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The Letter E - The Great Communicator

Stacey: Good morning, Sue! Today I have the pleasure of introducing Lisa, one of your readers who wanted to converse directly with you about her personal name reading.

Sue: Great! Welcome Lisa. Thanks for writing in. What can I answer for you today?

Lisa: Hi Sue. I came across one of your emails about first name readings and found it very fascinating! I would love for you to read my first name if you could? Lisa is the name I prefer to go by, but my given name is Elisabeth.

Sue:  Absolutely, Lisa, I would love to.  The letter “E” holds the vibration of the number 5. It stands firm within itself connected to the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical planes, but is also open to the future on each of them giving “E” the need to have freedom at its own free will. The letter “E” doesn’t look back, only forward making it curious about all new experiences.  Five energy makes “E’s” great communicators, which allows them to be their own self-promoters, writers, public speakers, and salesmen. There is a restlessness that comes with the “E” energy that drives the need to try everything and anything at least once and constantly seek out different experiences.  The “E” brings in intelligence but needs to learn constructive freedom in order to overcome the Jack of all Trade, Master of None experience.

The Letter E - The Great Communicator

Elisabeth, if I were to meet you for the first time, your Cornerstone "E" would instantly tell me that you are very good with your words and more than likely will carry the conversation.  You and I would make a good pair because I love to listen, so I am attracted to E, N, and W energy. The letter E stands firm looking forward. With no point looking behind itself, it tells me you can let go of things easily.  Instead, it points to the future in all areas spiritual, mental, and physical. Its openness tells me you need your space and freedom, you look towards the future with arms open, embrace travel, adventure and just plain fun. E’s 5 energy brings in verbal expression so you have the capability of using words well and are an expert communicator. When you make a decision, you work through it by process of elimination and listening to all sides, but ultimately you make the decision for yourself. You have fun sharing your ideas with others; at times your ideas blow the minds of others and you love witnessing their reaction.

Your first name overall tells me you see the less fortunate and try to act on it; you not only want to help the individual, but the whole. You can ultimately see the larger picture. You act on emotions which can run rampant, because your heart is so loving and compassionate. Home, family, and traditions are important to you. People see you as being optimistic, joyful, and a whole lot of fun. You have plenty of friends around you, but you are careful at choosing who you want to be very close to. One of the downsides of your energy is that you can have a temper that flares when push comes to shove.  I suspect you’re not one to argue with because of your ability to communicate.

Lisa: Thank you, Sue. Your reading resonates very much, but there are two things I am not sure really applies for me. One is regarding me having a temper.  I am a very calm and patient person. I do know that it takes an enormous amount to get me mad, but when somebody accomplishes that, then watch out! This did happen when I was younger and not so wise yet.  The other thing is that I have been an outsider all my life; I have always had a few friends but never plenty.

I want to add that I very much resonated with your description of the name Bethanyin one of your previous blogs. I was baptized Elisabeth but my parents called me Bethli and never Elisabeth. When I was 16, I chose to change my name to Lisa. I was wondering what influence those two names have on me?

Stacey: Thank you for sharing, Lisa. That offers quite an interesting twist! What are your thoughts Sue?

Sue: Thank you Lisa. You bring up an interesting point about nicknames – both the ones others give to us and the ones we choose for ourselves- and the role they play in helping us understand our own name energy in more detail. I will take both nicknames you’ve shared and come back next week with a follow up on their meanings.

Lisa: Looking forward to it. Thanks so much for and enlightenment on my name!

Stacey: I am excited to learn more about nicknames next week. I would like to remind blog readers to continue sending in those names! You visit Sue’s website: or text (207) 907-5446. Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow Sue’s blog to see if your question is featured and answered.

And, remember visit to make an appointment for an in-depth personal reading.

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