything can be discussed in this 30 minute session. Remember energy is always moving. It never stays the same. We are always growing and learning. Lets re-connect and check in with the energy that is surrounding you at this time. The link below puts you right into my calendar to schedule a time convenient for you. Follow-Up Reading

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