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Personal Year 3 and Personal Year 4

Personal Year Calendars

Three Personal Year Three wants to socialize and have fun. Keep your eyes open for new acquaintances. The number 3 is an emotional energy so don't be surprised if a friend pushes you to really think deep and forces you to speak your truths. Being true to yourself is the lesson this year. Enjoy people that uplift you and keep you smiling.

Four Personal Year is completely opposite. Work is on the agenda. Don't take your eyes off the job at hand. Focus and pay attention to the details. You will be rewarded in your 8 year for taking care of business in this year. Getting outside for hikes will help you release some of that stuffy feeling that is around you. Family and home will play a role in 2022 for you.

It's easy to have the basic understanding of what each year represents. What isn't so easy is knowing where this energy is in your own Personal Chart. With over 10 positions in the eye of a Numerologist, the Personal Year energy is matching somewhere and will cause intensification. It's so much fun to learn how to use this energy to get the most out of it. The only way to understand on a deeper level is to get your Personal Year Reading.