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February Monthly Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year is? 2021 Calculator

Personal Year 1 would make February:

3 Personal Month

Three revolves around friends and can be emotional at times. It’s important to not stuff your feelings but be willing to express yourself, and that doesn’t necessarily mean hard or negative emotions. Let your close acquaintances help open some doors that you may be struggling with. Be creative and let your ideas flow. The 1 Personal Year is pushing you to stand in your own power. Just be aware of your words and don’t push too hard for what you are driven to do. It’s important to take time to listen to others. Let your inner child out and have some fun. Be optimistic and lift up those around you.

CHALLENGE: There’s still something that needs to be released. Recognize that friends, family and co-workers are often the ones that push you into a better understanding of how to move forward. Be careful with your words.

Personal Year 2 would make February:

4 Personal Month

Work projects arrive that require you to pay attention to all the small details. Last year’s loose ends reappear. Don’t procrastinate; instead, focus with discipline to tie everything up. Be practical in all dealings. You seem to be everybody’s counselor. Patience and compassion will bring the best results for all. Delays and roadblocks appear. Dig deeper: there could be something you’re missing. Cooperation and listening to others will help them understand the whole piece of the puzzle, like you do. Get outside if possible. Finish up some home projects. Stress levels can be raised, so watch your health.

CHALLENGE: Don’t let restrictive feelings get to you. Balance work and play as much as you can without dodging responsibilities.

Personal Year 3 would make February:

5 Personal Month

You feel a bit more playful this month, and you want to be out with friends. Old and new friends can bring with them unexpected opportunities or adventures. Allow yourself to enjoy and go with the flow. You’re in for a fast-moving month with unexpected events. Guard against allowing yourself to be too impulsive or irresponsible, and think before you act. Lively conversations with friends bring out your fun side. Let it all flow and stay optimistic. If you find yourself in a position that needs to be addressed, choose your words carefully. Long-term effects of what is said, in this month, could yield resentment or failure in a relationship which could last most of the year.

Challenge: Be careful not to have to many irons in the fire. Stop long enough to look at what will serve you and what you need to release. Guard against over-indulgence.

Personal Year 4 would make February:

6 Personal Month

You find yourself shouldering a lot of responsibility at home and at work this month. It can even feel like everybody else’s needs are coming before your own. For this month, giving of yourself selflessly will yield gain in the long run. Be patient: everything is going at a snail’s pace. The 4 Personal year is guiding you to build your foundation for a solid structure. Work could recognize your past efforts with compliments, a change in job status, or even a pay increase. Don’t be surprised if it also brings in more unexpected responsibilities. If you’re not feeling well, don’t ignore it. Get it checked out.

Challenge: Feeling like people are taking advantage of you. It’s a good month to focus on the problem, be honest and make a team effort toward identifying your best goals for the future. Don’t take on too much. Delegate when needed.

Personal Year 5 would make February:

7 Personal Month

Analytical energy surrounds you. This is the month for a little soul searching to figure out the next best move. Do you want to move in a different direction? This month is perfect for doing the research and getting your facts together. This can be anything - work, home or relationships. It’s about thinking quietly and making the plan. Emotions don’t play a role in this energy; it’s facts that will push you in the right direction. The 5 Personal Year is all about expansion, change and growth. This is the month to pull back and figure out what those changes are and accomplish them diplomatically. This can be a good financial month based on how hard you worked last year.

Challenge: Take time to pull back. Get plenty of sleep and eat well. Decision making accomplished in this month will pay off in May.

Personal Year 6 would make February:

8 Personal Month

You’ll find yourself very busy this month with work. You feel in your power and have the ability to advance yourself in your business, at work or at home. As work increases, your family time seems to decrease. Be aware of that, so resentment from your loved ones doesn’t become a problem. If you find yourself in a situation that requires resolution, make sure you have all the facts. Handling it might mean giving in, but being honest is of utmost importance this month. 6+8 = Lucky Breaks. Finances can increase but don’t be extravagant. Money and friends can appear from the past.

Challenge: Family, friends and co-workers can sometimes challenge us. You may find yourself taking care of others, which can increase your responsibilities to the max. Use good judgment and don’t be overly assertive.

Personal Year 7 would make February:

9 Personal Month

Tying up loose ends and getting rid of what no longer serves you allows the space to welcome new things, which should appear next month. It’s important not to make big decisions this month, because emotions are running higher than usual. Fact-check everything; don’t assume anything! The past can swing back around, causing some drama, but remember this drama is your teacher for unconditional love, forgiving and letting go, which is what 9 energy is all about. Give yourself space to sit and ponder where you are and what your future holds in your dreams. Spiritual teachers or advisors can show up. Take the time to learn and grow in a spiritual way.

Challenge: Not getting too emotional involved in other people’s stuff. Allowing yourself to let go and welcome change. That’s not easy for a lot of us!

Personal Year 8 would make February:

1 Personal Month

8 and 1 together equals very strong energy. You know what you want and you’re willing to do what it takes to get it. People will be around to help you, but be careful of over-asserting yourself, which could become problematic. Family issues can show up, but this energy will allow you to find solutions that are good for the whole. 1 is about new: new experiences, opportunities, friends and relationships, so let the door swing open. Take the initiative: share your ideas, but take the time to listen to others when needed. Realize that when you jump in, you’re going to get your feet wet. Be aware of finances. There could be an unexpected expense.

Challenge: Being too excited about what you want, moving ahead without checking all the smaller details. This is a month to start something new, but don’t be impulsive.

Personal Year 9 would make February:

11/2 Personal Month

People are around you and are able to lend a hand with projects. It’s important to allow them to do their fair share. Intuition, dreams and deja vu experiences are all heightened. Allow yourself quiet time to tap into those resources and don’t dismiss those ‘Ah Ha!’ moments of intuitive clarity. Heightened sensitivity can foster anxiety. Don’t take words out of context. If you hear something that disturbs you, speak up and make sure that what you heard was indeed what was meant, or find an uninvolved person to get an objective opinion. Cooperation and compromise are words that will be useful allies for the duration of this month. Plans move slowly, so don’t push. Expect a surprise this month.

Challenge: Being honest with yourself about what needs to be done. Stepping back and observing instead of trying to push things along. It’s important to lean on others when 2 is around.


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