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Compatibility with the Number Two

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Compatibility with Lifepath 2

Two energy is soft, quiet, peaceful one, just opposite of the 1. One is determined, energetic, and aggressive. How do these energy work together. Three loves to be center of attention and while 2 will be it's audience. Six will give 2 all the attention it needs to keep it's insecurities at bay.

Nobody is one energy. As a matter of fact, when I look at the core energy in a chart the most balanced chart is made up of many different numbers. To much of one number can cause an intensity which pushes the energy to an over-balance or under-balance. Does that make it wrong? Not at all! Awareness is key.

Jennifer Hooper, Intuitive Life Coach and I discuss the Lifepath Number 2 and it's compatibility with numbers 1-9.

To find the Lifepath you take month, day, year of birth. 6-13-1958 = double digit numbers are added together. 1+3=4. 1+9+5+8 =23. 2+3=5

Formula - 6+4+5=15. 1+5=6 Lifepath becomes a 6. An easier way is to text me month, day, year of birth. 207-907-5446 I'll send you the number.

Are you a Lifepath 1 if so Podcast Numbers Speak will take you through what is harmonious and what can cause conflict.

2-1 Harmony, Conflict

2-2: Harmony, Conflict

2-3 Harmony

2-4: Harmony

2-5 Conflict

2-6 Harmony

2-7 Harmony, Conflict

2-8 Harmony

2-9 Harmony, Conflict

If you are struggle with an issue that you can't seem to see through or