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December Monthly Forecast

Unsure of what your Personal Year Is?? 2021 Calculator

Personal Year 1 would make December:

4 Personal Month

4 is the practical energy. In November, 3 energy was about bringing creative thoughts out into the open, as well as sharing ideas and fun with friends and family. This month slows down, addressing work concerns and helping you to tie up loose ends. Watch for that new opportunity or idea that can make your project run a little more smoothly. You’re starting to see results from efforts you began to make at the beginning of the year. Manage your plans and start working with others toward implementing your goals. This year’s been amazingly fast-paced with ups and downs, but its energy supported you in clarity, strength, and determination. Pat yourself on the back and take some time to rest and be with your family.

2021 will be a 2 Personal Year. Peace and Harmony. Things slow down, asking you to lean on others.

Personal Year 2 would make December:

5 Personal Month

This month feels less limiting and a bit more fun. 5 is fast-moving energy that invites you to switch things up a bit. So, go with the flow and let new things arrive. Reach out to others: someone sitting in the wings could help you with advancing your idea. Expect the unexpected, perhaps with a new plan, new contacts or new friendships. Let go of controlling situations and see what plays out. Take that calculated risk. Enjoy the holidays but guard against over-indulgence. If somebody speaks out of turn, don’t argue. Walk away and find someone different who wants to have a little fun. The 2 Personal Year has helped you to embrace patience and compromise. It encouraged you to be the observer while learning how to depend a bit more on others.

2021 will be a 3 Personal Year. Creative Expression. You will be asked to dig down deep and express your truths from your heart. This can be a very playful year with friends coming out of the woodwork to be with you.

Personal Year 3 would make December:

6 Personal Month

This is the month that embraces relationships. That includes family, friends and colleagues… all those folks with whom you interact. Responsibilities will increase at home, along with the need to help others. It seems like every time you turn around, somebody’s asking for advice or assistance. This is the energy our doctors, nurses and teachers hold. Leaning into the energy of selfless service to others will make for a happier month. Back in September, you had time to think about “YOU” and changes you wanted to happen. This month feels a little more settled in that decision. Emotions are in play, so speak your truths. Relationships big and small have been worked on all year. Let those you love know how much you appreciate them.

2021 will be a 4 Personal Year – adding structure to all those loose ends that were birthed by the 3 energy.

Year 4 would make December:

7 Personal Month

You’ve worked hard this year, and you’re exhausted. Let the energy of the 7 help you to catch up on a little rest and relaxation. This month you feel like sitting in your chair with a book, daydreaming and reminiscing about old times. Try to avoid taking on too much responsibility. This is quiet energy. Problem-solving ideas will flow to you. Is this the month to take action? No. Next month will give you more energy to tackle what needs to be done. Take this time, now, to reflect on the past year and all the work that’s been accomplished. You deserve a month of peace and quiet, so relax into it and enjoy! Your 4 Personal year pushed you to look at life in a more disciplined, practical way. That all changes next year.

2021 will be the 5 Personal Year – Change, Expansion, Freedom. Hold onto your hat, because expected and unexpected changes will appear at a fast clip. Enjoy it, but guard against being too impulsive.

Personal Year 5 would make December:

8 Personal Month

November was a month full of contemplation, for you, as you considered the past, the present, and where your desires may lead you in the future. This month you can put your thoughts into action. You have the energy to put in the work that’s necessary. Expect business/career to be good – possibly even with a financial bonus. If somebody owes you money, ask for it, or maybe it just appears. If your family has been on your mind and you need to resolve something, this energy will support you in that. Just don’t be too aggressive. Allow others to have a voice and express an opinion. There have been a lot of changes this year, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 5’s mission was to help you grow and expand in many different areas in your life.

2021 will be a 6 Personal Year. Its desire is to teach you more about relationships and how to selflessly and compassionately work with others.

Personal Year 6 would make December:

9 Personal Month

9 is the number of the Humanitarian. This is the perfect month to get out and volunteer to help others. Family and Friends were the focus for you this year, as you learned how to help and give without expectations of anything in return, although the lesson of the 6 here is to balance giving and receiving. The 9 Personal Month is about endings and completions:, letting go of what’s no longer serving your greatest and highest good. This doesn’t have to be big; it can be as simple as letting go of that grudge that you’ve nursed for so long. It’s important to be honest with yourself and others. 9 is about compassion and surrender. Trying to control outcomes isn’t your best choice, at times, nor will it lead to the best resolution. Enjoy the people around you by accepting them for who they are, with aptly named unconditional love.

2021 will be a 7 year. This year supports spiritual growth. It’s time for self-reflection and consider past, present and future.

Personal Year 7 would make December:

1 Personal Month

Look for something to arrive that can usher in a new opportunity or experience. Whatever it might be, there could be some research or study needed to understand it better. It’s a good month to change old thinking and embrace the possibility of something greater. 7 is quiet energy, while 1 is active and forward-moving, so one day you’ll feel like you’re on fire, and the next day you’ll want to remain in bed! The best you can do is to go with the flow, knowing that’s just how this energy works. Use good judgment in all dealings. If a situation arises that you need to address, be sure you have all your facts available for the conversation or decision. Friends old and new can turn up unexpectedly. The seven-year asked you to take some time to look within and find your true meaning.

2021 will be an 8 Personal Year, which addresses the material side of life. Material success, power, and money can be yours. It’s what you’ve put into it that will reap the results.

Personal Year 8 would make December:

2 Personal Month

The 8 year has probably put some challenges in your path with work, money and relationships but in the end, the results are amazing if you’ve put the work in. This month’s 2 energy fosters the ability to see both sides of the story. Which way do you choose? Be patient, observe, listen to your intuition and allow for the answer to unfold. Situations at work could spring up that ask you to be the peacemaker, the one who can unite the group, guiding them all to a clear, understandable, fair resolution. Diplomacy and tact will garner respect from your co-workers, family and friends. If you’re involved with any contracts or legal issues, make sure you’re aware of the fine print. Have others read it to make sure you have a clear understanding and haven’t missed anything. Trust your instincts.

2021 will be a 9 Personal Year. This is about purging what is no longer serving your greatest and highest good.

Personal Year 9 would make December:

3 Personal Month

This is a month to enjoy your friends and family. Optimism and spreading joy puts everybody at ease. It feels like you’re able to express to people how you’re feeling. Rest assured they’re listening! Let go of what’s bothering you. It’s only keeping you in an emotional turmoil that’s not solving anything. If possible, don’t spend time alone. Find those few friends or family members to engage with and enjoy. They need it as much as you do. This energy can produce a lonely feeling; if that becomes an issue, volunteer your time and efforts at an organization that helps those in need. Use your words carefully: sometimes they come flying out without you giving enough thought to them. If this happens, be humble and make that immediate apology.

2021 will be a 1 Personal Year. The start of a new Epicycle bringing new opportunities, experiences, and people. You will feel more energetic than you did in 2020.


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